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Who are the FSA Executive Board?

The FSA Executive Board is a dedicated collection of Mozilla Reps and passionate community volunteers who serve as leaders in the Student Ambassador program and help determine its goals, structure, activities, and yearly plan. Think of them as the Global Team, working together to bring new opportunities for the FSAs! The FSA E-Board, due to being newly created in August 2014, is flexible and rapidly adapting. Duties listed below may change throughout the weeks. All FSA E-Board members are subject to the following:

  • A term one year (current timeline beginning August 2015-August 2016)
  • The decision to continue on for a second term or nominate a candidate to takeover his or her position
  • The ability to have mentees (if needed) working with them

Ambassador Impact Lead - Faye Tandog


Faye is an industrial engineer who left corporate to work at a makerspace and is a huge open Web fangirl. She is the first woman Mozilla Rep in the Philippines, a Mozilla Rep Mentor, Community Manager of the Mozilla Philippines Community and the former VP for Club Dev't at the FSA Eboard. She co-led the first web design conference for students in the Philippines as a student, headed the biggest event yet of the Mozilla Philippines Community and co-led the first FSA Leaders Camp in the world.


Faye has previously been the Club Development Lead for a whole term. She is now building out a new role focused on ambassador impact. This role is new and responsibilities will be updated to reflect any new changes.

  • Creating training initiatives and programs that support ambassador growth in knowledge and skills
  • Devising strategic solutions to increasing student retention
  • Leading motivational campaigns that demonstrate Ambassador's impact to organization goals

Communications Lead - Tanay Pant

Tanay Pant.jpg

Tanay Pant is a developer, whitehat and a writer having a passion for web development. He is the author of "Learning Firefox OS Application Development" by Packt Publishing. He is also a representative of Mozilla, Webmaker Supermentor and you can find his name listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser. You can find articles written by him on web development at SitePoint and TutsPlus.


  • Updating and managing the Student Ambassadors Blog with program announcements, monthly updates, and sharing any FSA-related stories/guest blogs.
  • Work closely with VP of Marketing to ensure campaign messaging are correct and shared from top to bottom of program structure.
  • Answer emails that are sent to the program asking for more information or forward to the respective person.
  • Update E-Board during meetings with the topics, themes, and questions that are commonly asked by FSA.
  • Brainstorm and execute ideas to improving internal communication between contributors and external communication between community and the program.

Contribution Lead - Santosh Viswanatham


Santosh is a full-time Web Developer in a multinational software firm. He's also a Firefox OS App Developer, an evangelist, hackathon specialist, Mozilla Rep! Call him a community builder, dreamer, movie lover and travel bug!


  • In charge of setting up tech-related/Non tech-related contests and activities including App Contest
  • Brainstorm and execute creative activities to encourage more tech/non-tech oriented students to participate in the FSA Program
  • Work with community and staff to bring participatory opportunities in tech for both technical and nontechnical Ambassadors

Marketing Lead - Mayur Patil


Mayur is a developer working in a social media and marketing company. He's a Mozilla Representative, Mozilla speaker, Webmaker supermentor, online activist fighting for Internet issues like net neutrality, Mozilla Privacy & security task force member and Mozilla India FSA task force owner . Mayur also has his name in the Firefox credits!


  • Manager of all FSA social media channels including blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube. In charge of tweeting, posting, and sharing on them
  • Create monthly social media calendar to keep track of postings and plan out content
  • Find students hashtagging #FirefoxStudents to retweet, reshare, and highlight on our own social media outlets
  • Devise a way for students to submit blog posts and/or other creations including graphics and videos to feature on the FSA blog
  • Brainstorm and execute creative online activities to support high-level marketing campaigns and improve FSA engagement online

Recognition Lead - Biraj Karmakar


Biraj Karmakar, 5 years Mozillians, Mozilla Reps, has an undying passion for Mozilla. He is also bn-IN locale leader and Community Builder. Right now he is trying to enhance people's learning and skill development as Mozilla Webmaker super mentor. Even as MDN mentor, he is actively contributing to engage new contributors in MDN learn area projects. He always tries to think creative and unique idea. Fun fact of his life is Dancing.


  • Determine best practices for recognizing FSAs and Firefox Clubs
  • In charge of managing the distribution of certificates, swag, OpenBadges, and other recognition items with the Community Manager
  • Responsible for the growth and management of our recognition system, selecting and nurturing Trainees, Juniors, and Seniors

Past E-Board Members

We had the pleasure of working with fantastic community members since 2014. Please see who they were and what they did! 2015 2016