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The following e-board members served from August 2014-2015. They have played a vital role in the growth of the program. We are so grateful for their contributions.

President - Galaxy Kadiyala


  • Hosting meetings with Executive Board to give/receive updates, brainstorm, and provide next steps on ideas
  • Have total understanding of the FSA Program in order to provide guidance to any members in any areas
  • Providing advice and help for each E-Board members and positions; stepping in when a member is unable to fulfill his/her tasks
  • Keep track of E-Board members' start date and end date for recognition purposes

VP of Regional Relations - Gauthamraj Elango


  • Define the roles and responsibilities of RALs
  • Acting as a partner with Community Manager to provide these Leads with the information, resources, and collateral needed to successfully execute their events
  • Hosting meetings with RALs to get information on regional activities, to answer inquiries, to follow up on requests, and to give/receive updates
  • Recruit new Mozilla Reps or FSAs to become RALs
  • Mentor and advise new RALs to ensure successful transition and fulfillment of their duties
  • Keeping tracking of each RALs' start date and end date for recognition purposes
  • Update E-Board during meetings on RAL progress

VP of Club Development - Faye Tandog, Bala Subramaniyan


  • Lead and advise the development of Club Lead Training
  • Actively communicate with Firefox Club Leads from all regions
  • Making sure new Club Leads are properly equipped with the correct resources to launching their organization
  • Provide RALs or any other FSA members with guidance in any Firefox Club-related questions
  • Update E-Board during meetings on progress and high-level items of Firefox Clubs

VP of Marketing - Tanay Pant, Mayur Patil


  • Manager of all FSA social media channels including blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube. In charge of tweeting, posting, and sharing on them
  • Create monthly social media calendar to keep track of postings and plan out content
  • Find students hashtagging #FirefoxStudents to retweet, reshare, and highlight on our own social media outlets
  • Devise a way for students to submit blog posts and/or other creations including graphics and videos to feature on the FSA blog
  • Brainstorm and execute creative online activities to support high-level marketing campaigns and improve FSA engagement online

VP of Tech - Viswaprasath Ks, Santosh Viswanatham


  • In charge of setting up tech-related contests and activities including App of the Month contest
  • 25th of month: e-mail E-Board with list of apps that have been submitted and set up a way for them to vote on the winner. Select winner before end of month.
  • Last day of the month: Send a congratulations email to the winner and cc E-Board and Community Manager. Include link, name of developer, name of app, and ask for his/her home address in the e-mail for swag shipment.
  • Brainstorm and execute creative activities to encourage more tech-oriented students to participate in the FSA Program

VP of Recognition - Biraj Karmakar


  • Determine best practices for recognizing FSAs and Firefox Clubs
  • In charge of managing the distribution of certificates, swag, OpenBadges, and other recognition items with the Community Manager

VP of Communications - Kemuel Domanog


  • Manage communication platforms used by E-Board and by FSAs including mailing lists, Trello, and Slack
  • Answer emails that are sent to the program asking for more information or forward to respective person
  • Update E-Board during meetings with the topics, themes, and questions that are commonly asked by FSAs
  • Brainstorm and execute ideas to improving communication of FSA Program Structure