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Who are Rep Advisers?

Rep Advisers are a dedicated collection of Mozilla Reps who serve as regional leaders in the Firefox Student Ambassador program and help complete the following tasks:

  • Recognizing and rewarding students who have done an *amazing* job
  • Guiding and advising the Regional Marketing Ambassadors
  • Acting as advisers to Ambassadors who would like to host events

What do Rep Advisers do?

Leadership roles and responsibilities of the Rep Advisers can be found here.

How does one become a Rep Adviser?

We have currently completed our recruitment of Rep Advisers. If you would like to be a Rep Adviser in the future, please check back here in mid-2014 for more information.

How do I contact a Rep Adviser?

  • IRC: #firefoxstudents
  • Email: remo-swg[at]mozilla[dot]org