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What is the FSA Executive Board?

The FSA Executive Board is a dedicated collection of Mozilla Reps and community members who serve as leaders in the Student Ambassador program and help determine its goals, structure, activities, and yearly plan.

The FSA E-Board is responsible for:

  • Running all aspects of operation of the FSA Program
  • Integrating students into large-scale Mozilla Rep campaigns
  • Recognizing and rewarding students who have done an *amazing* job
  • Driving our social media channels
  • Guiding and advising all groups involved in the program
  • Mentoring individuals who are new to the program community

FSA Executive Board Roles

Leadership roles and responsibilities of the FSA Executive Board can be found here.

How does one join the FSA Executive Board?

The FSA E-Board members, due to their responsibilities and dedication, is selected based on nomination.

How do I contact the Student Working Group?

  • IRC: #remostudents
  • Email: remo-swg[at]mozilla[dot]org