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  • [DONE] P1 Firefox 4 rollout (entire team)
    • Update the English articles for Fx 4 (Michael) [2010-11-09] Details
      • Drafts of new Fx features [2010-11-22]
      • Final articles [2010-12-10]
  • P1 Update articles for Firefox Mobile, Firefox Home (Symbian/Blackberry) (Michael) [Ongoing] Details
  • [DONE] P1 Phase II of soccorro outreach -- send emails to users with crashes that match articles (David/Michael) - Project plan
  • P2 Rewrite most popular troubleshooting articles -- esp ones pointed to from SignPost (Michael) Details
    • Changes drafted/ready for review [2010-12-23]
  • P2 Make how-to tutorials for top articles (Michael) Details
    • Waiting on Fx 4 complete enough to screencast - may have to wait until Q1
  • [DONE] Have a support tab on our Facebook page (Kadir) Details

Metrics / Optimization

  • [DONE] P1 Figure out the ratio of how many people find our site vs who needs help (Total support need of the Fx userbase) (David) - Project plan
  • [DONE] P1 Establish weekly SEO to improve KB support (Cheng/Michael) -- track behavior after searching with specific terms Details
  • [DONE] P1 Establish a model of how support works (flowchart) and fill in with numbers (David/team) - Project plan
  • [MISSED] P1 Create PRD and metrics plan for optimizing support funnel to live chat (Matthew/Cheng) - Project plan [2010-12-02]
  • [DONE] P2 Regular user testing about how users use our site (Michael) [2010-10-21, 11-19, 12-10] Details


  • [DROPPED] P1 Host a FX4-based Support Firefox Day (Cheng/Kadir/Michael/Matthew) [2010-12-02] Details
  • [DONE] P1 Host a KB sprint around the new KB - Details - (Kadir/Michael) [2010-12-02]
  • [DONE] P1 Make SUMO more welcoming to new community members
    • [DONE] Go through all Community-targeted copy and optimize it - Details (Michael/Kadir) [2010-11-24]
    • [DONE] Identify and document/publish more areas of responsibilities that community members can take ownership of - like a "We're Hiring!" page - Details - (Kadir/Matthew)
    • [DONE] Create wiki page that puts faces behind our community and gives an overview of its structure - Details - (Kadir)
  • [DONE] P1 Include our community in QAing SUMO/Host Test Days - Details - (Kadir/Matthew/Michael) [End of October]
  • [DONE] New KB introduction and KB Sprint at the Mozilla Balkans meetup - Details - (Kadir)


  • [DONE] Roll out new KB
  • [DONE] Move off Tikiwiki (user/group tables)


  • [DONE] Weekly internal team meetings (David)
  • [DONE] Finalize list of dev requests for the next Firefox release (and supporting metrics) - Details (David/Cheng)
  • [DONE] Establish a list of metrics that we want in the metrics dashboard (Cheng)
  • Incorporate metrics from Signpost project into weekly issues reporting (Cheng)