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Current Release Schedules
Thunderbird 3.3 Alpha 1 Thunderbird 3.1.7 & 3.0.11
To Be Announced
  • Code freeze: 23rd Nov 23:59
  • L10n freeze: 23rd Nov 23:59
  • Builds start: 24th Nov
  • QA with builds start: 29th Nov
  • Beta period starts: 30th Nov
  • Final release: 9th Dec

Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to press *1 to unmute yourself before talking!

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.


  • Who's taking minutes? --> roland
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.
  • Note: this meeting is for interactive discussion. Feel free to ask questions!

Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friends of the Tree When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size and send it to so that he can send them a shirt!

Conversion Funnel (Priority 0 side project)

  • Funnelcake 3 released this morning. Should have some prelim numbers by tomorrow.
  • ISPDB: 35% conversion rate; top 10 domain misses:,,,,,,,,,

Thunderbird Development

Feature Work

Account Provisioner:

  • We're still waiting on legal stuff, and are using the time to polish.

Pluggable Mail Stores:


  • Up next: Thunderbird Conversations (formerly Gmail Conversation View). Currently ironing things out with clarkbw and andychung before cutting a 2.0 release. [protz]
  • Updates for Mailing List Manager, Contacts on deck.
  • Sync Add-on further out.
  • On schedule to release an add-on a week for the next month or so


  • Decision on if/when we'll do 3.2 on hold until we progress account provisioning further.

Trunk Development

  • Starting 3.3 alpha cycle to get wider testing on trunk builds and major feature work.
Alpha 1
  • Basically release what we have on trunk
    • Backend improvements
    • Add-on Manager and extension changes
    • Linux 64 bit and Mac 32/64 bit builds.
  • Current blockers i.e.
    • Mac 64 bit builds
    • Buildbot configuration for trunk alphas
Post Alpha 1
  • Aiming for frequent alphas, specifically to pick up fixes / features.
  • Help on fixing blockers would be very useful and appreciated, see this list of higher priority bugs.

Thunderbird Stability & Security Releases

  • Draft Schedule published, see above.
  • Starting flagging bugs to be included in the next release, please see the bug lists.
  • Bug Lists: 3.1, 3.0
Major updates to 3.1

QA Updates

  • usual stuff
  • slowly preparing testing round for Alpha1

Marketing Updates

  • PR Update: Nice article on Calendar in Thunderbird, Rockmelt roundup, a few straggler stories on the security update
  • ADUs: 6.5MM total ADUs current high; 2.x is 18% of total ADUs now, downloads steady at above 80k a day average
  • Exploring a couple marketing initiatives centered around games and video. Please participate in IRC on #marketing.

Infrastructure Update

  • Massive storage downtime Thursday -> Friday
  • CouchDB as a build service, gozer to email tb-planning mailing list so folks are aware of this and can use it specifically asuth et al

Build / Release Update

  • enabled concurrent release builds on our production buildbot
  • adding release builders for trunk this week
  • gozer and jhopkins are now doing weekly bug sprint to catch up on bug backlog in buildrel

Web Update

  • Broker (less verbose name for Account Provisioning Middleware, added some tests, logging, figuring out API details and starting implementation)
    • updated text on website for free email providers


Sumomo clean-up: complete and make draft articles live; new articles; combine duplicates; updates

This week:

  • looking at contribution sources / metrics, MDC and Sumomo
  • Kitsune QA (the new support / KB platform)


  1. 567 new support topics down 13% (652 last week; this week is a bit down from normal)
  2. Again, tb-support-crew mailing list for support contributors has been launched! If you support Thunderbird or write documentation to help support Thunderbird, please subscribe and briefly introduce yourself to the list
  3. sid0 is rapidly iterating (thanks sid!) the about:support extension so if you are a support contributor on Get Satisfaction, MozillaZine, etc please give latest builds (github, mercurial) a try and give us feedback
  4. 3.1 Support Issues
  5. See this week's Support Appendix for full Get Satisfaction metrics and other support details

Lightning Updates

Status Updates

See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Roundtable Highlights


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