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I'm currently on the Release Management team, formerly part of the Auto-tools team and the the [ Firefox Desktop QA team.

I was originally hired as the bugmaster for Mozilla, to look at bug workflow and tools and coordinate community efforts to report, triage, and follow bugs through their lifecycle in BMO. In 2014 I helped to manage the Firefox 31 test plan and at the end of July 2014, will start leading the Firefox 34 test plan. I've also been poking around into crash bugs and crash-stats and helping with the upstream Bugzilla project's triage days. If you have ideas for tools, workflow, and the triage process, I would love to hear from you.

Liz Henry
Sr. Firefox Release Manager
IRC: lizzard (#qa, #testday, #developers, #introduction, #crashkill)
personal blog:

Amazing WikiMo secrets!

Firefox version templates

You can refer to Nightly or other Firefox versions in templates, including inside bugzilla queries. For example,

[{{NIGHTLY VERSION}}%20Branch&version={{NIGHTLY VERSION}}%20Branch&product=Core&product=Firefox&product=Toolkit UNCONFIRMED Nightly bugs].

Will always query for the Unconfirmed bugs in Nightly. You don't have to keep bumping up the versions.

bugzilla-mediawiki charts

Tips on making useful charts in mediawiki that pull in data from, with code examples.


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No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Pages that look useful for bug triage workflow overhaul

Please let me know if you see something I should add to this list!

Bugzilla docs

Triage docs


So what does "bugmaster" mean?

Most metaphors to describe bugs are violent: we squash, zap, and stomp bugs. But we also talk about the life cycles of bugs. Bugmastering and bug wrangling, as metaphors, describe more of a herding or taming behavior. It is a process rather than an immediate end or eradication. Bugmasters could describe the team that categorizes, narrows and manages bugs. This helps channel bugs to people who will fix them. It includes, but isn't limited to, triage.

What can you do in the bugmaster community?

1) Make a Bugzilla account
2) Read guidelines for filing bugs
3) Look at incoming, unconfirmed bugs
4) Search for duplicates (and related bugs)

There are many approaches to bug triage. Here are a few.

  • Triaging crash bugs. Tackle bugs that may have caused a crash. Learn how to find crash bugs, add complete steps to reproduce, a stack trace, and a reduced testcase for a crash bug, then tag it for a developer to review.
  • Triaging networking bugs. An explanation of the networking components, whiteboard tags, and other processes used for triaging by developers in this area of Mozilla.
  • Check the closeme and DUPEME whiteboard tags

Testing "in-testsuite" flag


Full Query
ID Summary Component Severity Op sys
26767 need support RFC2640 (Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol) Networking: FTP normal All
106787 remove nsIAllocator XPCOM normal Windows 2000
372351 Support of Microsoft Cambria Math Fonts for MathML MathML normal All
491863 Remove #ifdef IBMBIDI from layout part Layout: Text and Fonts normal All
547140 Remove JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING and resolve flags JavaScript Engine normal Linux
617008 Long render time for paragraph containing word with lots of &shy;<wbr>. Exponential with word size? Layout: Text and Fonts normal All
622576 Support for Neo Euler font in MathML MathML normal All
638465 We're not picking up the insertion into the newly created window of testcase for bug 637644 Disability Access APIs normal Windows 7
645124 Font Monotype Corsiva is not used to display the site Layout: Text and Fonts normal Linux
666656 gfx/cairo - compiler warnings on mac Graphics normal macOS
693968 Add Support for STIX fonts 1.1 MathML normal All
694814 Move AEC from WebRTC code to getUserMedia WebRTC: Audio/Video normal All
698730 Multiple http connections with different NTLM authentication get mixed up Networking: HTTP normal Linux
716766 [Skia] Add runtime detection of NEON support Graphics normal macOS
735577 Convert reflow API to use logical not physical terms Layout: Block and Inline normal All
736032 Support for Latin Modern Math in MathML MathML normal All
737788 Support for Lucida fonts in MathML MathML normal All
752394 eliminate need to enumerate fonts for localized family names and postscript names Graphics: Text normal All
764882 [meta] GC: Get GenerationalGC working in the Browser. JavaScript Engine normal All
765933 Implement the Performance Timeline spec DOM: Core & HTML normal All
807168 Make JSTracer a real C++ class with a constructor and methods JavaScript Engine normal All
807607 MFBT tests rely on MOZ_ASSERT for tests, so they don't test anything in non-DEBUG builds MFBT normal Linux
810179 Make IMEContentObserver cycle collectable Internationalization normal All
812881 crash in nsMediaPluginHost::DestroyDecoder @, mainly on Samsung Galaxy SIII, with qcom/samsunggolden/espresso/espresso10 hw running JB Audio/Video critical Android
818822 Need to resample inputs to MediaStreamGraph WebRTC: Audio/Video normal Linux
820848 Set up a way to use LCallDOMNative with HTMLDocument methods JavaScript Engine normal macOS
822442 Can we make TI treat ListBase proxies as DOM objects? JavaScript Engine normal macOS
825392 Create native-anonymous content reflectors in the XBL scope XPConnect normal All
827779 Break word on Soft hyphen not working in FF 17 after "»-" Layout: Text and Fonts normal All
845478 JS shell should use JS::CallArgs instead of manual argc/vp+JS_SET_RVAL/JS_ARGV/etc. JavaScript Engine normal All
847827 Update the in-tree copy of libsoundtouch to get multichannel support Audio/Video normal All
850805 Implement DOMPoint (aka WebKitPoint) Layout normal All
856921 Ensure that all quota failures are exposed to JS as QuotaExceededError Storage: IndexedDB normal All
860731 Move LockedFile to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
862519 Events handled by both content and chrome are not supported well in electrolysis DOM: Events normal Linux
866289 Clean up vim modelines in js/xpconnect XPConnect normal All
866528 Make nsIDOMActivityOptions a Dictionary DOM: Core & HTML normal All
867728 Stream profiler JSON directly to a file Gecko Profiler normal macOS
874950 Opaque content can incorrectly occlude content that has a displayport set Layout normal All
876980 Expose mozAlarms API to installed apps on Firefox desktop DOM: Device Interfaces normal Linux
878399 "use asm" affects function toString/toSource JavaScript Engine normal macOS
880596 Merge the set of structs in nsAnimationManager.h and the set of structs in nsTransitionManager.h General normal All
881512 Implement enough of MSE to run the YouTube MSE player Audio/Video normal All
882399 OdinMonkey: Improve FFI calls JavaScript Engine normal All
883092 Remove make rule from dom/imptests/ DOM: Core & HTML normal All
886416 Move SVGLength to WebIDL SVG normal All
889543 Use AutoCycleDetector for CloneMemory in vm/SelfHosting.cpp JavaScript Engine normal All
890686 Move intrinsicsHolder to the compartment JavaScript Engine normal All
893397 Add FreeBSD support for NeckoWifi DOM: Geolocation normal FreeBSD
895870 Property descriptors in self hosted code should not inherit from Object.prototype JavaScript Engine normal All
898963 Odinmonkey (ARM): check that d14, the NANReg, is being restored if necessary in FFI calls. JavaScript Engine normal All
900903 Avoid using numbered macros for cycle collector macros XPCOM normal All
900908 Use varadic macros in nsIClassInfoImpl.h and nsISupportsImpl.h XPCOM normal All
901146 Fix misleading comment in nsImageFrame.cpp Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames normal All
903873 Convert Web Activities to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
904890 Fast video via a video memory d3d9 texture client Graphics: Layers normal Windows XP
906164 mozHasPendingMessage() should queue messages even when app is running DOM: Device Interfaces normal All
906525 Resolve timeouts in jit-test parallel suite JavaScript Engine normal Android
908995 [B2G] Task tracer Gecko Profiler normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
910010 Child process crash when sending more than 4 file descriptors in a single IPC message IPC major Gonk (Firefox OS)
912456 The behavior of the postMessage method differs from the specification and all other engines wrt MessagePort handling DOM: Core & HTML normal All
913653 IOInterposer should not call observers while holding mutex General normal All
913810 HTTP cache v2: make nsHttpChannel properly react to FILE_NOT_FOUND from the cache Networking: Cache normal All
913812 HTTP cache v2: properly propagate errors through the cache file code Networking: Cache normal All
914561 Add SPS instrumentation into the generateEnterJit trampoline. JavaScript Engine normal All
915296 HTTP cache v2: Show cache consumption correctly in UI Networking: Cache minor All
915930 Make mozilla::pkix the default certificate verifier Security: PSM normal All
916012 Clean up gUM implementation once (boolean or M..Constraints) webidl syntax lands WebRTC: Audio/Video normal All
917755 Implement Node.getBoxQuads Layout normal Linux
918189 Implement Node.convertPoint/Rect/QuadFromNode Layout normal Linux
918709 [XHR2] open() with disallowed method (HTTP verb) CONNECT doesn't throw DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
918722 [XHR2] XHR implementation upper-cases too many (i.e. all) HTTP verbs DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
920573 HTTP cache v2: Threat "Clear history when Firefox closes" + "Cache" checked setting Networking: Cache normal Windows 7
920688 fix followup issues related to position:sticky on fragmented elements Layout: Positioned normal All
925623 Support off-main-thread onmessage/recv from WebSocketChannel (WebSockets for workers) Networking: WebSockets normal All
927245 Remove deprecated Audio Data API implementation Audio/Video normal All
928062 Set low integrity on content processes for Windows sandboxing policy Security normal Windows NT
928217 Enable support for corelocation geolocation DOM: Geolocation normal macOS
930893 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent constructor DOM: Events normal All
931426 Font rendering in OS X 10.9 Mavericks is much lighter and less legible with some sites Layout: Text and Fonts normal macOS
934676 Remove unused variable 'extracted' in ClientAuthDataRunnable::RunOnTargetThread Security: PSM normal All
934783 Fix and re-enable the GPUAdapterReporter Graphics normal Windows 7
938157 Lightweight CFI/EXIDX unwinding library for SPS Gecko Profiler normal Linux
939323 Warn about XMLHttpRequest sendAsBinary usage DOM: Core & HTML normal All
940061 Fix JS_STACK_GROWTH_DIRECTION > 0 JavaScript Engine normal Linux
940087 Shutdown crash in _cairo_hash_table_remove during Android 4.0 Debug mochitest-2 Graphics normal macOS
940329 Win64 compiler warnings in nsTSubstring.h (warning C4267: 'argument' : conversion from 'size_t' to XXX) XPCOM normal Windows 7
941298 PlatformDecoderModule for Linux Audio/Video normal Linux
941698 HTTP cache v2: add version information to cache entries Networking: Cache normal All
942988 a/v sync does not care about latency after mixing in AudioFlinger Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
943174 ContentParent can try to call waitpid on a child that has already been reaped ("waitpid failed … errno:10") IPC normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
944392 Tracelogger: Create version 0.2 JavaScript Engine normal All
944612 Odinmonkey (ARM): Intermittent SIGSEGV crashes, ElfLoader sigaction wrapper drops install of asm.js handler when it gives up installing its own handler JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Android
944659 Considerable amounts of script-sources JavaScript Engine normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
944701 Tracelogger: make it possible to toggle when tracelogger is enabled JavaScript Engine normal All
944706 Tracelogger: Handle OOM somewhat cleaner. JavaScript Engine normal All
946021 Enable ARM assembly in libopus ARM build Audio/Video normal All
946027 MSE needs to expose the layer manager backend type to MP4Reader Audio/Video normal Windows Vista
946618 Land some native tests for cubeb Audio/Video normal All
946897 WebIDL emits unhelpful error message on interface name collisions DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
947194 Moz2Dify Image::GetAsSurface Graphics: Layers normal All
947650 Some math fonts have excessive ascent/descent MathML normal All
948229 IonMonkey: Make pushing pseudostack entries for inline frames preffable JavaScript Engine: JIT normal macOS
948377 FrameMetrics::CalculateCompositedRectInCssPixels should not be rounding anything Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
948901 Character encoding menu doesn't work correctly in the FTP directory view Networking: FTP normal All
949956 [Network Metering] Move metering related code in necko to NetStaistics.h Networking normal Linux
950050 Black screen on PowerVR SGX GPU (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Geeksphone Revolution) Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
950076 Use fallible allocator in nsTextFragment::AppendTo DOM: Core & HTML normal All
950308 TextTrackList, TextTrackCue, TextTrack should probably BindToOwner themselves Audio/Video normal macOS
950372 Convert imgIContainer::GetFrame to return a Moz2D SourceSurface instead of a Thebes gfxASurface Graphics normal All
950526 need to be smarter about when textruns are dumped due to restyling Layout: Text and Fonts normal All
950556 Get rid of GetThebesSurfaceForDrawTarget Graphics normal macOS
952942 Compile array comprehensions JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
953024 JSOP_GETGNAME should be able to do the sorts of getter optimizations JSOP_GETPROP can in Ion JavaScript Engine normal macOS
956197 DOM Promise should support iterables DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
957560 Enable new D3D textures by default when OMTC is on on Windows Graphics: Layers normal Windows 7
957668 Change the displayport representation in layout to be layerpixel margins rather than csspixel offset/size Layout normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
957723 Reduce the default GGC nursery size JavaScript Engine normal macOS
958540 Add safe APIs for WebIDL union types that allow changing the type in the union DOM: Core & HTML normal All
958799 Gecko profiler inhibits some JIT optimizations? Gecko Profiler normal macOS
959761 HTTP cache v2: finalize nsICacheEntry interface Networking: Cache minor All
959966 [tarako] Avoid preallocated process from being killed for low memory devices. IPC normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
960115 Restrict the cases where a scale transform is applied to operators MathML normal All
960524 Remove Image::DeprecatedGetAsSurface Graphics: Layers normal All
961275 Add a TBPL browser build to GGC JavaScript Engine normal All
962154 decoded-video data does not use MallocSizeOf Audio/Video normal All
962262 Use external structure padding to save ~30% of circular buffer space Gecko Profiler normal macOS
962555 Clean-up: Refactor Snapshot::Slot to use more than 16 registers on ARM. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
963158 Profiler shouldn't sample sleeping threads multiple times Gecko Profiler normal All
963962 crash in sse2_composite_src_x888_8888 Graphics: CanvasWebGL critical Windows 8.1
964187 Removed DOM images still stay in mVisibleImages cache DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
964537 crash in strlen | __vfprintf IPC critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
964613 need to check availability of local fonts when platform fontlist is rebuilt Graphics: Text normal All
964732 Remove calls to DeprecatedGetAsSurface in ImageLayerD3D9::GetTexture Graphics: Layers normal macOS
964902 invalid assertions on xulrunner startup [XPCOM objects created/destroyed from static ctor/dtor] XPCOM minor All
965102 Optimize use of HWC_GEOMETRY_CHANGED flag. Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
966569 Improvement for TURN TCP buffer full log message WebRTC: Networking normal All
966575 Remove most uses of TypeRepresentation and replace with TypeDescr JavaScript Engine normal Linux
967524 Update to CentralNic SLDs Networking: Domain Lists normal macOS
967817 Finish memory reporters for Web Audio Web Audio normal macOS
968031 Remove threadsafe refcounting from ContentParent IPC normal All
968148 Implement PointerCapture for pointer events DOM: Events normal Windows 8
968417 revalidating images without a loadgroup Graphics: ImageLib normal Linux
968490 Add unit tests for mozilla::pkix DER decoder (pkixder.h/pkixder.c) Security: PSM normal All
968807 Add more assertions in TextureClient Graphics: Layers normal All
969188 Test and verify behaviour of v1 and v2 x509 certificates Security: PSM normal All
969436 IonMonkey: SafepointReader might miss interpret register masks JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
969758 Ignore "snionly" property of entries in Google's HSTS preload list Security: PSM normal All
970007 [tarako]monkey test crash at!BufferUnrotate Graphics major Gonk (Firefox OS)
970643 Valgrind does not understand OdinMonkey's guard page mechanism JavaScript Engine normal All
970690 Add basic telemetry for ICE WebRTC: Networking normal All
970691 Add timestamp to fake video WebRTC: Audio/Video normal All
971153 Write a test for bug 751465 Networking: WebSockets normal All
971222 Clean up nsGlobalWindow's prompting code a little more DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
972304 sec_error_ocsp_invalid_signing_cert prevents user from adding certificate exception when OCSP stapling is enabled Security: PSM normal All
972713 Inactive layer construction can behave in strange ways Layout normal Linux
972817 Consider removing the TI flag and enabling it unconditionally JavaScript Engine normal All
973892 Make TextureClient::GetAsDrawTarget work with canvas Graphics: Layers normal All
974000 Don't override Create*TextureClient*() to add texture flags Graphics: Layers normal Windows 7
974017 [webvtt] Limit the line cue setting to the range of -1000~1000 Audio/Video normal All
974152 Use FrameBuffer's AcquireFence as Layer buffer's ReleaseFence on gonk Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
974197 Fire MozAfterPaint once the compositor finishes Layout normal macOS
974297 Media Recording - support aspect-ratio change in ISO media format container Audio/Video: Recording normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
974660 remove unneeded vtune junk from xpcshell JavaScript Engine normal Windows 8
974700 cached asm.js doesn't cache profiled function info JavaScript Engine normal Windows 8
974893 Remove EnterCompartment and keep the global with the value in Promise DOM: Core & HTML normal All
975042 Implement Xrays to the Date object XPConnect normal macOS
975273 Linux desktop seccomp sandbox needs <errno.h> Security normal Linux
975686 Move classes under dom/events into mozilla or mozilla::dom DOM: Events normal All
975745 Remove nsStringKey XPCOM normal All
975747 Convert gOperatorTable to a modern hashtable MathML normal All
975823 Clean up nsStreamConverterService Networking normal All
976172 Enable Audio tunneling to DSP in Gonk Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
976692 WebRTC IdP caching WebRTC normal All
976704 Consider making Opaque security wrappers deny CALL XPConnect normal macOS
977126 Inline SetTypedObjectOffset() in ion JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
977299 [webvtt] Setting TextTrack::Mode to "hidden" should hide the cues from that track. Audio/Video normal All
977725 MLS Geolocation seeding GONK GPS Provider DOM: Geolocation normal macOS
977762 Provide a mechanism to get the PContentParent associated with a PBackgroundParent IPC normal All
977819 Allow PBackgroundChild implementors to hook into the threadlocal space IPC normal All
977870 insanity::pkix: consume the rest of input when a CertID doesn't match in an OCSP response Security: PSM normal All
977880 Screen flicker in FFOS Settings app Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
977904 [e10s] Get native key bindings working Widget normal Linux
977963 [Linux] Black layers after enabling texture_from_pixmap support Graphics: Layers normal Linux
978042 Change usages of AutoPushJSContext to AutoEntryScript for bug 951991 - batch 1 DOM: Core & HTML normal All
978077 2D TypedObject arrays much slower than 1D arrays due to intermediate allocations JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
978215 [AccessFu] Three finger swipe left and right doesn't work on Android on the Nexus 7 2013 Disability Access APIs normal Android
978404 Switch the Tarako over to use the MLS provider DOM: Geolocation normal All
978479 remove flipped quad texture from mQuadVBO Graphics: Layers normal macOS
979480 Don't store array buffer contents in elements JavaScript Engine normal macOS
979481 Give the SafeJSContext a null default compartment so that AutoJSContext won't silently operate in the dummy compartment DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
979812 [MediaEncoder] VP8TrackEncoder::PrepareRawFrame should validate input image Audio/Video: Recording normal All
979839 Port GTK2 to GTK3 - rendering artifacts when nsWindow is resized Widget: Gtk normal Linux
980122 Recomposite entire screen in basic compositor to work around bug 972728 Graphics: Layers normal Linux
980307 Remove DataContainerEvent dependency from accessibility Disability Access APIs normal All
980419 Preferences should not be allowed to be accessed off of the main thread on b2g. Preferences: Backend normal All
980454 will-change: transform should be a 'containing block' Layout normal macOS
980488 Update in-tree libpng to version 1.6.10 Graphics: ImageLib normal All
980493 Transition other fields of FrameMetrics to use getters/setters Panning and Zooming normal All
980521 [AccessFu] Introduce content text tests Disability Access APIs normal All
980522 [AccessFu] Migrate activate current, move by granularity and caret control to ContentControl.jsm Disability Access APIs normal All
980527 HTTP cache v2: wrong log at CacheEntry::ReopenTruncated Networking: Cache trivial All
980582 [e10s] Linux + Hardware Acceleration + WebGL Error spew: "isCrossProcess, but not MOZ_WIDGET_GONK! Someone needs to write some code!" Graphics: Layers normal All
980697 Pull newer versions of the d3dcompiler dll from installed Windows SDKs Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal Windows 7
980744 [B2G getUserMedia] Browser crashes when calling getUserMedia in debug version WebRTC: Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
980753 make nsRefPtr moveable XPCOM normal Linux
981005 [B2G][Gallery][Crop Image]Image no longer displays after user presses 'undo' button. Graphics normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
981202 Compartment error in GetParamsFromSendMmsMessageRequest DOM: Device Interfaces normal macOS
981273 New TLD additions for TLDs contracted with ICANN from 02/25/2014 - 03/13/2014 Networking: Domain Lists normal Windows 8.1
981276 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in mozilla::WebMReader::ResetDecode Audio/Video normal Linux
981508 Comment in ShouldPrerenderTransformedContent is wrong Layout normal All
981532 [B2G][Video][Youtube] Flickering is observed with YouTube videos in FFOS 1.4 Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
981809 Crash in mochitest-other during WeakMap markIteratively JavaScript: GC normal All
981894 Misc spidermonkey cleanup patches JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
981936 Split content/canvas/test/webgl into webgl-mochi and webgl-conformance Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
981999 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) and Use of uninitialised value of size 8 [@ SaveSharedScriptData] JavaScript Engine normal Linux
982112 Make accesscheck code deal with WebIDL bindings DOM: Core & HTML normal All
982114 Deal with new DOM binding objects for Window in more places DOM: Core & HTML normal All
982141 Only the root scrollable document will get a displayport Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
982318 TiledContentHost assumes layer transforms are always 2d. Graphics: Layers normal macOS
982413 Remove the pref layers.use-deprecated-textures and the code that depends on it Graphics normal Windows 7
982419 Stop calling DeprecatedGetAsSurface in ImageClient.cpp Graphics normal Windows 7
982427 Get rid of the DeprecatedGetAsSurface call in ImageContainer.cpp Graphics normal Windows 7
982475 SwapRAndBComponentCrash can dereference NULL pointer. Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
982569 Replace PAGE_SIZE by getpagesize() mozglue normal Linux
982640 Port GTK2 to GTK3 - transparent widgets Widget: Gtk normal Linux
982698 FilterNodeD2D1 needs to support DataSourceSurface input surfaces Graphics normal macOS
982734 Improve some nsIWidget getters Widget normal All
982774 Test failure for mozilla::pkixder ExpectTagAndGetLengthWithWrongLength Security: PSM normal macOS
982778 mozilla::pkix::der::AlgorithmIdentifier leaves parameters of output value uninitialized Security: PSM normal All
982878 (mozilla::pkix) With mozilla::pkix enabled, some sites throw SEC_ERROR_BAD_DER instead of expired cert error Security: PSM minor All
982884 Make DrawTargetD2D::GetBitmapForSurface correctly handle fractional source rect for data surfaces Graphics normal Windows 7
982888 [Buri] Email content cannot be scrolled in some HTML format with embedded images (note: iframe with transform: scale() applied) Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
982964 [gtk3] Combo boxes have white text Widget: Gtk normal Linux
983049 Rename nsEventDispatcher to mozilla::EventDispatcher DOM: Events normal All
983053 Is it really necessary to js_SuppressDeletedElements on obj if CanOptimizeForDenseStorage(obj, ...) was true? JavaScript: Standard Library minor All
983236 Initialize FilterPrimitiveDescription::mOutputColorSpace Graphics normal All
983285 Add a templated property-value-cleanup function General normal All
983293 [webvtt] Refactor TextTrack initialization Audio/Video normal All
983460 Opcodes.h has extra TMPSLOT for JSOP_SETPROP JavaScript Engine normal Linux
983462 Implement own property native getter cacheing in BC JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
983477 Preserve scripts and the JIT code of scripts with compiled parallel JIT code across GCs for some maximum N GCs JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
983486 Collect parallel arenas between iterations if data cannot escape JavaScript Engine normal Linux
983528 enable paint-order property by default SVG normal All
983580 OdinMonkey: Use backtracking allocator for asmjs style code JavaScript Engine normal All
983582 HTTP cache v2: special handles are not released until shutdown Networking: Cache normal All
983591 Add a Moz2d helper to copy pixels from a B8G8R8X8 surface to a packed B8G8R8 array Graphics normal All
983598 IonMonkey: Separate the SnapshotReader into a frame reader and the RValueAllocation reader. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
983619 Add Window.getInterface/QueryInterface to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
983620 Remove the unused aScope argument from WrapGlobalObject DOM: Core & HTML normal All
983686 Implement parallel version of fromPar() for typed objects JavaScript Engine normal Linux
983745 Windows Jumplist favicons are distorted (squished vertically, showing graphical glitch on bottom half) Widget: Win32 normal Windows 8.1
983845 Stop exposing BrowserFeedWriter to the Web DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
983899 Convert nsXBLService::gClassTable to nsDataHashtable XBL normal All
983910 crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelParentListener::SuspendForDiversion() Networking critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
983920 Port window.sidebar and window.external to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
983959 Fix warnings about unused member variables in js/ JavaScript Engine normal macOS
983971 [system] the "download" indicator is not displayed Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
983977 Omit type barrier for derived typed objects where possible JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
983987 PJS: Parallel analysis can be foiled by dead code JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
984074 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: snappy Storage: IndexedDB normal All
984079 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: protobuf General normal All
984080 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: google/crashreporter, ipc/chromium IPC normal All
984112 Use JS::CallArgs instead of JS_{ARGV,SET_RVAL,...} in dom/ DOM: Core & HTML normal All
984125 Convert nsStringBundleService::mBundleMap to nsDataHashtable Internationalization normal All
984196 glxtest should use _exit instead of exit Graphics normal Linux
984226 OverflowChangedTracker should distinguish between two different types of overflow updates Layout normal All
984242 Fix unused function warnings in widget/cocoa/ Widget: Cocoa normal macOS
984250 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: hunspell and hyphen Spelling checker normal All
984253 Rename nsJSEventListener to mozilla::JSEventListener DOM: Events normal All
984261 NS_NewSVGRect to Moz2D SVG normal All
984263 Add methods to Moz2D Matrix to help with translation and rotation matrices Graphics normal All
984269 Rename nsDOMEventTargetHelper to mozilla::dom::EventTargetHelper or something DOM: Events normal All
984271 Rename nsEventStateManager to mozilla::EventStateManager DOM: Events normal All
984280 Convert DOMSVGPoint from Thebes to Moz2d SVG normal All
984282 Remove some unused Thebes includes from content/svg SVG normal All
984293 Poison Yarr code in release builds JavaScript Engine normal All
984338 Add an pref to flash layer borders when they are created Graphics: Layers normal All
984346 Remove the classinfo for SystemMessageManager since the nsIDOMNavigatorSystemMessages API is already implemented in WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
984390 Stop using gfxPoint in SVGMarkerElement SVG normal All
984437 Remove the deprecated gralloc textures Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
984460 [B2G][E-mail] Zooming 3+ times causes the E-Mail app to close Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
984483 Convert a bunch of SVG content code from gfxFloat and gfxPoint to Moz2d SVG normal All
984484 Convert GetMarkerPositioningData form gfxPoint to Moz2D SVG normal All
984490 [B2G][Contacts]Certain contact fields disappear when swiping in the field box Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
984495 Add Window.onwheel to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
984497 Use SpecialPowers more and change SpecialPower usage to deal with Window on WebIDL bindings General normal All
984567 insanity::pkix: handle/test receiving malformed OCSP responses Security: PSM normal All
984629 Remove dom/workers/Console.cpp DOM: Core & HTML normal All
984653 crash in js::jit::NameIC::attachReadSlot(JSContext*, js::jit::IonScript*, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<js::Shape*>) JavaScript Engine critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
984665 Change the "Extra shutdown CC" assertion into a warning XPCOM normal All
984673 [B2G][Marketplace]Attempted creation of New Account demonstrates unexpected white area section to display within Latch App Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
984684 Do not fire post barriers on shared atoms from workers JavaScript Engine normal All
984685 Add efficiency % to COLLECT_TIME_DEBUG cycle collector logging XPCOM normal All
984696 [jsdbg2] Debugger.Script needs to be able to give offsets at the expression/statment granularity rather than only line-entry-point granularity JavaScript Engine normal macOS
984698 Reduce audio preroll when we don't have a video stream Audio/Video normal All
984708 nsTimerImpl sShutdownTimer leaked in BackgroundImpl.cpp IPC normal Linux
984739 make nsCSSValue::StartImageLoad assume |new ImageValue| is infallible CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
984761 Add IPDL serialization and operator== for FilterDescription Graphics normal All
984794 Tune and enable axis-locking on B2G Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
984823 Tiles are using GL_REPEAT Graphics: Layers normal Linux
984836 Rename StackFrame to InterpreterFrame JavaScript Engine normal All
984845 BrowserElementParent.getScreenshot should return more accurate screenshots DOM: Device Interfaces normal All
984883 Make easier to read DOM: Core & HTML normal All
984994 Reintroduce "network.http.use-cache" pref Networking: Cache normal All
984995 Update PSL for .se Networking: Domain Lists normal All
985021 mozilla::pkix: temporarily accept the presence of pathLenConstraint in EE basic constraints extensions Security: PSM normal All
985049 Remove gfxPlatform::SupportsAzureContent() and kill of the resulting dead code Graphics normal All
985125 crash in Camera while monkey testing DOM: Device Interfaces critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
985126 [AccessFu] Utter value changes Disability Access APIs normal All
985130 OdinMonkey: omit over-recursion check in small leaf functions JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
985143 Comment updates to new ArrayBuffer storage scheme JavaScript Engine normal All
985156 MemoryReporter: CacheFile doesn't report mKey Networking: Cache minor All
985182 Only assert that we aren't operating in the self-hosted global if JSCompartment::wrap isn't a no-op JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
985185 Identify scroll info layers in the APZC tree log Panning and Zooming normal All
985201 rename insanity::pkix to mozilla::pkix Security: PSM normal All
985217 [Skia] Update Skia, 2014-03-18 (Firefox 31) Graphics normal Linux
985227 Clean up seccomp-bpf filter definition Security normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
985230 mStatus is not correct in HttpChannelChild::OnStartRequest Networking normal Linux
985302 ISurfaceAllocator::ShrinkShmemSectionHeap calls a pure virtual function during its destructor Graphics: Layers normal macOS
985312 Remove the bounds function from ForkJoin JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
985320 Add a static Matrix::Scaling method to Moz2D's Matrix Graphics normal All
985322 Red/Blue channels are flipped in the B2G camera preview Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
985432 Make searchParams non-nullable DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
985464 Add to PSL Networking: Domain Lists normal All
985470 Replace the Moz2D Matrix().Translate() calls with Matrix::Translation() for better perf Graphics normal All
985484 [WebVTT] Remove TextTrackCue::CueChanged Audio/Video normal All
985507 please remove trailing whitespace in effective_tld_names.dat Networking: Domain Lists normal Linux
985511 When a pointing device that supports hover leaves the range of the digitizer while over an element, the pointerleave event must be dispatched DOM: Events normal Windows 8
985526 Use notifyOne instead of notifyAll in StartOffThreadIonCompile JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
985541 Turn GestureEventListener into finite-state machine Panning and Zooming normal Mer
985545 Add a helper method to convert SourceSurfaces to a given format Graphics normal All
985562 Hack around MNewSlots in GGC JavaScript Engine normal All
985685 DrawRangeElements does not trigger a blit/resolve of MSAA buffers Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
985686 DataStoreServiceChild is kept alive when it should be deleted. DOM: Core & HTML normal All
985687 Remove last vestiges of shortid/tinyid JavaScript Engine minor All
985714 Report AEC echo levels (ERLE/etc) WebRTC: Audio/Video normal All
985720 rename urlclassifier.download_block_table and urlclassifier.download_allow_table DOM: Security normal Linux
985722 don't make gethash requests for any full hash (-digest256) whitelists DOM: Security normal Linux
985735 dom/system/gonk/NetworkService.js: WARNING: no preprocessor directives found DOM: Device Interfaces normal Linux
985770 MemoryTextureClient should use array delete in destructor Graphics: Layers normal macOS
985772 Remove SurfaceDescriptor around GonkNativeWindow Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
985796 Port the permission settings API to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
985812 Figure out the type of ActivityRequestHandler.source DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
985814 Skia cannot compile properly for Qt Widget backend Graphics normal Linux
985848 Assume DragonFly uses DPorts for V4L2 header location WebRTC: Audio/Video normal Other
985876 Ionmonkey: Refactor Ionmonkey shared code to support MIPS backend JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
985878 AtomicRefCounted is not thread-safe. MFBT normal macOS
985932 Fix error HTTP response in test_partially_cached_content.html Networking trivial All
986056 [B2G][E.Me]E.Me search will freeze if locally installed apps are deleted shortly before search is performed. DOM: Device Interfaces normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986076 Handle JS_NewStringCopyZ failure in ProxyAutoConfig.cpp Networking normal All
986147 [GGC] On Maple jsreftests: Assertion failure: !(*thingp)->arenaHeader()->allocatedDuringIncremental JavaScript Engine normal All
986155 MPostWriteBarrier can inhibit some optimizations JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
986171 mozilla::pkix: add telemetry for what certificate verification library is enabled Security: PSM normal All
986179 Rework cache2 memory pool Networking: Cache normal All
986195 test_jsctypes.js xpcshell test fails in Windows 64-bit builds | "expected Error exception, none thrown" js-ctypes normal Windows 8.1
986253 Homescreen crash on nexus-4 and nexus-5 Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986304 Clean up event handler compilation DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
986317 Stop exposing urgent semantics in IPDL files IPC normal Linux
986357 js/src/jsiter.cpp:1069:41: error: use of undeclared identifier 'GetShapeAttributes' (--disable-ion --disable-unified-compilation) JavaScript Engine normal FreeBSD
986359 OMTA test methods don't work cross-process Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986366 js/src/vm/SPSProfiler.h:413:38: error: no member named 'js_JitOptions' in namespace 'js::jit' (--disable-ion) JavaScript Engine normal FreeBSD
986374 connection parameter in MozWifiManager.webidl should be non-null DOM: Device Interfaces normal Linux
986401 Fix skia compilation on mingw. Graphics normal Windows 7
986406 stop skipping entire reftest directories on Android Layout normal All
986409 skip much fewer entire reftest directories on B2G Layout normal All
986413 limit composition bounds used for display port calculation to root composition bounds Panning and Zooming normal macOS
986446 Conversion of WifiManager to WebIDL lost the dontConnect field from MozWifiNetwork DOM: Device Interfaces normal All
986475 Remove the classinfo from SettingsService and SettingsServiceLock DOM: Core & HTML normal All
986492 Add fill() convenience function to DOM: Core & HTML normal All
986572 MOZ_ASSERT(IsCurrent()); in BeforeGLCall at GLContext.h:618 when choosing picture for MMS via the gallery Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986685 [e10s] Disable some DOM tests DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
986691 [e10s] Disable some layout tests Layout normal Linux
986728 HTTP cache v2: engage the frecency decay time experiment Networking: Cache normal All
986752 CSS :active states get stuck with multiple on-screen touches DOM: Core & HTML normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986764 [Stability][Performance] Cleanup of Threads after PeerConnection destroyed WebRTC normal Linux
986767 Fix adjusting stepModeCount when removing a debuggee global from inside the onStep handler JavaScript Engine normal All
986787 Fix -Wreorder warning and other cleanups in MediaEngineTabVideoSource.cpp WebRTC normal macOS
986788 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: MurmurHash3 Graphics normal macOS
986793 Suppress gcc warnings in third-party code: libcubeb and libsoundtouch Audio/Video normal Android
986794 Suppress clang warnings in third-party code: libopus and libtheora Audio/Video normal macOS
986798 svg textpath with cubic bezier curve doesn't work anymore SVG normal All
986811 Use the latest d3dcompiler dll if available Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal Windows 8.1
986836 Parent process crash when shutting down compositor @ 0xa5a5a5a4 Graphics normal macOS
986851 Window control buttons are invisible with layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled and a lightweight browser theme applied Graphics: Layers normal Windows 8.1
986885 Fix build problem in fmp4/demuxer Audio/Video normal macOS
986933 Add multi-threaded PGrallocBufferChild deallocation to ImageBridgeChild Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
986940 Remove Cu.createArrayIn and Cu.createDateIn XPConnect normal macOS
986976 do_QueryInterface abuse in various .mm files Widget: Cocoa normal All
986980 Remove the classinfo from WifiGeoCoordsObject and WifiGeoPositionObject DOM: Core & HTML normal All
986985 PulseAudio: Server restart permanently breaks audio in Firefox Audio/Video normal Linux
986992 Remove navigator.mozKeyboard DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
986993 Remove the classinfo on the inputmethod API classes because they are already ported to WebIDL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
987002 Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.3.1 Graphics: ImageLib normal All
987005 Add comments to the condition in PopThebesLayerData() that decides whether we want to optimize a thebes layer to an image or color layer Layout normal All
987007 Remove all remaining uses of JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING DOM: Core & HTML normal All
987019 Shutdown Wifi scanning after geolocation request has completed DOM: Geolocation normal All
987054 Skia Canvas leak Graphics normal macOS
987064 Default AudioChannel is wrong in HTMLMediaElements DOM: Core & HTML normal All
987076 Construct HTMLMediaElement::mTextTrackManager lazily Audio/Video normal Linux
987078 If pointerType is "mouse" and buttons > 0, then pressure must be 0.5 Widget normal Windows 8
987127 [Windows 8.1] Videos are not played by the youtube html5 player. Audio/Video normal Windows 8.1
987134 jit-test/tests/parallel/ic-setelement.js is slow JavaScript Engine normal All
987160 Avoid over-reserving address ranges on windows JavaScript: GC normal All
987188 Possible crash in CompositableHost::DumpTextureHost in B2G debug builds Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
987217 Small leak in nsCreateReqFromKeyPairs Security normal All
987262 mozilla::pkix::der::Input::AtEnd returns a bool, not a Result (so don't compare the two) Security: PSM normal All
987285 Let nsBaseHashtable and subclasses call MarkImmutable XPCOM normal All
987292 drawImage does not resample outside source rect Graphics: Canvas2D normal macOS
987295 mozilla::pkix: fix and test OCSP response extension decoding Security: PSM normal All
987297 Improve memory usage of profiler by packing ProfileEntry structs together better Gecko Profiler normal All
987305 Make EnumSerializer templated on a EnumValidator, rename the old behavior to Contiguous*, and add BitFlags variant IPC normal All
987314 Group stuff better in AsyncPanZoomController.h Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
987320 Remove unnecessary null checks for do_QueryFrame arguments General normal All
987357 support system-installed fonts in .woff format on b2g/android devices Graphics: Text normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
987408 Slow reflows at app startup with very simple content, largely due to CheckForFeaturesInvolvingSpace() during textrun creation Graphics: Text normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
987508 Create array buffers lazily for small typed arrays JavaScript Engine normal macOS
987590 SVG USE element disappears if filter is applied to it SVG normal Windows 7
987605 call MaybeReflowForInflationScreenWidthChange on SetScrollPositionClampingScrollPortSize instead of SetDisplayPortForElement Layout normal macOS
987618 More minor cosmetic changes in DOM: Core & HTML normal All
987625 image/decoders/nsPNGDecoder.cpp:327:20: error: use of undeclared identifier 'MOZ_PNG_MAX_DIMENSION' (--with-system-png) Graphics: ImageLib normal All
987666 Remove the dynamic rooting analysis JavaScript: GC normal All
987667 Make GenericAtomicRefCounted thread-safe Graphics normal All
987668 Add hyphenation resources for Polish Layout: Text and Fonts normal Other
987672 Use a more reliable Function constructor and |bind| implementation for marquee event handler compilation XPConnect normal macOS
987750 Add CC logging options for process specifiers XPCOM normal Linux
987828 WebGL backend does FakeVertexAttrib0-machinery when targeting pure GLES2 devices, but it shouln't need to. Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal Android
987829 HTTP cache v2: make disk cache smart sizing work with the new backend Networking: Cache normal All
987845 WebGL context MakeCurrent always unconditionally calls into eglGetError(). Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal Android
987871 Enabling eIgnoreDOMUIEvent causes jsat/test_content_integration.html to hang Disability Access APIs normal All
987888 --enable-content-sandbox breaks 64-bit builds Security normal Windows 8.1
987910 OOM: updateFromMatchPairs() callers must handle error JavaScript Engine normal Linux
987912 Collect parallel arenas between every iteration rather than every chunk JavaScript Engine normal Linux
987923 GetTempDir on OS X can be called without necessary autorelease pool in place IPC normal macOS
987935 OOM: inlineScriptedCall() forgets to check TypeSet::clone() return JavaScript Engine normal Linux
987942 Check for PK11_CreateContextBySymKey returning null WebRTC: Networking normal macOS
987947 OOM: Check NewCompilerConstraintList() return JavaScript Engine normal Linux
987993 Restore ThebesLayerComposite's Name() to be "ThebesLayerComposite" Graphics: Layers normal All
988015 Disable seer on B2G Networking normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
988066 SVG filter invalidation problem Layout normal macOS
988088 Cache path objects in Path2D implementation Graphics: Canvas2D normal All
988110 [tarako] touch event filtering can get stuck when up/down actions are unbalanced IPC blocker Gonk (Firefox OS)
988129 Correct the chaotic naming styles in system message codes DOM: Core & HTML normal All
988186 HTTP cache v2: store all fields in CacheFileMetadata in network order on disk Networking: Cache major All
988318 HTTP cache v2: enlarge chunk size Networking: Cache major All
988326 Start arenas in the decommitted state JavaScript: GC normal All
988363 Outerize when wrapping nsGlobalWindow in a WebIDL binding DOM: Core & HTML normal All
988383 Change usages of nsCxPusher, AutoCxPusher and AutoPushJSContext to AutoEntryScript for bug 951991 - batch 2 DOM: Core & HTML normal All
988409 Turn on Path2D by default Graphics: Canvas2D normal macOS
988410 updater xpchell tests assert due to off main thread use of directory service IPC normal Linux
988418 Remove some unused OSR code JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
988421 spdy pushed stream concurrency counting problem Networking: HTTP normal Linux
988475 Rename IonFrame_* enum to JitFrame_* JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
988476 [jsdbg2] Create |Debugger.Memory|, a place to expose our memory tools to JS JavaScript Engine normal macOS
988493 Better error message when a self-hosted property is not found JavaScript Engine normal Linux
988499 terminate #warning string in Nuwa.cpp General normal All
988522 Temporarily disable jit-test parallel timout.js and timeout-gc.js tests until Bug 906525 is resolved JavaScript Engine normal Android
988561 jit-test/tests/basic/testBug686274.js is slow with non-default JIT flags JavaScript Engine normal All
988671 Dictionary in union isn't uninitialized DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
988700 Add diatomaceous to the en-US dictionary Spelling checker normal All
988702 fix missing UngetToken() calls in ParseCounterData CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
988713 Race condition when destroying TextureClient & TextureChild. Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
988718 nsSecurityHeaderParser constructor should be marked explicit Security: PSM normal All
988751 Remove DNP_DONT_PURGE JavaScript Engine normal All
988771 Remove DeprecatedCanvasClient Graphics: Layers normal macOS
988780 Avoid CheckEndProperty() in ParseGridTemplateAfterString() (layout/style/nsCSSParser.cpp) CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
988787 Should fire "handle-system-messages-done" at a correct time point DOM: Core & HTML normal All
988793 Make DocumentRendererChild::RenderDocument use Moz2D Graphics: Canvas2D normal All
988818 Stop creating a Thebes (gfxASurface) backed gfxContext in nsSVGImageFrame SVG normal All
988821 Generational GC causes gcNursery.isEmpty() assertion failures on MacOSX JavaScript: GC normal macOS
988827 Fix more warnings in cubeb on Android/B2g Audio/Video normal All
988875 jit-test/tests/auto-regress/bug782083.js is way too slow JavaScript Engine normal All
988880 Consider turning off startup cache for b2g XPConnect normal macOS
988881 SignedJAR threads are not ended by the end of xpcom-shutdown-threads Security: PSM normal All
988884 Media Encoderthreads are not ended by the end of xpcom-shutdown-threads Audio/Video: Recording normal All
988903 Clean-up Snapshot constant naming and bit packing. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
988904 Stop creating a Thebes gfxImageSurface in PresShell::PaintRangePaintInfo Graphics normal All
988910 xpcom/base/nsDumpUtils.cpp:56:52: error: 'write' was not declared in this scope XPCOM normal FreeBSD
988920 APZC_LOG_FM doesn't compile with displayport margins code Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
988950 Improve performance of generational barriers JavaScript: GC normal All
988958 IonMonkey: Back up the Receiver{Reader,Writer} with their own CompactBuffer. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
988993 Ion-compile scripts containing arrow functions JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989011 Factor this-computation for arrow functions out of JSOP_LAMBDA JavaScript Engine normal All
989042 Build broken on most *BSDs: dom/ipc/ContentParent.cpp:978:16: error: 'P_PID' was not declared in this scope IPC normal FreeBSD
989054 some uses of mDisplayPort in FrameMetrics are wrong now that we also have layer margins for display ports Panning and Zooming normal macOS
989071 Correct comment for nsIThreadRetargetableRequest.retargetDeliveryTo() Networking: WebSockets normal All
989112 linking fails: GStreamerReader.cpp:1264: undefined reference to `gst_event_type_get_name' (--enable-gstreamer=1.0 --enable-debug) Audio/Video normal FreeBSD
989123 Add EnumeratedArray class to MFBT for plain static arrays indexed by a typed enum MFBT normal All
989145 Convert ImageContainer::mBackendData to be an EnumeratedArray Graphics normal All
989152 Tracelogger: Log the ion compilation passes JavaScript Engine normal Linux
989172 Homescreen sandbox crash on QRD kitkat (again) Security normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989199 xpfe/components/directory/nsDirectoryViewer.cpp:58:18 [-Wunused-const-variable] unused variable 'FORMAT_HTML' XUL minor macOS
989203 Fix and suppress some Android gcc warnings in media/omx-plugin/ directory Audio/Video normal Android
989212 Rename nsEventStates to mozilla::EventStates DOM: Events normal All
989213 Rename dom/events/*List.h DOM: Events normal All
989214 Rename nsPaintRequest to mozilla::dom::PaintRequest DOM: Events normal All
989215 [Flame] b2g debug version crashes in AtomicRefCountedWithFinalize Graphics: Layers critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
989224 Note orphaned FragmentOrElements in CC logs DOM: Core & HTML normal All
989299 GenerationalGC: Crash [@ js::gc::BarrieredCell<js::ObjectImpl>::zone] with TypedObject JavaScript Engine major Linux
989320 Add cycle collection support for MFBT EnumeratedArray XPCOM normal All
989325 Make WebGLExtensionID a typed enum, and WebGLContext::mExtensions an enumerated array Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
989336 Uninteresting call warning from mock object in APZC gtest Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989337 Convert Canvas2D to typed enums and EnumeratedArray Graphics: Canvas2D normal All
989344 IonMonkey: Lower resume points and encode them with RecoverWriter. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
989356 rm BOX_OUTPUT_ACCESSORS JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989375 [1.4] FishIEtank benchmark not functional (regression) Graphics major Gonk (Firefox OS)
989407 Clicking on things is very hard on latest hamachi m-c code Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989408 crash in mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionChild::SendPLayerConstructor(mozilla::layers::PLayerChild*) Graphics: Layers critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
989460 Add MacroArgs.h for macros related to implementing variadic macros with optional args MFBT normal All
989484 Record number of minor GCs between major GCs JavaScript: GC normal All
989503 TypeObject property set left in a bad state after OOM JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989504 [e10s] Disable test_window_open_position_constraint.html in e10s DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
989509 PR_LOCAL_THREAD is completely insane JavaScript Engine normal Windows 8.1
989516 mozilla::pkix: temporarily accept improper encodings of basicConstraints:cA Security: PSM normal All
989528 Nail down planned semantics for AutoEntryScript and other JSAPI-related RAII guards XPConnect normal macOS
989560 remove most uses of CheckEndProperty/ExpectEndProperty from the CSS parser CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
989561 Remove gralloc min size limitation on newer gonk Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989574 reftests in layout/reftests/invalidation/reftest.list not being run Layout normal macOS
989575 Drawing with a null-program should generate INVALID_OPERATION Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
989580 Lazy load BrowserElementParent.jsm in BrowserElementParent.js DOM: Core & HTML normal All
989641 Move FlattenedMResumePointIter into LRecover. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989667 Add writes of recovery meta-data to MResumePoint. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989682 Add usage telemetry to geolocation DOM: Geolocation minor All
989691 add nsContentUtils::LogMessageToConsole DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
989692 Add a setting to force more debugging information to console DOM: Geolocation normal All
989735 Fixed warnings in accessible/src/generic Disability Access APIs normal Linux
989748 Abstract reads of recovery meta-data under RResumePoint JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989759 Add a tag to identify serialized ResumePoint in RecoverBuffer. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
989829 Move all APZ prefs into gfxPrefs Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989883 Remove deprecated compositables Graphics: Layers normal All
989897 b2g OOM zooming Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
989904 Remove deprecated textures Graphics: Layers normal All
989930 SnapshotIterator should read Instructions instead of Frames. JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989934 Remove dependency on RecoverBuffer::frameCount JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
989969 include nsUnicodeRange.cpp in unified sources Graphics normal All
990001 Use JS::AutoValueArray in preference to AutoValueVector where size is known in advance DOM: Core & HTML normal All
990022 BaselineCompiler: Refactor profiler instrumentation code in BaselineIC.cpp JavaScript Engine: JIT normal macOS
990027 [Buri] lock screen cannot be unlocked Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990080 TiledLayerBufferComposite::RecycleCallback() is not called from second time. Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990096 AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow due to unhandled OOM [@ JSC::Yarr::digitsCreate()] JavaScript Engine critical Linux
990150 [AccessFu] Have content tests run with debugging on. Disability Access APIs normal All
990154 Bug 981693 broke archs without ENABLE_ASSEMBLER JavaScript Engine: JIT normal OpenBSD
990158 Make inner windows use their wrapper cache DOM: Core & HTML normal All
990220 Enable navigator.sendBeacon by default on desktop and Android DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
990248 make mozilla::pkix the default certificate verifier in Firefox Nightly Security: PSM normal All
990268 mStatus is not sent from FTPChannelParent to FTPChannelChild Networking normal All
990290 Stop storing XBL class objects as properties on the content global and eliminate the dynamic JSClasses XBL normal macOS
990297 Refactor table initialization code in nsCSSProps::AddRefTable CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
990305 Move IsInEmulator() from GrallocImage to gfxPlatform Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990310 Remove SurfaceDescriptor from media WebRTC normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990353 Don't save script-sources for B2G chrome and built-in apps DOM: Core & HTML normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990356 Refactor MediaDecoderStateMachine::ScheduleStateMachine Audio/Video normal All
990357 Avoid creating a temporary surface for operator source Graphics normal macOS
990437 Convert ContentHostIncremental to use new-textures Graphics: Layers normal macOS
990568 Remove unnecessary whitespace JavaScript Engine normal All
990608 Make tile size configurable Graphics: Layers normal All
990627 Fix & re-enable first-letter/329069-2.html after the landing of bug 987582 Layout: Text and Fonts normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
990683 Stop calling DeprecatedGetCurrentAsSurface in nsLayoutUtils::SurfaceFromElement(HTMLVideoElement* aElement,...) Graphics normal All
990715 Convert nsBindingManager::mWrapperTable to nsInterfaceHashtable XBL normal All
990752 Make ImageLayerD3D9/ImageLayerD3D10::Render() use mSourceSurface instead of mDeprecatedSurface Graphics normal Windows 7
990787 Fix a bunch of OOM bugs JavaScript Engine normal All
990806 Fix "Assertion failure: gGotError, at js/src/shell/js.cpp:448" after OOM in the shell JavaScript Engine normal All
990807 Valgrind detects leak - 4 bytes and/or 32 bytes are definitely lost (direct) JavaScript Engine: JIT major Linux
990817 Clarify nestegg packet memory management in WebMReader Audio/Video normal All
990854 Update CopySurface() to be as fast as DrawSurface() Graphics normal macOS
990855 Remove dom/events from local includes DOM: Events normal All
990869 Allow to enable sub Apzc for non WIN gecko clients Graphics: Layers normal Linux
990871 Move TextureClientDrawTarget into TextureClient Graphics: Layers normal Linux
990876 Remove TextureClientSurface Graphics: Layers normal Linux
990892 MediaMetadataManager::DispatchMetadataIfNeeded leaks Audio/Video normal All
990908 [RTSP] Video app crash at android::OMXCodec::read when opening RTSP streaming Audio/Video critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
990933 Moz2Dify SimpleTiledContentClient Graphics: Layers normal Linux
991027 JS_snprintf with "%hs" can fail with OOM JavaScript Engine normal All
991028 Get rid of AutoOpenSurface Graphics: Layers normal macOS
991032 Cleanup X11 TextureClient/Host Graphics: Layers normal Linux
991036 Improve temperamental assertion in js::jit::Label::~Label() JavaScript Engine normal All
991067 Cost control crashes after FTU steps mozilla::gfx::GetCairoSurfaceForSourceSurface(mozilla::gfx::SourceSurface*, bool) Graphics: Layers critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
991069 Optimize MPostWriteBarrier OOL path to not save non-volatile regs JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
991074 Assertion failure: JS_IsExceptionPending(cx), at ./EventListenerBinding.cpp:24 DOM: Core & HTML normal Linux
991177 SEC_ERROR_CA_CERT_INVALID is not overridable with mozilla::pkix, but the UI makes it look like it is Security: PSM normal All
991209 does not load with mozilla::pkix enabled Security: PSM normal All
991234 TypeDescrSet.cpp:328:15: warning: implicit conversion from 'unsigned long' to 'int32_t' (aka 'int') changes value from 18446744073709551615 to -1 [-Wconstant-conversion] JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
991336 CID 750186: Uninitialized scalar field in jsinfer.h as found by Coverity JavaScript Engine normal All
991368 close() on already closed PeerConnection results in exception WebRTC: Networking normal All
991451 Suppress clang and gcc warnings in third-party code: Skia Graphics normal All
991513 Gralloc locking / unlocking during empty transactions Graphics normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
991545 SVGTransformableElement::GetAttributeChangeHint should use nsChangeHint_UpdatePostTransformOverflow SVG normal All
991572 Stop creating a Thebes backed gfxContext in CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp, and kill off nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal::GetThebesSurface Graphics normal All
991618 IonMonkey: Set aliasSet on MBail, so it can capture more cases JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
991686 [GTK3] download "Open containing folder" button does not open Files Widget: Gtk normal Linux
991741 Crash in SwapBuffers() because Framebuffer's Fence misuse when HWComposer is not used. [SGS2][JB] Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
991791 Crash in nsMemoryReportManager::StartGettingReports() while monkey testing XPCOM critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
991812 Remove uses of RefCounted from code that only lives in Gecko MFBT normal All
991928 Add check for chrome pages to the "XUL box for %1$S element contained an inline %2$S child..." warning Layout normal All
991966 js/src/jsfun.cpp:692:9: error: no matching function for call to 'IsAsmJSModule' (--disable-ion) JavaScript Engine normal FreeBSD
991969 Event not fired when description changes Disability Access APIs normal Windows 8.1
991998 Make short strings have the same max length on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms JavaScript Engine normal All
992105 WakeLockListener can unlock screensaver while video is still playing on Windows Audio/Video trivial Windows 7
992229 Resizer/titlebar causes panel to jump when used XUL normal macOS
992256 Assertion failure: !isLocked(), at js/src/jsworkers.cpp:479 JavaScript Engine normal All
992402 Make Intl test dependent on intl api JavaScript Engine normal All
992486 Paint multiple times to avoid unrotating buffers Graphics: Layers normal macOS
992488 ASSERTION: Pseudo-element snuck into SelectorMatches? when running browser_ruleview_pseudoelement.js CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
992578 Clean up XBL resources a bit XBL normal All
992611 mochitest-bc chunk2 perma-leak on all platforms on Cedar - (DOMStorageManager, EventTokenBucket, Mutex, ReentrantMonitor, Service, ...) General normal All
992972 Add sha256PKPin attribute to nsIX509Cert3 or nsIX509Cert DOM: Security normal Linux
992974 Improve logs at CacheStorageService::AddStorageEntry when CacheEntry's file is doomed Networking: Cache trivial All
993004 [B2G][Dialer][Callbar]The callbar is invisible when viewed in landscape orientation Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
993034 SIMD: drive-by clean-ups JavaScript Engine normal Linux
993041 Create one instance of the GonkGPSGeolocationProvider DOM: Geolocation normal Windows 7
993047 Support outerizing and addProperty hooks on globals with WebIDL bindings DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993053 Add xpc::InitGlobal containing the common code for wrapping main-thread XPConnect and WebIDL globals DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993057 Fix Xrays to disallow indexed expando properties on Xrays for Window with a WebIDL binding XPConnect normal All
993058 Loosen aliasing assertion in LIRGenerator::visitGetDOMMember JavaScript Engine normal All
993067 crash from MOZ_ASSERT(gl())) at GrallocTextureHost.cpp:349 on Peak Graphics: Layers normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
993075 BytecodeEmitter.cpp:6825:27: warning: comparison of integers of different signs: 'unsigned int' and 'int' [-Wsign-compare] JavaScript Engine normal Linux
993080 Hit MOZ_CRASH(nsStandardURL not thread-safe) at .../netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.cpp:921 Networking: JAR normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
993141 Stats API does not gather DataChannel stats properly when no selector is provided WebRTC: Networking normal All
993145 Skip sandbox initialization on non-seccomp-capable Linux systems Security normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
993194 Use more smart pointers for node info DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993203 Report counts of settings observers in about:memory DOM: Device Interfaces normal All
993253 Implement D3E InputEvent interface with isComposing DOM: Events normal All
993303 Correct the VorbisTrackEncoder::WriteLacing function. Audio/Video: Recording normal All
993319 Add a GetNativeSurface method to SourceSurface Graphics normal All
993323 Make nsWindowGfx::CreateIcon() use the new gfxUtils helper for format conversion Widget: Win32 normal Windows 7
993360 [OMTC WIndows] reland parts of the patches that were backed out in rev 864067766916 Graphics: Layers normal Windows 7
993410 Improve coverage of nsTArray post barriers test JavaScript: GC normal All
993413 Remove use of JS_Add/Remove*Root in favour of JS::PersistentRooted where possible JavaScript: GC normal All
993428 [OMTC Windows] reftest border-radius/clipping-6 fails with d3d9 OMTC Graphics: Layers normal Windows 7
993475 Basic compositor doesn't support masks on color layers Graphics: Layers normal All
993548 aggressively free source string in nsScriptLoader::OnStreamComplete() DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993591 Eagerly drop nsStreamLoader::mData Networking normal All
993688 Mark Window.document StoreInSlot DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993706 Remove nsGlobalWindow::mInnerWindowHolder DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993710 Don't return names when enumerating Navigator/Window if they wouldn't be resolved DOM: Core & HTML normal All
993714 [e10s] Cache native key bindings in tests Widget normal Linux
993734 The observer service should not pretend to be threadsafe XPCOM normal All
993753 [B2G][Video] Videos will not play again after first playthrough Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
993772 Just use one compilation scope for Gecko DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
993780 Late PCImpl::SetSignalingState_m results in: PeerConnection.js:538 - TypeError: can't access dead object WebRTC normal All
993784 Stop using Thebes surfaces for masking in BasicLayers Graphics: Layers normal macOS
993933 Communication app crashes during MT call, SMS Graphics: Layers critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
994015 [tarako]some mp4 video plays not smoothly Audio/Video major Gonk (Firefox OS)
994024 Add more assertions to the client side gfx ipdl glue code Graphics: Layers normal All
994050 [e10s] gfx.direct3d.last_used_feature_level_idx pref should only be set on main process. Graphics normal Windows 7
994054 GenerationalGC: Octane-raytrace spends a lot of time in updateDecommittedRegion/madvise JavaScript Engine normal All
994101 Allow skia to be set as a valid content preference on windows Graphics normal Windows XP
994116 about:support - move Graphics info higher than Modified Prefs General normal All
994159 Fix typo in OOM check in DefineMetaTypeDescr JavaScript Engine normal All
994163 TraceLogger doesn't compile with --disable-threadsafe JavaScript Engine normal All
994181 TraceLogger: compile error with gcc 4.8.1 on x64 platforms JavaScript Engine normal All
994413 Make the browser value tracing semantics match spidermonkey's JavaScript: GC normal All
994456 WebRTC doesn't work in Android WebApps WebRTC normal Linux
994548 Layer masks are drawn incorrectly when doing partial updates in BasicCompositor Graphics: Layers normal All
994557 Unable to flush out the WebM header only through WebMWriter. Audio/Video: Recording normal All
994574 HTTP cache v2: CacheFileMetadata::ParseMetadata() fails to parse any entry Networking: Cache critical All
994816 Use alignment of 0 instead of 1 with SetDisplayPortMargins when tiling is enabled Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
994856 Add support for Gecko rendering via GLScreenBuffer into external GL Context Graphics normal Windows 8.1
994876 Baseline DenseSetElemStubExists should check all shapes for DenseAdd stubs JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
994881 Offload player not releasing resources when paused Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
994889 [B2G][Tarako][Browser] Youtube vidoes are being stretched while playing Audio/Video normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
994924 [Skia] broken logic in nsWindow for DrawTarget creation when using Skia Graphics normal Linux
994932 improper error checking in GetOCSPResponseForType when constructing response array Security: PSM normal All
994937 remove JSOP_CALL* opcodes JavaScript Engine normal All
994938 Support ARGB32 in nsShmImage Graphics normal Linux
994940 Lazily initialize the editor for input elements that have overflown text DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
994971 Don't export nsObserverService.h XPCOM normal All
994993 Re-enable optimization for uncached math functions JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
994999 PC.IsClosed() should refer to SignalingState not media presence WebRTC: Networking normal All
995046 need to update preload font list Graphics: Text normal macOS
995056 update common font fallback lists for OSX and Windows Graphics: Text normal All
995065 Backout bug 947227 and fix WebGL hangs Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal macOS
995070 Support draft-nottingham-safe-hint-01 Networking: HTTP normal All
995076 Unconditionally replace null/undefined/Magic-typed OSR slots JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
995077 Preserve phis whose slots are arguments object inside functions that need it JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
995143 Missing CanExposeDrawTarget override in CairoTextureClientD3D9 Graphics: Layers normal Windows XP
995165 ARM v6 GC settings should be changed to prevent triggering a loop of multiple GCs. JavaScript: GC normal Android
995180 OdinMonkey clean-up: delete unused FromMIRType static method JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
995200 Enable strict mode for self-hosted code in opt builds, too JavaScript Engine normal All
995239 MozSurface design document Graphics: Layers normal All
995336 Use IonBuilder for arguments usage analysis JavaScript Engine: JIT normal macOS
995345 Improve efficiency of NS_DescribeCodeAddress for mac/linux XPCOM normal macOS
995380 Signaling unittests assert on M-C. WebRTC: Signaling normal Linux
995405 Don't pass around strong references to the observer service off the main thread Networking normal Windows 7
995411 Move APZ code into gfx/layers/apz Panning and Zooming normal All
995454 Kill off TextureClientSurface's GetAsSurface and UpdateSurface methods Graphics normal All
995490 Tracelogger: Assertion failure: entry.u.s.textId == id, at vm/TraceLogging.cpp:590 JavaScript Engine normal All
995543 content/media/MediaStreamGraph.cpp:904:11: error: call to 'abs' is ambiguous (clang++ -stdlib=libc++) Audio/Video normal FreeBSD
995552 CancelImageRequests deadcode in nsImageLoadingContent.h DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
995570 Tracelogger: Log VM calls JavaScript Engine normal All
995654 Suppress gcc -Wuninitialized warning in third-party code: libvorbis Audio/Video normal Android
995661 when canvas and content graphics backends don't match, drawWindow calls that don't cover the complete canvas or have transparent background blank the rest of it Web Painting normal All
995721 ClientLayerManager::BeginTransactionWithTarget doesn't honor translation on target Graphics: Layers normal All
995753 Remove nsIDOMHTMLByteRanges DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
995754 Remove nsIDOMToString DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
995831 Remove UA override for domains (starting 2014-04-14) Networking normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
995832 Make DrawTargetSkia::DrawSurface accept any surface type Graphics normal macOS
995880 VolatileBuffer non-heap memory use by images is not reported Graphics: ImageLib normal All
995934 IonMonkey: math.round has extra code JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
996112 [B2G][Gaia][Gallery]Zooming into many images will result in an OOM close Graphics: ImageLib normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
996226 FishIEtank benchmark is slow Graphics major Gonk (Firefox OS)
996268 [AccessFu] Create constants for traversal prefilters Disability Access APIs normal All
996269 Lazily clear the backbuffer Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
996282 Cleanup getParam Graphics: CanvasWebGL normal All
996285 Profiler stops duplicating samples during sleeping periods after buffer wraps Gecko Profiler normal Linux
996319 Drop always-null second arg to nsTextFrame's local GetReferenceRenderingContext function Layout: Text and Fonts normal All
996329 DataChannel SDP: space incorrectly appears at the end of "m=application 38233 DTLS/SCTP 5000" (interop/spec issue) WebRTC: Signaling normal All
996378 gfxCallbackDrawable creates a gfxContext from a thebes surface Graphics: Layers normal macOS
996393 Add gfxPlatform function for creating a wrapped DataSourceSurface Graphics normal macOS
996422 Split MIRType_Magic into one distinct type per magic constant JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
996433 dom/media/MediaManager.cpp:400:11: error: 'webrtc' has not been declared (--disable-webrtc) WebRTC normal All
996448 Lazify the importing of PluralForm.jsm everywhere Internationalization normal All
996518 Add an extra assert in TypePolicy of MTypeBarrier JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
996533 Add some BaselineScript/IonScript asserts JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
996673 Stop using |#pragma once| in Moz2D headers Graphics normal All
996677 Incorrect call DeviceRotationRate() ctor from another one DOM: Events normal Windows 7
996687 Make Moz2D's DataSourceSurface's mIsMapped member exist in non-DEBUG builds (since non-DEBUG code uses it!) Graphics normal All
996738 LayerSorter.cpp doesn't play nicely with unified builds Graphics: Layers normal macOS
996742 CompositableHost.cpp forward-declares Matrix4x4 in wrong namespace Graphics: Layers normal macOS
996744 [AccessFu] Typo in try catch block in Utils.jsm Disability Access APIs normal All
996768 ContainerLayer{D3D10,Composite}.cpp don't play nicely with unified builds Graphics: Layers normal Windows XP
996821 HTML semantic elements should always get an accessible, despite styling Disability Access APIs normal All
996853 Intermittent media-element-source-seek-1.html | Exited with code -1073741819 during test run Audio/Video normal Windows XP
996901 Remove lots of gfxASurface.h and gfxImageSurface.h includes and forward declarations that are no longer needed Graphics normal All
996929 Windows XP non-PGO CanvasMark regression on inbound from bug 950372 Graphics normal Windows XP
996955 Remove nsIDOMTouch DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
996989 Import PopupNotifications.jsm lazily into PeerConnection.js WebRTC normal All
996994 Add corrigible to the en-US dictionary Spelling checker normal All
997006 rename text-combine-horizontal to text-combine-upright CSS Parsing and Computation normal All
997014 Remove nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal::Render Graphics normal macOS
997067 Replace AutoPushJSContext in nsGlobalWindow::SecurityCheckURL DOM: Core & HTML normal All
997081 Optimize StoreElementHole OOL VM call JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
997166 Don't start NetworkSeer for app urls? Networking normal Linux
997208 Remove unnecessary nullptr checks before deleting in content/media/ General normal All
997229 Don't call IdealAudioRate on an offline graph Audio/Video normal All
997235 Followup to bug 986752 - CSS :active states get stuck with multiple on-screen touches DOM: Core & HTML normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
997258 Update TypedArrayCreator to be compatible with simplified Typed Array interface DOM: Core & HTML normal All
997380 GLContext.h has an ambiguous strdup in unified builds Graphics: Layers normal macOS
997383 ImageBridgeParent.cpp plays fast and loose with using statements, making Xlib sad Graphics: Layers normal Linux
997409 seccomp-bpf: Whitelist set_thread_area for emulator-x86-kk Security normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
997459 Try out different sets of coefficients for new sincos implementation to optimize accuracy and performance JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
997489 Lots of jsreftest warnings spam from '[JavaScript Warning: "An unbalanced tree was written using document.write() causing data from the network to be reparsed. For more information ...]' JavaScript Engine normal All
997507 Fix a few -Wformat warnings in nsIdleService.cpp Widget normal All
997519 Cannot view resource://, chrome:// or any other jar:file://.../omni.ja!/.../ urls as directory lists Networking: FTP normal All
997527 Remove debugging code from bug 960828 XPConnect normal macOS
997551 Avoid copying in GetSourceSurfaceForSurface if at all possible Graphics: Layers normal macOS
997656 Tracelogger: Log when baseline is compiling JavaScript Engine normal All
997686 SocketTransportService infaliible malloc cleanup Networking normal All
997688 nsSocketTransport should track SocketTransportService via smart ptr Networking normal All
997690 nsHttpConnection::IdleTimeout default can be set internally Networking: HTTP normal All
997700 Fix build issues with LUL and --enable-warnings-as-errors Gecko Profiler normal Linux
997843 mozilla::pkix::der::Input::Expect should take a uint16_t as its length argument instead of a size_t Security: PSM normal All
997908 crash in ReleaseSliceNow(unsigned int, void*) accessing memory at 0x5a5a5a5a5a5a5a5a XPCOM critical macOS
997913 Seed the gfx/doc directory, readying for doxygen extraction and design documents Graphics normal All
997963 Stop using PLArenaPool in nsStringBundleService Internationalization normal All
998007 use safebrowsing app id for application reputation remote query DOM: Security normal Linux
998155 constify MDefinition's congruentTo and mightAlias JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998156 Misc RangeAnalysis code cleanups JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998158 Tidy up SSE feature detection JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998167 Fix signed integer overflow in EvaluateConstantOperands JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998168 nsITimer shouldn't be used in multiple threads in MediaDecoderStateMachine Audio/Video normal All
998170 Eliminate LPhi's numInputs_ member JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998172 Clean up unnecessary parentheses JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998173 Harmonize MacroAssemblerX64::finish and MacroAssemblerX86::finish JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998206 Add "shuffle" option to run reftests in random order Layout normal Linux
998210 check logging is enabled before use Graphics: Text normal All
998251 IonMonkey: IONFLAGS=logs prints annoying newlines to stderr JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998284 MediaDecoderStateMachine::AdvanceFrame should not immediately reschedule the state machine when buffering Audio/Video normal Linux
998377 Stop explicitly nulling out nsInProcessTabChildGlobal::mGlobal during DelayedDisconnect() DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998445 Unable to see disk cache size, "Calculating web content cache size…" stays forever Networking: Cache normal Linux
998490 OdinMonkey: add stack-walking support for asm.js JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
998507 add BinarySearch MFBT normal All
998596 Add ARM simulator status to getBuildConfiguration JavaScript Engine normal All
998706 dom/workers/MessagePort.cpp : ASSERTION: bad size recorded: 'aInstanceSize == 0 || entry->GetClassSize() == aInstanceSize DOM: Workers normal All
998725 Mark nsIXHRSendable as non-scriptable DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998727 Remove nsICanvasGLBuffer and nsICanvasGLTexture DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998729 Mark nsIPhonetic as non-scriptable DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998733 Mark the audio channel interfaces as non-scriptable DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998734 Remove nsIAsyncScrollEventDetail DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998735 Mark nsIDOMWindowCollection as non-scriptable DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
998738 Consider removing nsIDOMXPathNamespace (and window.XPathNamespace) DOM: Core & HTML normal All
998777 Use better-looking Devanagari fonts by default on Windows platform Layout: Text and Fonts normal Windows 8
998779 Remove unused includes of nsHashtable.h XPCOM normal All
998795 Smarter initialization of MainThreadIOLogger General normal All
998821 Handle XShmCreateImage failure without crashing Widget: Gtk normal Linux
998880 nsThread shouldn't busy-loop in NS_ProcessNextEvent waiting for a thread to shutdown XPCOM normal All
998995 Consider using an auto array in CSSParserImpl::ParseFunction Layout normal macOS
998997 Fix AsmJSExceptionHandler on 32bit OS X 10.6 and Windows XP JavaScript Engine: JIT normal macOS
999121 Avoid mFramesMarkedForDisplay relloc with SetCapacity Layout normal macOS
999162 Calling scrollTo(0, 0) while at the top of a page prevents subsequent panning Panning and Zooming normal Gonk (Firefox OS)
999213 Cycle collect TabChildBase and remove weak reference scheme DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
999349 Add "DO NOT USE" annotation to nsIPlatformCharset Internationalization normal All
999383 HTTP cache v2: optimize Open and Read inter-thread calls Networking: Cache normal All
999440 Fix styling and typos in Graphics normal All
999559 Rename IonFrameIterator to JitFrameIterator JavaScript Engine: JIT normal All
999643 Missing transitions on children of containers with overflow:[auto|scroll] and :before pseudo element Layout normal macOS
999686 Faulty: MOZ_CRASH(Unknown CompositableType) in parent process on bad IPC message Graphics: Layers normal All
999697 Faulty: Assertion failure: false (should be implemented or not used) in CompositableHost::CreatedIncrementalTexture Graphics: Layers normal All
999717 Fix Android gcc -Wlogical-op warnings General normal Android
999736 crash in mozilla::layers::ContentHostTexture::Lock() Graphics: Layers critical Gonk (Firefox OS)
999880 Make RetrievalContext not use mozilla::RefCounted; r=roc Widget: Gtk normal All
999883 Make BackgroundHangMonitor not use mozilla::RefCounted; r=froydnj DOM: Core & HTML normal All
999884 Make DBusReplyHandler not use mozilla::RefCounted; r=smaug DOM: Core & HTML normal All
1000104 faulty: null ptr deref in LayerTransactionParent::RecvSetAsyncScrollOffset Graphics: Layers normal All
1000161 LayerTransactionParent has MOZ_ASSERTs and we're hitting them while fuzzing Graphics: Layers normal All
1000170 Misc cleanups in layers code Graphics: Layers normal All
1000180 Fatal assert in SourceBufferResource::ResourceQueue::CopyData after seek to an offset that has been evicted Audio/Video critical Android
1000266 don't purge the canvas background image cache all the time, making it useless Layout normal macOS
1000322 subdocument frame uses the dirty rect as displayport base without restricting it to the local frame bounds Layout normal macOS
1000350 don't overwrite a layout set display port base with a APZC-guessed one Layout normal macOS
1000461 Enable triggering memory report via fifo device on OS X XPCOM normal macOS
1000500 [AccessFu] When traversing to the link, prevent stepping into it. Disability Access APIs normal All
1000608 Implement seeking portion of Media Source Extensions spec Audio/Video normal All
1000621 [DMD] Crash in DumpMemoryInfoToTempDir in DMD builds without DMD enabled DMD normal macOS
1000745 Remove obsolete font.mathfont-family* preferences MathML normal All
1000879 Remove the ::-moz-math-stretchy pseudo-element. MathML normal All
1000974 Don't optimize nodes in the shadow tree XBL normal All
1001094 nsJSID should implement nsIClassInfo XPConnect normal macOS
1001126 Allow AllTraces CC logging other than at shutdown XPCOM normal Linux
1001137 Enabling FifoWatcher via user pref does not work XPCOM normal macOS
1001169 Include new OpenType MATH fonts into the default font.mathfont-family list MathML normal All
1001272 AEC distorted (especially on Mac) due to 10ms rechunking WebRTC: Audio/Video normal All
1001539 ccsip_pmh.c:1671:51: warning: expression which evaluates to zero treated as a null pointer constant of type 'char *' [-Wnon-literal-null-conversion] WebRTC: Signaling normal All
1001585 Build fails with --disable-tests option Security: PSM normal macOS
1001662 Off-Main-Thread-Compiled XUL Scripts get compiled in the scope of the SafeJSContext DOM: Core & HTML normal macOS
1001708 Link error due to statics used with ternary operator WebRTC: Audio/Video normal macOS
1002025 CompositorD3D11.cpp failed to compile using VS2013: error C2677: binary '[' : no global operator found which takes type 'mozilla::layers::MaskType' (or there is no acceptable conversion) Graphics normal Windows 8.1
1002041 Bug 716647 breaks non-ion builds JavaScript Engine: JIT normal Linux
1002266 Access MediaQueues from MediaDecoderStateMachine through an accessor Audio/Video normal All
1002290 MSE MediaSource duration not set in Dash demo Audio/Video normal All
1002294 SourceBuffer::ContainsTime is too optimistic Audio/Video normal All
1127780 Bug 1125015 caused null deref crash XPConnect normal Windows 7

834 Total; 834 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

reopened bug reports

Reopened Core bugs in 2014 by component BMO report

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User-facing features


Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
143094 [chimera] Better error checking on drag&drop VERIFIED FIXED
144606 Command+B opens, but does not close, the Sidebar drawer VERIFIED WONTFIX
146326 Bookmark Manager: Ability to delete bookmarks using right click VERIFIED FIXED
146327 Bookmark Manager: Ability to edit bookmark name VERIFIED FIXED
148932 Context menu for Personal Toolbar needs to be independent of Sidebar selection VERIFIED FIXED
148933 "Info" window for Bookmarks and Folders VERIFIED FIXED
149092 [Website Testing] - FIFA World Cup window difficuilties VERIFIED INVALID
149172 bookmark import fails (control g) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
149836 Rename Bookmarks By Click-and-Type (inline editing) VERIFIED FIXED
150186 Bookmark contextual menus are relying on user selection VERIFIED FIXED
150710 unable to delete Toolbar Bookmarks folder in sidebar VERIFIED INVALID
151043 Edit bookmark and add divider buttons do not function VERIFIED FIXED
151093 Move tab-set bookmarking UI to Bookmarks menu RESOLVED FIXED
151901 Crash when deleting bookmark folder with subitems VERIFIED FIXED
152379 Bookmark XML Namespace URL is invalid VERIFIED INVALID
153263 Cannot display extended characters in GUI (menus, toolbars, etc.) VERIFIED FIXED
153276 Bookmarks shouldn't be movable to top part of Bookmarks menu VERIFIED FIXED
153417 lag when typing in a text box full of text VERIFIED DUPLICATE
153823 Manage Bookmarks appears in the Create In menu (Add Page to Bookmarks) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
153945 Toolbar insertion point won't appear when dragging URL to second line of bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
153970 Toolbar bookmark area repositions itself behind the application's main Toolbar VERIFIED FIXED
154081 Edit Bookmark icon shouldn't open a Get Info window when no bookmark or folder is seleted VERIFIED FIXED
154442 No way to recover deleted bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
154460 Attempting to drag a url string from URL field to bookmark toolbar isn't working VERIFIED FIXED
154546 0627 loses Bookmarks & Prefs !!!! VERIFIED WONTFIX
154698 After importing bad bookmarks file, all bookmarks are lost VERIFIED FIXED
154845 Attempting to relaunch Chimera results in a crash (@BookmarksService::AddObserver(void)) VERIFIED WORKSFORME
154853 added bookmarks don't appear at the end of the menu VERIFIED FIXED
155299 [RFE] Add option for dividers in bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
155484 Edit menu should apply to bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
155486 Should be able to Undo bookmark changes RESOLVED FIXED
155685 Indicate bookmarks toolbar folder not deletable RESOLVED FIXED
155944 add new separator: non-functional, add button to sidebar? VERIFIED FIXED
155974 Need to implement bookmark separators RESOLVED FIXED
155989 Bookmarks menu is not updated when you rename a bookmark in the Sidebar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
156023 Bookmark modification doesn't propogate to bookmark file menu VERIFIED DUPLICATE
156196 Chimera: Bookmarks should use ~/Library/Application Support/ VERIFIED FIXED
156254 Modifing a bookmark's title causes a drag/drop failure with bookmark VERIFIED DUPLICATE
156886 Bookmarks and proxy icon should be different for local files RESOLVED FIXED
156893 Adding a Bookmark with a strange character in the title corrupts the bookmarks file VERIFIED FIXED
157229 Chimera crashed after deleting a toolbar bookmark VERIFIED WORKSFORME
157882 Bookmark it but previous URL gets used RESOLVED INVALID
158378 After opening Info Bookmark window, attempting to delete bookmark/folder results in crash (@BookmarksService::LocateMenu(nsIContent *) VERIFIED FIXED
158731 Editing bookmarks info doesn't take effect until clicking on whitespace in Sidebar VERIFIED FIXED
158895 Handle truncated bookmark titles in Sidebar better VERIFIED INVALID
159230 Should be able to bookmark a page without an intermediate dialog RESOLVED FIXED
159275 Can't tab between fields in bookmarks panel if editing a folder VERIFIED FIXED
159288 Dragging and dropping a link crashes navigator 0.4 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
159497 Bookmark keywords don't work in Chimera VERIFIED FIXED
159655 Previously selected bookmark/folder name still appears in Bookmark dialog VERIFIED FIXED
160215 cannot drag link from web page into bookmarks tab in sidebar VERIFIED FIXED
160348 use link text instead of url for title when dragging link into bookmarks tab RESOLVED FIXED
160414 Unchanged Bookmarks are saved at each Quit RESOLVED WONTFIX
160723 [RFE] dragging tab (url's) into bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
160725 [RFE] add favicon (site icon) to proxy icon, tabs, bookmarks, menus VERIFIED FIXED
160726 [RFE] add favicons (page icons) to bookmarks in menu and sidebar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
160799 Can't start a bookmarks drag in sidebar unless something is selected VERIFIED FIXED
160823 Renaming Bookmarks by a "longer lasting click" in the sidebar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
162086 Problem deleting items from multi-row bookmark toolbar VERIFIED FIXED
162458 Option-select folder in bookmark menu could open sidebar to that folder RESOLVED WONTFIX
162459 cmd-b shows sidebar but why not hide? VERIFIED WONTFIX
162776 Dragging "Toolbar Bookmarks" folder to Trash deletes it, but causes crash VERIFIED FIXED
162905 Bookmarks info window gets messed up when resized VERIFIED FIXED
162928 Manage Bookmarks Drag onto folder does not target folder RESOLVED WORKSFORME
162995 Marker indicator appears slightly cropped in sidebar VERIFIED WONTFIX
163197 Add pixel(s) between bookmark icon and title on Sidebar RESOLVED INVALID
163646 allow a bookmark folder to be available from cascading Dock menu VERIFIED FIXED
164292 memory leaks (allocated in -[BookmarksDataSource outlineView:objectValueForTableColumn:byItem:]) VERIFIED FIXED
164679 implement bookmarks export VERIFIED FIXED
164933 title ZOË becomes ZOè when dragged to the toolbar VERIFIED FIXED
164936 Dragging bookmarks in the sidebar makes copies VERIFIED FIXED
164990 command-clicking a bookmark should open a new tab or window VERIFIED FIXED
165171 Moving items (bookmarks or bookmark folders) creates a bookmark with instead VERIFIED DUPLICATE
165173 Chimera unable to read my bookmarks VERIFIED INVALID
165517 onClick state doesn't show depressed state for bookmark icons in sidebar VERIFIED WONTFIX
165518 Tooltips are slow to show up VERIFIED INVALID
165774 Bookmark site icons no longer show up in the toolbar VERIFIED FIXED
166203 Incomplete bookmarks.html import VERIFIED FIXED
166746 prefill "name" after accessing "bookmark this link" for linked image RESOLVED FIXED
166747 Crash on startup with malformed bookmarks file VERIFIED FIXED
167050 javascript bookmarks don't work (most of the time) RESOLVED WORKSFORME
167446 After deleting a toolbar bookmark, attempting to get info on another toolbar bookmark results in crash VERIFIED FIXED
167520 Hard drive full chimera quits and deletes bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
167625 Can't tell where a bookmarks loading is failing VERIFIED FIXED
167793 Remove UI for bookmark keywords VERIFIED WONTFIX
167930 Bookmarks do not appear VERIFIED WORKSFORME
168010 The state of the bookmark folders shown in the sidebar should be optionally saved upon exit VERIFIED FIXED
168293 change default bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
168507 Double-clicking word in Bookmark title deletes word, space, favicon VERIFIED FIXED
168535 Description field should allow user to type multiple lines RESOLVED FIXED
168742 can't import mozilla bookmarks VERIFIED WORKSFORME
168814 won't import all my Mozilla bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
169238 crash when trying to select different file for bookmarks import VERIFIED FIXED
169595 Keychain causes crash when importing bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
169812 The sidebar will not appear. VERIFIED FIXED
169816 ability to sort bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
170480 Sidebar does not reduce the window size (0.5 nightly builds) VERIFIED FIXED
170481 Toolbar Bookmarks nil object error bug VERIFIED DUPLICATE
170797 bookmark group is imported as a folder RESOLVED FIXED
172059 Bookmarks drawer wackiness VERIFIED INVALID
172233 After creating a bookmark from a Sherlock url, Chimera reports a bookmark error upon relaunch VERIFIED FIXED
172375 Crash at startup when bookmarks are on unmounted partition [@ BookmarksService::ReadBookmarks] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
172988 Bookmark toolbar links load in wrong window VERIFIED WORKSFORME
173214 favicons will only show up once in a series of bookmarked pages from one site VERIFIED INVALID
173352 bookmarks a-draggen-und-a-dropen needs improvement VERIFIED INVALID
173353 Bookmarks should be called favorites VERIFIED WONTFIX
173743 command-clicking on bookmark in bookmarks toolbar doesn't open new tabbed window VERIFIED DUPLICATE
173900 Chimera doesn't populate Bookmark name with XHTML TITLE element VERIFIED WORKSFORME
174222 Chimera doesn't access bookmarks in folders on Bookmarks Toolbar while load in progress VERIFIED WORKSFORME
174822 have an "open in tabs" menu item at the end of each bookmark folder VERIFIED FIXED
175467 Implement New Folder function on Add Bookmark dialog NEW
175748 Need mechanism for creating new, blank bookmarks NEW
175749 Need mechanism for creating new, blank bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
175750 Need mechanism for creating new, blank bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
175752 Need mechanism for creating new, blank bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
175753 Create new bookmarks in the highlighted bookmark folder, if visible RESOLVED INVALID
176638 popup blocking prevents bookmarklets from opening windows VERIFIED DUPLICATE
177228 Bookmarks drawer takes too long before it slides out VERIFIED WORKSFORME
177374 Chimera should use - and only use - Mac OS X's native Favorites folder(s) VERIFIED WONTFIX
177587 Chimera crashes, unable to init prefs for network-based user at startup [@ BookmarksService::ReadBookmarks] VERIFIED FIXED
178024 Copy Title and/or URL from Bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
178619 Missing folder icons in Toolbar Bookmarks VERIFIED WORKSFORME
178620 Missing folder icons in Toolbar Bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
178691 Use same name for Bookmarks Toolbar in View menu and on Sidebar VERIFIED WONTFIX
178744 Lots of bookmarks changes VERIFIED FIXED
178761 Deleted all the bookmarks on Force Quit VERIFIED FIXED
178963 rearrange Bookmark menu items so that feature are more visible (import, etc) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179113 unable to add/change Description or Name for bookmark's Info from the sidebar VERIFIED FIXED
179341 Execute JavaScript to copy text from page fails VERIFIED INVALID
179409 Bookmarks file gets erased in low memory conditions VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179479 Repositioning or reorganizing bookmarks doesn't work mixing URLs and folders in toolbar. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179482 Try sample URL. Note in URL bar, Apple logo, but in bookmark form, generic logo... VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179487 Bookmarked URLs can be repositioned by drag and drop in Toolbar but not folders / drawers. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179572 Default bookmark list ehancements CLOSED INVALID
179583 opening a tab group in new window via context menu loads in current window VERIFIED FIXED
179598 need to make edit window (Get Info) for tab groups more useful VERIFIED FIXED
179600 Get Info for multiple items still displays edit window for one item VERIFIED DUPLICATE
179601 unable to import chimera (xml) bookmark files VERIFIED FIXED
179898 Add the Open Directory Project in the default bookmark list VERIFIED FIXED
179900 [l10n] Put the default bookmark file into a localisable directory RESOLVED FIXED
180002 Bookmark drawer width not applied to new windows. VERIFIED INVALID
180183 Can't rename bookmark by pressing "return". Have to use command-i (or get info.) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180267 A crash occurs while quitting the application when the Get Info dialog is opened VERIFIED FIXED
180349 Need to encoded entities in exported bookmarks files RESOLVED FIXED
180430 unspring bookmarks folder if I don't drop bookmark into it VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180431 more wait before bookmarks folder spring VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180432 Spring-loaded folders behavior in bookmarks need improvement VERIFIED WORKSFORME
180434 Bookmark folder spring-opens even though object has already been dropped VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180435 hilite bookmarks folder for bookmark drop, instead of drawing a line below it VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180436 flash the whole folder not just the disclosure triangle RESOLVED WONTFIX
180485 Name (title) missing when dragging link into Bookmarks Toolbar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180507 Favicons not displayed anymore VERIFIED DUPLICATE
180564 Creating bookmark tabsets with the same name gives no warning and doesn't replace VERIFIED WONTFIX
180731 remember if sidebar is open/closed for next new window VERIFIED DUPLICATE
181007 cmd-[double-]click to open history link in new window fails RESOLVED FIXED
181013 keywords for tab groups VERIFIED FIXED
181098 Can't create new bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
181148 References to "Sidebar" should be changed to "Drawer" VERIFIED INVALID
181243 Bookmark Keywords not correctly encoded RESOLVED WORKSFORME
181395 unable to have tab group items in Dock VERIFIED WORKSFORME
181609 Splitter in Sidebar between Toolbar(s) and Bookmarks VERIFIED WONTFIX
181657 moving folder of bookmarks creates duplicate "ghosts" which are visible from the Menu List, but not the sidebar list VERIFIED FIXED
181708 Bookmarks menu not properly showing a icon that was converted to a tab group RESOLVED WORKSFORME
181715 Search/Filter text field in Bookmarks Sidebar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
181840 Bookmarks in Dock menu do not work VERIFIED DUPLICATE
181923 After repositioning a dock menu folder in the sidebar, its bookmark menu fails to appear in the dock RESOLVED FIXED
181997 shortcut option doesn't work VERIFIED DUPLICATE
182583 Favicons should be displayed everywhere where toolbar bookmarks are displayed VERIFIED DUPLICATE
182785 Dragging several Bookmarks/History items to the Finder creates only one webloc NEW
182893 Bookmark info panel, discription field doesn't wrap text. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
183342 should not be able to nest tab groups or folders inside a tab group RESOLVED WONTFIX
183624 Every save of the bookmarks file adds a blank line VERIFIED FIXED
183628 Bookmarks file is saved every time you change focus in the Bookmark Info window VERIFIED FIXED
183664 Pointer with + when Option-Drag a Bookmark VERIFIED DUPLICATE
183780 10.1: unable to access links in Dock menu VERIFIED FIXED
183944 Bookmark titles are too long -- prevents bookmark accesibility VERIFIED DUPLICATE
183981 Remove bookmarks contextual menu from dock on 10.1.x VERIFIED DUPLICATE
184030 Bookmarks toolbar: composite icon with favicon VERIFIED WONTFIX
184033 Center bookmarks in bookmarks bar VERIFIED WONTFIX
184987 Error Invalid URL if bookmark's URL contains Keywords RESOLVED WORKSFORME
184993 Add bookmark sheet does not remember last choosen folder RESOLVED FIXED
184996 Shift-Cmd-D to add a bookmark without sheet VERIFIED DUPLICATE
185149 Bookmarks DTD isn't there VERIFIED INVALID
185151 Chimera should use a standard bookmarks format VERIFIED DUPLICATE
185351 Bookmark accessed from personal toolbar doesn't load on active browser window, uses other browser window. VERIFIED FIXED
185728 the bookmark icons in the toolbar (favicons) disappear at random times and must go to site again to reappear VERIFIED WONTFIX
185985 keyword without arguments is sending string "%s" RESOLVED FIXED
186113 Contextual menu commands not working with several bookmarks RESOLVED DUPLICATE
186114 Option-drag bookmark(s) should keep original selection RESOLVED WORKSFORME
186116 Don't accept random text dragged into bookmarks RESOLVED WORKSFORME
186399 chimera crashes after importing exported bookmarks and then deleting imported bookmark file while chimera is running VERIFIED WORKSFORME
186738 Bookmarks side-panel displays incorrectly. VERIFIED WORKSFORME
187420 BookmarkInfoPanel.nib: Description field does not wrap RESOLVED WORKSFORME
187461 Description text field in bookmark info panel doesn't wrap text. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
188013 Bookmarked tab groups close open tabs VERIFIED DUPLICATE
188430 bookmark>manage bookmark>import bookmark... (only import!!!). export bookmark NO EXIST !!!! VERIFIED FIXED
188577 Multiple toolbar bookmark sets RESOLVED WONTFIX
188666 Add support for Address Book bookmarks. RESOLVED FIXED
188749 https icons don't stay across reboots in the favorite bar RESOLVED DUPLICATE
188869 Addition of Bookmark Scheduler VERIFIED WONTFIX
188922 Shared bookmarks via Bonjour (Rendezvous) NEW
190651 bookmark titles too long in Bookmarks menu VERIFIED DUPLICATE
190706 Bookmarks file created by Chimera 0.6 could not be read by newer version RESOLVED INVALID
191702 Add Bookmark Folder shortcut as Shift-Cmd-N RESOLVED FIXED
192221 Show Keywords in Bookmarks menu RESOLVED WONTFIX
192227 Override Site Title checkbox in Edit Bookmark dialog VERIFIED WONTFIX
192343 Implement importing of safari bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
192406 Bookmarks Drawer-Add Folder after selection RESOLVED WORKSFORME
193022 Drag a folder from Bookmarks Sidebar shows a +pointer RESOLVED WORKSFORME
195169 Bookmark a tab group does not save all #s RESOLVED FIXED
195642 Update bookmark to current page RESOLVED WONTFIX
195862 update default bookmarks and Help menu items to refer to Camino VERIFIED FIXED
196158 Folders with descriptions in bookmarks file aren't imported RESOLVED FIXED
196363 'Apple + B' doesn't close bookmarks sidebar if its already opened VERIFIED WONTFIX
196650 Choosing a bookmark item in the dock menu doesn't yield to a new window/new tab RESOLVED FIXED
197933 smudging of bookmark text when slowly moving over bookmarks list in dropdown bookmarks list RESOLVED WORKSFORME
199014 A crash occurs when closing the bookmark manager window VERIFIED FIXED
199181 tooltip for new bookmark and new folder are identical (should differ) VERIFIED FIXED
199183 command+I for Get Info is broken in bookmarks window VERIFIED FIXED
199194 Opening two tabs and Bookmark Manager causes crash. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
199197 machine beeps when expanding/collapsing folder/tab group with arrow keys VERIFIED WORKSFORME
199375 Side bar popping in over displayed page rather than out. VERIFIED INVALID
199651 Mozilla bookmark keywords not imported RESOLVED FIXED
199790 [patch]Bookmark manager window inherits wrong window title VERIFIED FIXED
201506 Missing profile causes crash while trying to access bookmarks [@ -[BookmarksDataSource outlineView:numberOfChildrenOfItem:]] RESOLVED FIXED
201599 Lack of preference to choose between bookmark management options (old vs. new) RESOLVED WONTFIX
201886 Visiting local file gives blank folder in History RESOLVED INVALID
201930 strange behavior when moving bookmarks around VERIFIED INVALID
202054 Favicons not displaying in Bookmarks Toolbar folders RESOLVED FIXED
202062 Camino keeps deleting bookmarks.xml file on quit VERIFIED FIXED
203493 keyboard shortcut to open bookmark manager ( cmd-b ) does not work to close bookmark manager VERIFIED DUPLICATE
204428 Double-clicking bookmarks in bookmarks screen no longer works if you look at the history RESOLVED FIXED
204757 open sidebar button no longer opens sidebar but opens manage bookmarks window VERIFIED INVALID
204783 This s a test VERIFIED INVALID
205372 Bookmarks file read error -- VERIFIED INVALID
205667 Camino crashes when a folder in the bookmark bar is clicked RESOLVED FIXED
207263 Camino crashes when user attempts to add bookmark [@ -[BookmarksDataSource outlineView:numberOfChildrenOfItem:]] VERIFIED DUPLICATE
208814 bookmark manager: command-w should close not close entire window RESOLVED FIXED
209886 keyboard shortcut to open selected bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
210520 site icons in the bookmarks menu RESOLVED FIXED
211538 Cmd-B should hide bookmarks manager if it's visible (and history too) VERIFIED FIXED
212630 [PATCH] Bookmark system rewrite VERIFIED FIXED
213148 Please keep the Drawer RESOLVED WONTFIX
220009 [10.1] all bookmarks are lost when camino is quit RESOLVED FIXED
221380 Export bookmarks to every browser RESOLVED WORKSFORME
223176 bookmarks manager: broken bookmark disappears RESOLVED WONTFIX
223177 bookmark manager: move class descriptions out of license block RESOLVED WORKSFORME
223180 [patch] Load site icons for all bookmarks VERIFIED WONTFIX
223181 [META] Bookmark rewrite cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
223204 [patch]New bookmark manager can't export to html RESOLVED FIXED
223205 [patch] New bookmark manager loading speedup RESOLVED FIXED
223207 [patch] New bookmark manager toolbar fixes RESOLVED FIXED
223208 [patch] New bookmark manager info panel fixes RESOLVED WONTFIX
223209 [patch] New bookmark manager , bookmark view clean-up RESOLVED FIXED
223210 [patch] New bookmark manager Icon fixes RESOLVED FIXED
223325 Can't drag top- most folder in Bookmarks collection pane VERIFIED FIXED
223337 Cannot make menu separator anywhere but in bookmark menu RESOLVED FIXED
223413 Fixes for BrowserWindowNib RESOLVED FIXED
223576 change David Hyatt's email to RESOLVED FIXED
223615 Change bookmarks.xml to bookmarks.plist VERIFIED FIXED
223660 After resizing the bookmarks manager window, the bookmark panes are shifted up RESOLVED FIXED
223700 only allow drag text to create a bookmark int he bm manager if it's a valid URL VERIFIED FIXED
223701 Incorrect Info window displays the wrong data for a empty folder RESOLVED FIXED
224131 bookmarks toolbar duplicated on afternoon 10/29 build RESOLVED FIXED
224145 bookmarks toolbar doubled RESOLVED DUPLICATE
224525 artifacts in the top of the Bookmarks manager when adding/removing lots of bookmarks to bookmark toolbar RESOLVED FIXED
224629 [panther] Reordering the bookmarks toolbar crashes camino. RESOLVED FIXED
225406 bookmark manager should reopen to last collection RESOLVED FIXED
225769 (patch) import & export fixes RESOLVED FIXED
225915 multiple bookmarks open / bookmarks context menu normalization RESOLVED FIXED
226140 Loading bookmarks cached site icons at startup is very slow RESOLVED FIXED
226402 bookmarks suddenly disappeared RESOLVED INVALID
226696 [patch] Button/Icon to delete bookmark/folder RESOLVED FIXED
226904 [patch] Keep on the same collection between bookmarks manager sessions RESOLVED FIXED
227016 Enter/Return key does not confirm and dismiss Add Bookmark dialog VERIFIED WORKSFORME
227040 (patch) bookmark/history drag-n-drop fixes RESOLVED FIXED
227041 Bookmarks manager should ask before deleting a collection RESOLVED WONTFIX
227064 Deadlock on startup RESOLVED WORKSFORME
227297 Disable "Add Page to Bookmarks..." when in the Bookmarks manager RESOLVED WONTFIX
227363 Allow sorting of bookmarks search results. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
227370 [patch]The export bookmarks window should state "Export bookmarks to (HTML/Safari)" RESOLVED FIXED
228123 synchronize bookmarks with .Mac/MobileMe support NEW
228623 [patch] Bookmark update code causes periodic hangs in camino RESOLVED WONTFIX
229366 Moving multiple bookmarks reverses the order of the bookmarks in the new folder RESOLVED WORKSFORME
229513 Enable the user to reveal bookmarks found in inline search RESOLVED FIXED
230956 Bookmarks Manager's "Broken Bookmarks" Lists Keyword URLs RESOLVED WORKSFORME
231039 Bookmarks divider (splitter) does not remember state RESOLVED FIXED
231512 add an option to disable automatic bookmark checking RESOLVED FIXED
231844 Crash loading favicons RESOLVED FIXED
232046 Width of panes in the bookmark manager isn't saved between runs. RESOLVED FIXED
232092 Bookmark Manager appears empty with the initial first window VERIFIED FIXED
232099 Page isn't correctly loaded when switching out of Bookmarks Manager RESOLVED DUPLICATE
232271 "Show history" can't open Bookmark Manager RESOLVED FIXED
233692 In Bookmark Sheet, saving at root level of Bookmark toolbar/Bookmark menu is not preserved VERIFIED FIXED
234763 crashes by import of bookmark. RESOLVED FIXED
236373 Camino takes ages to load a 3.1mb bookmarks.plist file (huge bookmarks). RESOLVED FIXED
236600 "Open in tabs" in bm manager doesn't switch to browser view. RESOLVED FIXED
236674 Separator appearance should be that of a separator in bookmark manager. RESOLVED FIXED
239387 Automatic bookmark updater enhancements and fixes RESOLVED FIXED
239508 Add page translation bookmarklets to default bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
239673 Special characters (such as umlaut) are not honoured by keyword search. RESOLVED INVALID
240760 cmd-F (find dialog) should focus quicksearch when organizing bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
240787 bookmarks panel toggling crash [@ objc_msgSend] RESOLVED INVALID
242169 Mozilla bookmark separators not imported RESOLVED FIXED
242430 cannot import bookmarks from latest firefox nightlies RESOLVED FIXED
242431 import bookmarks displays Mozilla Firebird and not Mozilla Firefox RESOLVED FIXED
242545 Bookmark import should give user feedback RESOLVED FIXED
242650 [10.1] "Get Info" on bookmark folders shows black window RESOLVED FIXED
242673 Bookmark importer should recognize Opera RESOLVED FIXED
243246 Get Info box forgets Status tab selection after showing folder RESOLVED FIXED
243249 "Number of Visits" doesn't update live in bookmark info Status tab RESOLVED FIXED
243274 bookmark menu incorrectly displays tab groups until browser restart RESOLVED FIXED
243380 cell background color is incorrect in bookmark view RESOLVED FIXED
243411 Painting problems in bookmarks toolbar when moving bookmarks out of folders RESOLVED FIXED
243510 Folders nested incorrectly when importing bookmarks from Firefox RESOLVED FIXED
243840 Deleting a bookmark in a folder causes bookmark manager column to resize RESOLVED FIXED
244076 Auto-prompt to import bookmarks on first launch VERIFIED WONTFIX
244112 resizing the leftmost column and then deleting a bookmark resets the column width RESOLVED DUPLICATE
244116 Unable to delete bookmark folder that is flagged as Dock Menu + cannot remove from Dock VERIFIED FIXED
244378 Dragging URL from address bar into a bookmark folder start infinite loop RESOLVED DUPLICATE
244628 Opening Camino is slow (minutes) due to Large number of bookmarks (1900+) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
245456 Make it possible to start browser in Bookmarks display mode RESOLVED FIXED
245710 [patch] bookmark manager info and contextual menu cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
246000 Inconsistent creation of bookmarks in toolbar folders RESOLVED FIXED
246112 "Document: Done" is meaningless and should be removed RESOLVED FIXED
246114 Status line has residual lock/unlocked status RESOLVED WORKSFORME
247088 Crash dismissing bookmark context menu (with CircusPonies Notebook installed) RESOLVED WORKSFORME
247543 Add bookmark sheet does not remember last choosen folder across different windows RESOLVED FIXED
250377 Import/Export feature RESOLVED WORKSFORME
251138 Bookmark toolbar folders shouldn't open all bookmarks when dragged into window. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
254635 duplicate names allowed in "Bookmarks" menu RESOLVED WONTFIX
257356 camino cannot detect latest firefox bookmarks in "~/Library/Application Support" folder RESOLVED FIXED
257848 Middle mouse button and Command-click do not open Bookmark Bar items in new tab RESOLVED DUPLICATE
258628 dropping folders in bookmark manager item pane should update content view RESOLVED FIXED
258902 [patch]Import OmniWeb 5 Bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
258973 cmd-F (find dialog) should mean search bookmarks when organizing bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
258975 bookmarks search results pane height too small RESOLVED WONTFIX
258976 No cmd-key equivalent to open a selected bookmark in bookmark mode RESOLVED FIXED
258977 bookmark search results does not reveal hierarchy that bookmark was found in VERIFIED INVALID
261474 Netscape bookmark file containing javascript can't be imported. RESOLVED FIXED
261566 Draging a URL onto the bookmarks manager windows create duplicate entries. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
264084 text field of bookmarkfolder gets editable if selected and expanded in bookmarks manager RESOLVED DUPLICATE
264085 text field of bookmarkfolder gets editable if selected and expanded RESOLVED FIXED
265503 on camino branch, importing firefox live bookmarks causes an incorrect import RESOLVED FIXED
266356 [patch] "Add Separator" button shoudn't be enabled in history view. RESOLVED FIXED
266394 History/Bookmarks keyboard shortcuts are inconsistent and confusing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
267588 don't try to open separators as tabs when doing open folder in tabs RESOLVED INVALID
267589 don't try to open separators as tabs when doing open folder in tabs RESOLVED INVALID
267590 don't try to open separators as tabs when doing open folder in tabs RESOLVED FIXED
269128 Two bookmarks in default set are missing/changed RESOLVED FIXED
272117 Menu doesn't update "Open in Tabs" when adding or deleting items in manager RESOLVED FIXED
272254 Show mouse feedback (green plus) on copy of bookmark. RESOLVED FIXED
272389 javascript bookmarklet popups blocked - associated with visited page RESOLVED FIXED
275149 Ability to e-mail bookmark URLs via menu item RESOLVED WONTFIX
276055 Top border of bookmark manager sometimes contains tab bar artifacts RESOLVED DUPLICATE
276657 remove broken bookmark folder code RESOLVED FIXED
276734 Bookmarks/history search should be in-place quicksearch VERIFIED FIXED
278816 Dragging webloc from Finder to Bookmarks Mgr bookmarks file, not URL RESOLVED FIXED
278827 Folders in the Bookmarks Mgr pop open too readily RESOLVED WONTFIX
278947 Editing bookmark name to null state, or to ending in <colon><space>, blanks bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
278949 Cmd-D/Add Page to Bookmarks is inoperative prior to opening Bookmarks Mngr RESOLVED FIXED
278987 "Add page to bookmarks..." broken RESOLVED DUPLICATE
279333 Can't Save a URL as a Bookmark in New Window RESOLVED FIXED
279994 Every bookmark registers for URL load notifications RESOLVED FIXED
280028 When editing a bookmark name/URL inline, undo should undo editing, not undo add bookmark NEW
280979 Bookmarks synchronized using .mac and i-sync RESOLVED DUPLICATE
280998 Add update checking for bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
281133 Adding a page to bookmarks fails when the page has no <title> RESOLVED FIXED
281452 Reload favicons after browser crash, or upon request RESOLVED WONTFIX
282147 'Add Page to Bookmarks' command does not work RESOLVED DUPLICATE
282923 Bookmark Favicons disappear when Camino crashes RESOLVED INVALID
283138 Bookmark context menus leak menu items RESOLVED FIXED
284159 Importing Safari bookmarks doesn't import anything RESOLVED FIXED
284829 Use small bookmark manager icon in url bar and tab title when in bm manager. RESOLVED FIXED
284831 Disable reload when in about:bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
284833 Re-enable toggle bookmarks manager RESOLVED FIXED
285108 Bookmark toggle UI inconsistency RESOLVED WONTFIX
285182 Command-double-click bookmark in Bookmarks has wierd/inconsistent behaviors NEW
285340 web-based bookmark syncronization NEW
285528 Add Bookmark sheet confirmation button uses "OK" rather than "Add" RESOLVED FIXED
285793 Add bookmark toolbar item nonfunctional. RESOLVED FIXED
285901 custom bookmark titles not remembered RESOLVED FIXED
286115 Display a separator in the bookmark bar RESOLVED FIXED
286157 bookmarks Description contains hexidecimal label RESOLVED FIXED
286164 Displaying about:bookmarks in addressbar when in bm-manager makes it impossible to drag an URL into the bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
286579 Bookmark folder count can be invisible when folder is selected RESOLVED WONTFIX
287313 Firefox's Live Bookmarks NEW
287406 Implement ability to create "Smart Folders" in bookmark manager NEW
287708 Rewrite "Add bookmark" dialog to have small and expanded mode (like Open/Save dialogs) NEW
287715 Bookmark-search field misses X to clear RESOLVED INVALID
287998 Cannot drag current url to bookmarks, since about:bookmarks appears when in bookmarks window RESOLVED DUPLICATE
288814 Need to disable the "+" button/menu items in History/Top10/etc. RESOLVED FIXED
288979 Bookmark info panel should be resizable. VERIFIED FIXED
288980 Add "View (reveal) in Bookmark Manager" contextual menu item for folders in the Bookmark Bar. RESOLVED FIXED
289298 Unable to scroll bookmark titles longer than column width in bookmarks panel NEW
289371 Implement ability to manage "Bookmarks To Go" in bookmark manager RESOLVED WONTFIX
289769 Bookmarks vanished RESOLVED FIXED
290203 Bookmarks (including bar) disappear seemingly without browser or system crash RESOLVED DUPLICATE
290874 camino crash when clicking on empty tab group RESOLVED FIXED
291906 Expansion state of "bookmarks menu", "bookmarks bar" only remembered when switching to "History" or returning from webpage RESOLVED DUPLICATE
292550 Make Bookmarks Spotlight-friendly RESOLVED FIXED
292613 The return key doesn't work by Description field. RESOLVED FIXED
293147 Duplicating dock menu folder transfers the dock menu folder flag RESOLVED FIXED
293440 Modify safari's bookmarks directly VERIFIED WONTFIX
293467 Camino crashes when attempting to log in to secure site VERIFIED WORKSFORME
293768 Show All Bookmarks should remember that last state of the bookmark tree, and selected container RESOLVED FIXED
294058 dsdsdsdds RESOLVED INVALID
294237 Menu spacer in bookmarks bar block first bookmark item RESOLVED FIXED
294672 Bookmarks splitter doesn't remember position RESOLVED DUPLICATE
294731 [l10n] Bookmarks Manager page/tab title not localizable RESOLVED FIXED
294732 Inconsistency of field name for bookmark in main BM window and Bookmark's Info panel RESOLVED FIXED
295051 Immediately after upgrading to 10.4.1 all of my bookmarks disappeared, including the bookmark bar RESOLVED DUPLICATE
295731 Favicon of previous site remains in tab when opening bookmark manager (conditional) VERIFIED FIXED
296591 Bookmark sorter not functioning RESOLVED DUPLICATE
297860 Bookmark bar not retaining imported & copied entries from Bookmarks pane RESOLVED FIXED
298289 [10.4] favicon miniature in bookmarks, ok in toolbar RESOLVED WORKSFORME
298365 allow bookmarks to be displayed in a sidebar (using a split view) RESOLVED WONTFIX
298368 "back" to bookmarks page doesn't return to where you were RESOLVED DUPLICATE
298395 Use same bookmark set as Safari RESOLVED WONTFIX
298629 Switching collections clears search field but not search results RESOLVED FIXED
298771 Add Display options for bookmarks bar (display only icon/only name) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
299015 Camino caannot display the little bookmark icon in the bookmark bar for some of my bookmarks RESOLVED INVALID
299670 favicons from different pages in same domain overwrite one another in bookmarks RESOLVED WORKSFORME
300304 Bookmarks Bar buttons should darken text on mousesdown RESOLVED FIXED
300408 Add option to clear the Top Ten list NEW
300604 If I create a bookmark in Camino it shows up several times in Spotlight. RESOLVED INVALID
301153 Cannot drag bookmark seperator into any other bookmark folder than the Bookmark Menu RESOLVED DUPLICATE
301382 Good: Just testing VERIFIED INVALID
301620 RFE: Variable expansion when moving bookmark to sub-folder. RESOLVED WONTFIX
302055 Keyword bookmarks don't work when Toolbar is hidden RESOLVED DUPLICATE
302601 top ten list should exclude the bookmarks manager page (about:bookmarks) and history (about:history) RESOLVED FIXED
302614 Cmd-D in Bookmarks Manager should not bookmark previous page RESOLVED FIXED
302866 Implement Edit->Cut for bookmarks NEW
303042 Bookmark ends up at top of Bookmarks menu unless clicking dropdown RESOLVED FIXED
303291 Camino does not remember favicon for bookmark toolbar after program is closed RESOLVED INVALID
303359 Pasting a bookmark in the Bookmarks Bar collection results in the bookmark in the Bookmarks Menu collection RESOLVED FIXED
303628 Bookmark keywords with spaces gives "Invalid URL" error if entered in address bar (do input validation on keyword entry) RESOLVED FIXED
303909 Bookmarks bar's "Create New Folder..." in contextual menu has no further actions RESOLVED FIXED
303929 Dragging and dropping a bookmark from the Location bar to the Bookmark bar adds multiple instances of the bookmark to the bar. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
304001 Wierdness loading favicons after launch VERIFIED FIXED
304006 Bookmark folder state not remembered when switching between collections RESOLVED FIXED
304035 Name of new bookmark should be changed, if "bookmark all tabs" is selected VERIFIED DUPLICATE
304118 improve export of menu spacer / bookmark separator RESOLVED FIXED
304565 Changing a bookmark's description changes all descriptions of bookmarks if they previously had them RESOLVED FIXED
304812 Rightmost columns in Bookmarks Manager views cannot be resized to a narrow width NEW
307570 Accidentally dragged a bookmark in bookmark bar into an adjacent folder (also in bar). Can't drag it back out (except by going to manager). VERIFIED WONTFIX
307620 Improve HTML bookmarks export for Firefox ASSIGNED
307737 Can't move bottom bookmark out of folder with scrollbar present RESOLVED WONTFIX
307743 Bookmark export discards keywords (shortcut URLs) RESOLVED FIXED
308998 &apos; not translated when importing from bookmarks.html on disk RESOLVED FIXED
309008 <Menu Spacer> imported with url of " and is editable RESOLVED FIXED
310440 In Bookmarks bar, first bookmark can't be clicked RESOLVED DUPLICATE
310773 Make adding bookmark shortcut searches (smart keywords) more discoverable RESOLVED WONTFIX
310888 Managing bookmarks with categories/tags instead of folders RESOLVED WONTFIX
310960 Integrate the top ten list with the addressbar or the bookmarks bar NEW
311286 Re-organise bookmarks manager to an iTunes-like library NEW
311409 Visit count improperly tracks accesses (doesn't increment) if the page forwards/redirects ASSIGNED
311453 Tooltips for bookmarks buttons should show title and URL RESOLVED FIXED
311781 Fix toggle/non-toggle situation in Bookmarks/History by adding a new shortcut ASSIGNED
312034 Possibility to clear the top ten list RESOLVED DUPLICATE
312127 about:bookmarks and about:history should not be stored in the top 10 bookmarks list RESOLVED DUPLICATE
312237 Bookmark Toolbar drops icons/must reload page to reappear in toolbar RESOLVED DUPLICATE
312969 Remove from default bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
313079 Need a class-level filter to prevent bad data in setting bookmark titles (e.g., newlines or other control characters) NEW
313338 about: Bookmarks appears in location box instead of url to be saved RESOLVED DUPLICATE
313550 Bookmark menu item highlights not drawing completely during first use RESOLVED WONTFIX
313710 Bookmarks Menu and Bookmarks Toolbar: Lost bookmarks. Not able to make new bookmarks. History File moved to Bonjour. RESOLVED WORKSFORME
313740 Dragging bookmark from Safari to Camino removes bookmark rather than copies RESOLVED FIXED
313884 "Address Book" bookmark group doesn't stay in synch with Mac OS X Address Book RESOLVED FIXED
314596 Create Tabgroup contextual menu for multiple bookmark selection RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
314602 [10.4] Bookmark Bar is ugly (doesn't match unified toolbar/title bar) VERIFIED FIXED
314628 Improve discoverability of dock menu bookmarks folder NEW
314629 How do i "Unuse as dock menu"? VERIFIED DUPLICATE
315337 Bookmark info panel does not allow a user to tab out of the description field VERIFIED FIXED
315338 Bookmark info panel should not disappear when an empty row is clicked VERIFIED FIXED
315340 show inline tooltip for fields that don't fit instead of dropped location as tooltip NEW
315341 search results should visibly show the matched strings RESOLVED WONTFIX
315342 show search result count in status field/bar NEW
315568 additions to 1.0a1 bookmarks lost on updating to 1.0b1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
315573 Double command-click on bookmarks opens currently selected bookmark in tab RESOLVED DUPLICATE
315842 Bookmark bar does not recognize middle click. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
316965 When importing Bookmarks from Firefox the Apostrophe Character (') shown in HTML code only, so i have to change it in every Bookmark description or site titles. RESOLVED FIXED
317926 [l10n] Bookmark Manager's localized title is not encoded correctly. RESOLVED FIXED
318582 Make autocomplete spotlight-like RESOLVED DUPLICATE
318626 Tab groups ignore "open in background" pref when cmd key pressed VERIFIED DUPLICATE
319297 can't delete folder from Bookmark Bar if marked for Dock Menu RESOLVED DUPLICATE
319473 Cmd-B / Show All Bookmarks forgets last collection if it was History NEW
319516 Get Info is very ugly when a collection is selected in bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
319559 Dragging and dropping a bookmark folder onto content opens new tabs VERIFIED FIXED
319738 Tooltip for bookmark bar items shows wrong text RESOLVED INVALID
319746 Bookmark info panel's minimum size is too small. RESOLVED FIXED
319879 Loading bookmarks with keywords doesn't allow popups RESOLVED FIXED
320597 Bookmark menu won't close with Cmd-B or clicking the bookmark menu icon. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
320668 Dragging a bookmark into the tab bar creates a background tab, regardless of pref RESOLVED FIXED
321886 Crash when importing bookmarks from Firefox VERIFIED FIXED
321904 Navigating from secure site to bookmarks brings up security warning VERIFIED DUPLICATE
321970 Bookmark import from Firefox 1.0 hangs and fails VERIFIED DUPLICATE
322093 Camino initial bookmark import APPEARS to hang and stall w/ large bookmark imports RESOLVED FIXED
322256 Use OS date format for bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
322692 Bookmarks deleted still show up in toolbar even when deleted in bookmark page. VERIFIED INVALID
322809 [l10n] Bookmark Menu and Bookmark Bar collection labels don't get strings from Localizable.strings RESOLVED FIXED
323626 Bookmark synchronization via .Mac VERIFIED DUPLICATE
323711 Importing bookmarks from firefox to camino duplicates and cannot delete folder RESOLVED WORKSFORME
323713 pressing cmd-1, cmd-2, etc. will go to corresponding bookmark on menubar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
323847 Bookmark read failure should save aside a copy of the corrupt bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
324511 "Last Visit:" should be "Visits:" in bookmark info panel VERIFIED FIXED
325845 Esc should cancel incomplete edit, not commit it, when closing Bookmark Info panel RESOLVED FIXED
327035 Support the import of Places "bookmarks" (Firefox 3) NEW
327288 bookmarks sharing with safari VERIFIED DUPLICATE
327545 Bookmarks that redirect do not get the last visited time stamp updated VERIFIED DUPLICATE
327546 Bookmarks that redirect do not get the last visited time stamp updated VERIFIED DUPLICATE
327839 Bookmarks UI naming issue: "Groups" vs. "Collection" RESOLVED FIXED
327963 Command-down opens bookmark in new window, but double-clicking opens in same window. NEW
327966 disable Bigger/Smaller Text in about:bookmarks/about:history RESOLVED FIXED
327995 Bookmark folders can not be deleted VERIFIED DUPLICATE
328217 Camino build busted on gcc3.3 using SDK 10.4u RESOLVED FIXED
328545 Show path/location of bookmark search results VERIFIED DUPLICATE
328555 Double-clicking on tab group in Manager doesn't open the bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
328737 Destination should be consistently remembered when saving bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
328802 Default name string of exported bookmark file should be more descriptive to prevent confusion RESOLVED FIXED
328825 Assign keyword as new bookmark is created VERIFIED DUPLICATE
329614 Dragging URL to bookmark bar creates 4 links VERIFIED DUPLICATE
330233 Ability to switch Collection, by dragging bookmark over it in bookmark manager RESOLVED WONTFIX
330946 Can drag bookmarks into address book collection of Show All Bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
332001 Lost all bookmarks including pre-loaded bookmarks VERIFIED WORKSFORME
332230 Favicons not remembered VERIFIED INVALID
332542 Bookmarking a tab group uses frontmost page title, confusing users RESOLVED FIXED
333315 Can't "Copy Locations to Clipboard" in bookmarks manager VERIFIED FIXED
334337 Bookmark bar folders hard to click and not opening while hovering VERIFIED DUPLICATE
336269 Use Gecko HTML parser for unknown bookmark file import RESOLVED DUPLICATE
336497 Writing Spotlight metadata files for Bonjour bookmarks generates thousands of files RESOLVED FIXED
337570 Description field in BookmarksInfoPanel.nib has no focus ring when active RESOLVED FIXED
337571 Fix the inability to edit keywords on folders in the outline view RESOLVED FIXED
337750 bookmarks-corrupted-n.plist often written as empty file RESOLVED FIXED
337832 "Get Info" behavior for Collections confusing NEW
338507 Bookmarks wiped when Camino launches: bookmarks-corrupted-1.plist file in Application Support VERIFIED DUPLICATE
338544 Add metadata of pages to bookmarks (keywords etc.) VERIFIED WONTFIX
338547 Add support for "long term" history VERIFIED WONTFIX
338558 Selection in Bookmarks Manager should persist when search is canceled ASSIGNED
338566 Visit counter is (incorrectly?) increased on automatic reloads VERIFIED DUPLICATE
338731 Bookmark search can't be cancelled with Espace or Commad + period. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
338838 Dragging a selected bookmark by the title or location activates edit mode RESOLVED WONTFIX
339334 Camino is lacking the "mouseover" automatic opening in Firefox VERIFIED DUPLICATE
339508 menubar is blank VERIFIED WORKSFORME
340569 History, when grouped by site, should have the option of ordering sites by last visited NEW
341153 Bookmark dragging highlight painted even if drag is to the same place RESOLVED FIXED
341549 Tag-based bookmark management VERIFIED DUPLICATE
341597 Bookmarks not showing on modded os using Shapeshifter VERIFIED INVALID
341613 Add page to bookmarks using keywords VERIFIED DUPLICATE
341951 Making a new folder in the bookmarks manager causes beep VERIFIED FIXED
342629 New Bookmarks are hardwired to have a last visited date of "now" RESOLVED FIXED
343372 Cmd+1..9 behavior does not match safari VERIFIED DUPLICATE
343428 clicking a bookmark with %s (custom shortcut/keyword query) should ask for parameter [camino] NEW
344451 Creating Bookmarks while in the bookmarks manager doesn't create in the selected folder NEW
345324 bookmark keyboard shortcut for better usability. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
345419 "Use as Dock Menu" menu item for the current dock menu folder should reset Dock Menu to default folder RESOLVED FIXED
346061 Favicons (site icons) disappear after a few days NEW
346251 Allow contents of collections to be opened in tabs RESOLVED WONTFIX
346282 Bookmarks bar design VERIFIED INVALID
346480 Bookmarking about:blank from Bookmarks Manager gives inconsistent results VERIFIED INVALID
346616 Sort not working for bookmarks bar VERIFIED WORKSFORME
346782 Bookmark toggle behavior is broken VERIFIED FIXED
347111 Bookmarks Manager prevents bookmarking of other tabs RESOLVED FIXED
347801 Cmd-D/"Add Page to Bookmarks..." does nothing when Bookmark Manager is open in other tab with no history VERIFIED DUPLICATE
348222 Prompt for bookmark title on drags to bar with modifier key down VERIFIED DUPLICATE
351211 Bookmarks all lost VERIFIED DUPLICATE
351678 Camino hangs at launch due to site icon lookups for bookmarks, a PAC proxy, and DNS NEW
351805 Creating new bookmark in Bookmarks Manager should bring up Bookmark Info dialog RESOLVED WONTFIX
351956 Ability to choose a local icon for bookmark bar icon NEW
352250 Simplify & optimize bookmarks shortcut (keyword) logic NEW
353062 Camino won't add a bookmark while on the page. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
353736 [10.3] Tab chain is horribly broken in Folder/Tab Group view of Bookmark Info panel RESOLVED WONTFIX
353974 at startup bookmark error message seen, all bookmarks erased VERIFIED DUPLICATE
353975 at startup bookmark error message seen, all bookmarks erased VERIFIED DUPLICATE
354685 Persist the last chosen target for saving bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
355167 Make bookmark item tooltips have title and url like bookmark buttons VERIFIED WONTFIX
355204 Add Bookmark Sheet's "Bookmark All Tabs" Checkbox should read "Bookmark Current Tabs as Tab Group" RESOLVED FIXED
355851 Bookmark bar separator shows title during drag RESOLVED FIXED
356490 camino.disable_bonjour should disable bonjour from the bookmarks manager as well RESOLVED WONTFIX
356691 Bookmarks Corrupted VERIFIED DUPLICATE
356708 Implement automatic bookmarks backup for 1.1 RESOLVED FIXED
356813 Add Bookmark shortcut gets confused with the Dvorak-Qwerty keyboard layout VERIFIED FIXED
357080 Camino perf is very slow when deleting a large number of bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
357214 When trying to give the same shortcut (keyword) to two (or more) bookmarks, show warning NEW
357353 Can't delete bookmark folder on Bookmark Bar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
357773 Fix bookmark warnings RESOLVED FIXED
358169 RSS Redirect to Google Reader VERIFIED DUPLICATE
358620 Switch to use native NSSearchField widget in Bookmark Manager RESOLVED FIXED
359584 Would like a "Reveal in Bookmark Manager" menuitem VERIFIED DUPLICATE
359662 Single-page bookmarking broken in recent nightlies RESOLVED FIXED
359907 Bookmarks Aren't Deleted from Bookmarks Menu After Deletion from Bookmarks Manager RESOLVED FIXED
360345 Bookmarks code style cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
360851 Bookmark Current Page Defaults to Bookmark Bar VERIFIED WONTFIX
360858 Escape should cancel active edit in Bookmark Manager RESOLVED FIXED
361001 Bookmarks import only imports iCab 2 bookmarks, not iCab 3 bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
362164 Add a shortcut field to the "Add bookmark"-dialogue RESOLVED WONTFIX
362642 Context menu disabled when filtering history down to one item VERIFIED DUPLICATE
362770 Lost Boomarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
363007 Disable bookmark logging code in final 1.1 release RESOLVED FIXED
363033 Tabbing inside BookmarksOutlineView is broken RESOLVED WONTFIX
363435 bookmark keywords are case sensitive RESOLVED FIXED
363680 Bookmark Info should be disabled for menu spacers RESOLVED FIXED
363766 Selection behaviour in bookmarks outline view needs improvement NEW
364024 When bookmarks backup exists and bookmarks.plist does not, restore from backup instead of using default set RESOLVED FIXED
364075 Separator sometimes is sometimes displayed as generic bookmark in bookmarks bar RESOLVED FIXED
364185 It is sometimes impossible to create new bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
364312 Bookmarks file got corrupted VERIFIED DUPLICATE
364437 Corrupted bookmarks.plist file VERIFIED DUPLICATE
364496 Display a warning during bookmarks recovery alerting the user we're restoring RESOLVED FIXED
365248 Crash when trying to display popup blocker VERIFIED FIXED
365428 Rename "Keyword" field as "Shortcut" to more accurately reflect its function RESOLVED FIXED
366358 Bookmarks import from Firefox chose the wrong profile (doesn't let me choose profile) RESOLVED FIXED
366976 Change all code references to bookmarks "keyword" to "shortcut" RESOLVED FIXED
368500 [RFE] Make the "enter" key more useful within the bookmark search box VERIFIED WONTFIX
369042 Bookmark for missing local file is wonky RESOLVED FIXED
369622 When typing in the address bar, bookmarked sites do not auto display (like in safari) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
369681 Bookmarks for missing files behave oddly when dragged to other apps NEW
370912 Put major sections of imported bookmarks in useful places NEW
371856 Camino 1.1 Command+# Bookmark Bar Shortcuts override Keyboard Shortcuts set in System Prefs RESOLVED FIXED
372020 Need to prevent inadvertent bookmarking of javascript: and data: URLs RESOLVED FIXED
372120 Bookmark bar shortcut is overly aggressive RESOLVED FIXED
374417 Disable "Use as Dock menu" CM item for the History collection RESOLVED FIXED
375895 bookmarks disappeared when opened camino VERIFIED DUPLICATE
376214 Create "starred" collection in bookmarks manager (plus shortcut/UI integration) RESOLVED WONTFIX
376495 sync option for bookmarks with .mac VERIFIED DUPLICATE
376742 Random odd colorization on the bookmark toolbar when folder is clicked NEW
376871 Remove unused isSeparator: parameter RESOLVED FIXED
377934 Audit default bookmarks set RESOLVED FIXED
378246 system will crash VERIFIED INVALID
378842 web pages are blank on some tabs RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
379467 Bookmarks vanished and unable to replace them on the bookmark bar RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
379480 Implement global bookmarks search RESOLVED WONTFIX
380586 Remove XML bookmarks code RESOLVED FIXED
381685 Clean up status and separator interface on Bookmark RESOLVED FIXED
381846 Selecting a bookmark or new window from the dock menu does not bring application to the front RESOLVED FIXED
382140 rt6drtdrtyhyh VERIFIED INVALID
383442 rrrrrrrrrrrrrr VERIFIED INVALID
383781 Add Bookmark adds to bookmark bar instead of menu VERIFIED WORKSFORME
383827 Make bookmark filtering stable RESOLVED FIXED
383869 Dragging favicon into bookmark bar or bookmark manager creates multiple bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
384471 Favicon are versatile in the bookmarks - some come and then go RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
384691 Bookmarks from Apple Address Book should display company / organization where Company option is selected RESOLVED FIXED
384861 Add Page to Bookmarks (german equivalent) greyed out and inactive RESOLVED DUPLICATE
385468 I am unable to add new bookmarks (relevant option greyed out for no apparent reason) VERIFIED DUPLICATE
385484 Refactor bookmark creation APIs RESOLVED FIXED
386354 Cmd-1 doesn't work RESOLVED WORKSFORME
386466 Import of exported Google Bookmarks does not work RESOLVED FIXED
387253 Bookmark not removed in list when removing it while filtering RESOLVED FIXED
387900 Bookmarks import cannot be cancelled RESOLVED WONTFIX
388077 Bookmark toolbar does not expand folders after hovering over them. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
388325 Stop using exceptions as part of the normal bookmark code flow RESOLVED FIXED
390092 Book mark when selecting View Customise Tool Bar Show ( ICON & TEXT) Whole browser crashes RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
393254 When importing bookmarks from Safari to Camino a lot of bookmarks are dropped RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
393610 Bookmark Bar shortcuts Cmd 1-9 not accessible when Bookmark Bar is Hidden VERIFIED DUPLICATE
395148 [10.5] Bookmarks menu doesn't show bookmarks RESOLVED WORKSFORME
395835 Remove bookmarks-checking-related strings RESOLVED FIXED
401173 Address field is missing VERIFIED INVALID
402456 Bookmark bar color is no longer uniform in Leopard VERIFIED DUPLICATE
402764 Use Safari bookmarks directly VERIFIED DUPLICATE
404148 Favicons disapear after the setted delay for the browsing history VERIFIED DUPLICATE
407505 "Corrupt" images in third-party themes can cause exceptions and break bookmarking RESOLVED WONTFIX
408693 Tab order is wrong in Add Bookmark dialog RESOLVED FIXED
408734 For a good time, open multiple "Add Bookmark" dialogs RESOLVED FIXED
411311 Ensure that we never try to write bookmarks before we finish loading them RESOLVED FIXED
411338 Allow "never" as a last-visited time for bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
411664 Bookmarks don't show up in the top menu, but show up when I manage bookmarks. RESOLVED FIXED
411990 [10.5] Tabbing through the bookmarks view should hit each column and enable editing (ExtendedOutlineView) NEW
412687 Remove last-visited date from default bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
412695 Don't write empty/zero values in bookmarks.plist for last-visited date, visit count, and status RESOLVED FIXED
412696 Take the last-visited date, visit count, and status keys out of the default bookmarks.plist RESOLVED FIXED
413445 Start bookmark button drags from the right location RESOLVED FIXED
413540 Never open javascript: bookmarklets in a new tab/window REOPENED
415420 bookmark icons go back to default green flags (ribbon) randomly RESOLVED DUPLICATE
416343 Bonjour bookmarks broken, TXT records not being resolved RESOLVED WORKSFORME
416537 Searching for bookmark fails to produce result VERIFIED DUPLICATE
416944 Use the "source list" style for the bookmarks manager NEW
417616 double clicking a column heading shouldn't open selected bookmark NEW
418959 The bookmark manager selects a default menu folder within an imported safari bookmarks folder! VERIFIED WORKSFORME
421276 all my bookmarks disappeared RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
421581 Command keys for bookmarks should work with no browser window open VERIFIED DUPLICATE
423578 Cancelling a search in the Bookmarks Manager resets open folders RESOLVED FIXED
424393 Bookmarks have not been saving for a week RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
425438 Bookmarks title column gets progressively narrower RESOLVED WONTFIX
426279 Clarify exception policy in new bookmark localization policy NEW
428488 "Tech News" bookmark item is a tab group instead of folder VERIFIED INVALID
431088 Bookmark operations are only undo-able in the Manager RESOLVED WONTFIX
431579 Don't auto-switch to a collection after dropping on it RESOLVED FIXED
436269 when college option is selected it is showing as school registraion form. VERIFIED INVALID
436403 Bookmarks manager freezes on 1.6.1 Spanish version RESOLVED FIXED
437040 Crash when showing a popup generated by dragging a bookmarklet to the tab bar RESOLVED FIXED
438283 Move Top 10 sorting out of the bookmark classes RESOLVED FIXED
438496 Expose bookmark folders in the bar correctly to accessibility NEW
439014 Update bookmark importing for FF3 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
439024 Replace HTML bookmark parser RESOLVED FIXED
444887 Small website icons keep reverting back to generic icons. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
448058 Bookmark bar -> Copy Information to Clipboard -> Mail fails. RESOLVED FIXED
450533 Use a formatter to prevent insertion of illegal characters in bookmark locations/URLs RESOLVED WONTFIX
450537 Valid URLs with leading/trailing whitespace or internal control characters (e.g. newlines) are rejected when dragging to create bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
451148 Minor bookmark API cleanup RESOLVED FIXED
453192 Provide feedback about bookmark export NEW
453194 Refactor Safari and Opera import/export into HTMLBookmarkConverter-style classes RESOLVED FIXED
453206 Uncaught exception when trying to force import of iCab 4 bookmarks as Safari bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
453237 Support import of iCab 4 bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
457503 Request to be able to search pre-existing bookmarks when typing something in the location bar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
457589 Display tooltips for bookmark folders (in the Bookmark Bar), too NEW
458259 [10.5] Inline Cocoa tooltips don't wrap in the Bookmark Manager (need to suppress Cocoa's expansion frames) NEW
458995 Special collections don't persist as Dock menu selections across sessions RESOLVED WONTFIX
461610 Bookmark drag and drop is canceled when dragging over another row in search results RESOLVED FIXED
461614 Can't drag bookmarks in smart collections RESOLVED WONTFIX
462782 Integrate AddressBookManager into KindaSmartFolderManager RESOLVED WONTFIX
462785 Address Book smart folder builds "Name" field in non-localized way RESOLVED FIXED
464501 Bookmark Info window and Bookmark Manager/History need to unescape/decode UTF-8 URIs NEW
464919 (Leopard OS only) the bookmarks drop-menus overlaps RESOLVED INVALID
467289 Favicon for file://localhost/ isn't scaled down RESOLVED FIXED
469011 Support the import of iCab 4 bookmarks RESOLVED DUPLICATE
469017 Bookmark import failure UI should not vanish before you can read it RESOLVED WONTFIX
469025 "Imported OmniWeb 5 Bookmarks" not localizable RESOLVED FIXED
469037 Support the import of SeaMonkey bookmarks.html RESOLVED FIXED
470159 Start to bookmark, cancel, retry hangs (or crashes [@ _objc_trap][@ _objc_error][@ objc_msgSend | -[NSControl sendAction:to:] ]) NEW
470231 Auto-collapse bookmark manager folders expanded during bookmark dragging RESOLVED FIXED
471106 impossible to move imported bookmarks into different collection RESOLVED FIXED
475442 Bookmark tooltips in the Manager show description after the URL, with no separator NEW
488726 imported bookmarks disappeared RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
493905 Crash [@ ___TERMINATING_DUE_TO_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION___ ] related to bookmarks import RESOLVED FIXED
495779 Favicons of elements in Bookmark Bar do not refresh correctly and / or are forgotten RESOLVED DUPLICATE
496747 Folder in bookmark window for recently closed pages/tabs VERIFIED WONTFIX
499175 API for pluggable read-only special collections RESOLVED WONTFIX
505531 Bookmark submenu vertically offset one line when containing long bookmark title VERIFIED INVALID
506539 Show more URL in bookmark info window RESOLVED WONTFIX
506541 Bookmark info window not always updated properly after deleting bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
518834 Command left arrow in edit field in bookmark manager goes back in history VERIFIED FIXED
520407 Bookmark export dialog ignores selected type RESOLVED FIXED
521528 Inconsistent behavior with collections' selections and contents of Bookmark Info panel when switching collections NEW
525035 Import button on Open panel for file-based bookmarks import is not localizable RESOLVED FIXED
529870 installing camino 2.0 from browser prompt deletes a chunk of saved passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
535948 crash when trying to create a new folder in the bookmark manager [@ Foundation@0x11638 ] or [@ -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:] ] RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
537567 Consider supporting the import/export of Google Chrome bookmarks NEW
537568 Don't create "Imported Bookmarks" collection if it ends up empty NEW
537858 Folders in the bookmarkbar are dragged into another folders, if mouse-action is to fast RESOLVED WONTFIX
538783 allow bookmark bar keyboard shortcuts (⌘1-9) to work when the bar is hidden RESOLVED DUPLICATE
547579 Camino should permit creating new folders using the Bookmarks drop-down menu. RESOLVED DUPLICATE
549280 Right-clicking a bookmark in the bookmark bar, should show the bookmarks name UNCONFIRMED
559640 Title of Bookmark Info panel is not updated when bookmark title change is committed NEW
564169 the url above causes camino to hang everytime RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
565448 [10.6] Crash [@ -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:] ] with site icons, usually at startup NEW
569128 Change bookmark manager shortcut to Command-Option-B RESOLVED WONTFIX
569260 Bookmark Info panel is not updated when bookmark info changes in the Manager, can undo/clobber changes in the Manager NEW
570129 Does not allow editing of google bookmark add on RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
576718 Creating bookmark folders while in the Bookmarks Manager doesn't create the folder in-place NEW
585503 Don't try to import bookmarks.html from SeaMonkey 2.1 profiles NEW
594672 remove from default bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
605068 Adding and deleting bookmarks via AppleScript need to trigger Spotlight metadata changes RESOLVED FIXED
610132 Remove the BookmarksClient protocol RESOLVED FIXED
610133 Simplify BookmarkMenu notification listening RESOLVED FIXED
614889 Bookmarks folders count separators as items RESOLVED INVALID
617361 Text consisting of lists of URLs cannot be dragged into Bookmark Manager NEW
618995 Dragging a link with a line break to the bookmark bar produces two-line bookmark RESOLVED FIXED
633090 Exporting HTML bookmarks fails to amp-escape URIs RESOLVED FIXED
635061 Export shortcuts and descriptions for folders/tab groups when exporting HTML bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
635064 Can't drag a plain-text bookmark shortcut URL to create a bookmark RESOLVED FIXED
638557 Show bookmark import sources in a most > least useful order RESOLVED FIXED
641425 Vanishing Bookmark icons. VERIFIED DUPLICATE
642427 Unify visit count interface between bookmarks and history RESOLVED FIXED
653049 bookmark is not working RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
666130 Columns in bookmarks manager don't remember width RESOLVED INVALID
713539 NSInvalidArchiveOperationException (probably related to site icons) followed by NSKeyedArchiver dealloc warning RESOLVED FIXED
721621 -[RendezvousBookmark isAlternate]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x118892e0 when trying to open Bonjour bookmark via context menu before service resolution NEW
725051 Can't copy or drag bookmark folders to or from Safari NEW
728122 Make bookmark import source order code (buildAvailableFileList) sane NEW
728507 Importing Opera Bookmarks fails for new Opera Installs RESOLVED FIXED
728513 Safari doesn't have "boomarks" RESOLVED FIXED
768757 [HiDPI] icons in the bookmark manager are oversized and clipped when they contain multiple sized images RESOLVED INVALID
797743 bookmarking is not done RESOLVED INVALID
857982 Single item in bookmarks folder gets Location of "1 Items" NEW
445208 Cleanup bookmark panel behavior VERIFIED FIXED
452072 revised bookmarks list UI VERIFIED FIXED
452075 Clean up the bookmark editor dialog VERIFIED FIXED
452077 Move bookmarks button to the titlebar VERIFIED FIXED
454668 Theme the bookmarks screen VERIFIED FIXED
456482 Editing "Folder" field in a bookmarks does not create folders for bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
456486 Some bookmark attributes persist if bookmark is removed and then added again later in same session VERIFIED DUPLICATE
456487 Canceled changes to "Folder" field in bookmarks are applied VERIFIED FIXED
456490 No means to edit or even see the url of a bookmark in Fennec VERIFIED DUPLICATE
457963 Using dpad in bookmarks will scroll Fennec UI VERIFIED WORKSFORME
457977 Entering any data in "Tags" field in bookmark causes "Name" field contents to not render VERIFIED FIXED
461840 Must be able to scroll through awesomebar and bookmark lists VERIFIED DUPLICATE
464769 User cannot access more than first eight bookmarks VERIFIED DUPLICATE
465290 Add folder in bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
465291 Delete bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
465292 Delete bookmark folder VERIFIED FIXED
465293 Edit bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
465294 Move bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
465298 Sort bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
465301 Export bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
465304 Import bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
467670 Bookmark Management VERIFIED FIXED
470829 fennec autocomplete / awesome bar does not display tag or bookmark indications VERIFIED DUPLICATE
472894 Delete bookmark button is grayed out but works in UI VERIFIED FIXED
476577 No way to scroll bookmark details into view VERIFIED DUPLICATE
476578 Bookmarks icon in main UI is clipped VERIFIED WORKSFORME
480150 Add scrollBoxObject property new bookmark XBL bindings RESOLVED INVALID
480273 Fennec creates bookmarks when the user marks the page as a favorite VERIFIED INVALID
480361 Moving bookmark into subfolder stops ability to exit "manage" mode for bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
480368 No way to reorder bookmarks within same folder RESOLVED WONTFIX
480369 New "folder" graphic in bookmarks menu is not transparent on edges VERIFIED FIXED
480370 No confirmation or undo on delete of folders in Bookmarks RESOLVED INVALID
480950 unable to edit bookmarks from the manage mode VERIFIED FIXED
481121 Misc minor bookmark bugs VERIFIED FIXED
481289 Update the UI for the bookmark list / management RESOLVED FIXED
481986 Loading bookmarks into the bookmark list is slow RESOLVED FIXED
486082 Add bookmark dialog shouldn't be visible in settings view. VERIFIED FIXED
486287 Fennec should not create bookmarks without a name. RESOLVED FIXED
486490 --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [bookmarks] RESOLVED FIXED
486656 Awesome bar should be displayed even if there are no stored bookmarks and history is cleared. VERIFIED FIXED
488236 Titlebar inconsistently shown after using bookmark button or tapping on tab VERIFIED FIXED
489356 Fennec should store starred bookmarks in unfiledBookmarksFolder, like FF RESOLVED FIXED
489427 when editing a bookmark and clicking the config icon, the bookmark edit popup remains in view VERIFIED DUPLICATE
489430 editing a bookmark, then Move yields no folders on wince RESOLVED FIXED
489431 editing a bookmark in portrait mode only shows 2 characters at a time VERIFIED FIXED
494191 move bookmark button out of titlebar VERIFIED FIXED
494241 no favicons, bookmark stars, or tag icons in awesomelist VERIFIED DUPLICATE
494491 make edit bookmark more discoverable but still lightweight VERIFIED FIXED
495480 unable to edit bookmarks by clicking on the yellow star VERIFIED WORKSFORME
498027 "Delete" button in edit bookmark UI is non-obvious while "Done" button is huge VERIFIED INVALID
498029 Star in edit bookmark dialog should have transparent background VERIFIED FIXED
499812 Separators in Bookmarks list are redundant (and ugly) RESOLVED WONTFIX
500022 Bookmark list slightly wider than viewable pane, making it able to be panned VERIFIED WORKSFORME
500678 Manage text off-center in Bookmarks Manager VERIFIED FIXED
500832 commas are replaced by spaces when adding tags in bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
502052 Bookmark 'star' button is not updated when switching tabs VERIFIED FIXED
508705 simplify bookmarks hierarchy VERIFIED FIXED
510857 Buttons don't look pressed in bookmarks, preferences, downloads, ... VERIFIED FIXED
510863 BookmarkList.openBoookmark doesn't call BrowserUI.popDialog VERIFIED FIXED
510969 clean up star-triggered "edit bookmark" dialog VERIFIED DUPLICATE
510981 Clean up bookmark popup positioning code VERIFIED FIXED
510988 Need resized bookmarks-30.png image (bookmarks-24.png) VERIFIED FIXED
511117 when page is loading and you bookmark via star, popup dialog doesn't show VERIFIED FIXED
511435 have a set of default bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
514217 Apply new awesomebar format/styling to bookmarks manager VERIFIED FIXED
514220 No feedback when user taps on "See all bookmarks" VERIFIED FIXED
515394 Allow access to the complete bookmark hierarchy VERIFIED FIXED
515452 default bookmarks should appear in the awesomebar on first run VERIFIED FIXED
515652 make sure Customize/Support/Weave bookmark links work VERIFIED FIXED
515655 the new default bookmarks gives me a 404 for VERIFIED DUPLICATE
515658 fennec default bookmarks for weave yields a 404 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
515747 bookmark manager is confusing to know if you are managing or not VERIFIED FIXED
515751 when editing bookmarks, no easy way to determine a folder vs a link VERIFIED FIXED
515757 while editing a bookmark, I get stuck in a state where I cannot get out of the bookmark manager VERIFIED WORKSFORME
515758 URLBar does not switch back to title when dismissing bookmark list VERIFIED FIXED
515765 clicking the yellow star doesn't result in method to edit bookmark! VERIFIED DUPLICATE
515954 bookmark icon are streched in 'Manage' mode VERIFIED FIXED
516408 No way to discern what folder was clicked in the bookmarks hierarchy VERIFIED WONTFIX
516412 No vertical scrolling in bookmarks manager for trunk VERIFIED WORKSFORME
516958 Remove folder creation from bookmark system VERIFIED FIXED
517410 Improve bookmark folder icon VERIFIED FIXED
517411 Improve bookmark folder row appearance VERIFIED FIXED
517525 default bookmarks need favicons VERIFIED FIXED
517551 bookmark management: should be clearer what pressing "Manage" does VERIFIED DUPLICATE
517920 Bookmarking popup buttons need more separation RESOLVED DUPLICATE
517925 Long bookmark title extend off screen VERIFIED DUPLICATE
518152 Manage button is clickable when bookmarks manager is empty VERIFIED FIXED
518199 revise styling of bookmark editing panel VERIFIED FIXED
518212 revise styling of alert boxes / bookmarking popup VERIFIED FIXED
518328 shorten height of bookmarks header VERIFIED FIXED
518700 "Page Bookmarked" popup should not overlap sidebar VERIFIED DUPLICATE
519686 Build localized bookmarks data for multi-locale builds and use it RESOLVED FIXED
521116 showing "All bookmarks" from the awesomebar/autocomplete dropdown option can be very slow RESOLVED FIXED
521561 [Tracking bug] Improve bookmarks management RESOLVED WONTFIX
522066 Awesomescreen unresponsive when "All bookmarks" loading VERIFIED FIXED
522271 --browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [bookmark popup] RESOLVED FIXED
522538 remove button has reappeared in the bookmark editing panel VERIFIED FIXED
523374 Trying to save a bookmark with an empty name fails VERIFIED FIXED
523708 Move to 32px size for bookmarks, awesomebar, urlbar and search provider buttons VERIFIED FIXED
524621 scale favicons in awesomebar and bookmarks to 32px VERIFIED DUPLICATE
525164 placeitem in BookmarkHelper should not be highlighted on :active VERIFIED FIXED
525184 Create a virtual places root for Mobile bookmarks RESOLVED FIXED
525362 [Regression] See All Bookmarks does not highlight VERIFIED FIXED
526927 default bookmark Firefox favicons should depend on branding VERIFIED FIXED
528365 Bookmarks Dialog extends past screen on Nederlands locale RESOLVED DUPLICATE
528653 string change - default bookmark "Firefox: About" to "Firefox: About your browser" VERIFIED FIXED
529324 Bookmarks Manager: Folder row does not highlight VERIFIED WORKSFORME
529331 Bookmarks Manager: Cannot pan smaller than screen size bookmark list when coming out of manage mode RESOLVED INVALID
529855 Need to force default bookmarks import if mobile bookmarks root doesn't exist RESOLVED FIXED
531089 adjust "See all bookmarks" row horizontal alignment VERIFIED FIXED
531209 Change Weave Sync bookmark link VERIFIED FIXED
531597 Default bookmarks use "Weave" instead of "Weave Sync" VERIFIED FIXED
532430 default bookmark to Support yields untrusted connection RESOLVED WONTFIX
532766 tapping "manage" in bookmark list scrolls you to the very first bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
533386 Yahoo Flash Ad comes up when exiting the bookmarks manager RESOLVED WONTFIX
534914 Plain bookmarks shown for Smart Folders and Separators VERIFIED FIXED
539450 Add bookmark listener to AutoCompleteCache component VERIFIED FIXED
541967 "Desktop bookmarks" label is perturbing RESOLVED WONTFIX
543095 Tapping on screen after deleting a bookmark in a pannable list snaps list down RESOLVED WORKSFORME
543098 Selecting a bookmark with the default favicon shows an empty space where the default favicon should be RESOLVED WORKSFORME
545397 Bookmark Manager should use the toolbar 'back' button when moving between folders RESOLVED WONTFIX
552844 Cannot move any bookmark RESOLVED WONTFIX
554271 [e10s] Fennec Bookmarks UI does not work with e10s fennec VERIFIED DUPLICATE
556301 Session Close window appears when tagging a bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
558960 Unable to save folder name change to "Desktop Bookmarks" RESOLVED FIXED
559978 Top align icons in places lists (bookmarks, awesomebar) VERIFIED FIXED
563905 address bar error RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
570507 Changes saved into name field in manage mode when it wasn't accepted RESOLVED WONTFIX
575009 Frames do not show when a frames-only page is bookmarked RESOLVED WORKSFORME
582095 Remove Sync Addon URL from default bookmark list VERIFIED FIXED
582745 Errors during browser_bookmarks_star.js tests RESOLVED FIXED
590456 Book Mark canot be created by general steps RESOLVED INVALID
603293 updating Sync to 1.5 rewrites server bookmarks RESOLVED WONTFIX
603495 loading particular bookmark from Firefox doesn't update control bar's star icon RESOLVED WONTFIX
603588 Can't edit the input fields for bookmark VERIFIED FIXED
611119 On-screen keyboard for tags field of edit bookmark should show a ',' if possible RESOLVED WONTFIX
618715 bookmark toggle is blocking the UI VERIFIED FIXED
622130 Remove custom Bookmark* events RESOLVED WONTFIX
625228 Feature Request: Make bookmarks easier to discover RESOLVED WONTFIX
625981 places.sqlite-wal takes too much space for Fennec RESOLVED WORKSFORME
626656 Hard to understand edit bookmarks dialog when page title is a URL RESOLVED WONTFIX
632048 Bookmark popup auto hides too quickly on page bookmarked VERIFIED FIXED
637031 Add "bookmark link" to context menu VERIFIED FIXED
638144 Update all support links VERIFIED FIXED
638460 Add feature to allow sending any awesome list item to the mobile desktop RESOLVED WONTFIX
642635 Adding/removing a bookmark isn't reflected in the awesomebar results popup VERIFIED WONTFIX
644239 Unable to scroll to the end of long bookmark title RESOLVED WORKSFORME
648522 Done button is not working in Edit Bookmark popup RESOLVED WONTFIX
648527 Bookmark tags are not saved RESOLVED WONTFIX
651814 Desktop bookmark folders should be sorted alphabetically RESOLVED WONTFIX
651815 Navigation position should be temporarily remembered when browsing through bookmarks RESOLVED DUPLICATE
651816 Bookmarks location should be presented as breadcrumbs RESOLVED WONTFIX
663596 Permaorange on Android: browser_bookmarks.js | Opened the right bookmark - Got about:home, expected chrome://mochitests/content/browser/mobile/chrome/tests/browser_blank_01.html RESOLVED WONTFIX
673665 i am using first time this toll RESOLVED INVALID
676293 Add ability to make "home screen shortcut" for Bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
676595 Android orientation manager is never shut down RESOLVED FIXED
677630 Extend 'Add to Home Screen' to Bookmark Popup VERIFIED FIXED
677999 Make home screen bookmark icons pretty VERIFIED FIXED
678003 Add dynamic colouring to homepage bookmark icons RESOLVED WORKSFORME
678770 long tap on a bookmarks folder should offer "open all in tabs" RESOLVED WONTFIX
684710 Edit Bookmark page is not displayed after long taping on bookmarked page and select "Edit" option VERIFIED FIXED
686343 not rendering utf-8 properly RESOLVED DUPLICATE
687058 Toaster notification indicating bookmark shortcut was added to homescreen is not displayed on HTC devices RESOLVED WONTFIX
693891 creating an app shortcut should use bookmark title, not page title RESOLVED FIXED
706201 Gingerbread Tablet : chrome popup titles are hard to read RESOLVED WONTFIX
753789 Mobile folder is not listed in moz_bookmarks_roots RESOLVED WONTFIX
753831 Fennec is unusable after opening a bookmark added to home screen RESOLVED WONTFIX
794227 Implement bookmark list creation from bookmarks menu RESOLVED INVALID
794230 Implement bookmark lists in bookmarks view RESOLVED INVALID
800991 imeplement context action open bookmarks in tabs RESOLVED INVALID
801155 implement semantic zoom for bookmarks RESOLVED INVALID
801159 implement open in browser for bookmarks RESOLVED INVALID
823541 Work - Select a set of default bookmarks to install in a new profile RESOLVED WONTFIX
853182 After Sync'ing desktop bookmarks are not listed in Metro bookmarks RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
855587 Defect - Predefined bookmarks should be to final URL and not to a page that will redirect VERIFIED FIXED
855590 Defect - Start page does not refresh app bar Star button state VERIFIED FIXED
861568 Defect - Rapidly tapping the "Star" bookmark will make several controls unresponsive to touch RESOLVED WORKSFORME
871806 Work - Preloaded bookmarks have no color or favicon on first browser load RESOLVED FIXED
874631 Bookmarks panel should have select all / clear all buttons in the app bar RESOLVED INVALID
876217 Defect - Bookmark "Star" states not changing once a website has been bookmarked/unbookmarked VERIFIED FIXED
876383 Defect - Predefined bookmarks have the bookmark star disabled in the app bar RESOLVED WORKSFORME
891037 Defect - Delete bookmark tile fails to remove the tile from history RESOLVED INVALID
905565 Defect - Bookmarks under Bookmarks Toolbar is not displayed under Bookmarks section in metro version RESOLVED WONTFIX
938275 Bookmarklet support - load javascript: bookmarks in the context of the current page RESOLVED WONTFIX
957588 Bookmark navbar button is checked for non-metro bookmarks VERIFIED FIXED
961159 Add test coverage for metro / desktop bookmarks interactions RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
961587 new profile has "Windows 8 Touch" bookmark folder RESOLVED FIXED
963688 Add a default bookmark for feedback ( VERIFIED FIXED
1794914 Return nullable strings from the apis that return the bookmark GUIDs NEW
1795115 BrowserMenuImageTextCheckboxButton item a11y RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1795147 PlacesBookmarksStorage: UrlParseFailed: Error parsing URL: invalid domain character RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1800885 Increase touch target of Add/Edit bookmark checkbox. RESOLVED FIXED
1806482 Import/Export bookmarks to local fileystem NEW
1807588 Bookmarks search does not find duplicate entries NEW
1810836 Unify bookmark hierarchy between different views NEW
1810848 Allow sorting bookmarks from new(at top) to old(at bottom) or add button to go at end of bookmark list NEW
1811582 Bookmarklets doesn't work from bookmarks NEW
1811652 Provide a way to move or organize bookmarks NEW
1811812 Bookmarks: Displays the full folder path NEW
1811813 Let user delete default folders in bookmarks NEW
1811814 [UX] Bookmark review and reminder NEW
1811815 Add smart bookmarks NEW
1812171 False triggering of the clear buttons in edit bookmark UI NEW
1812174 "Add"/"Edit" button next to "Bookmarks" in 3 dot menu causes lots of mis-taps (cause: tiny button size) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1812249 [a11y] Consider increasing the 3dots menu button from the "Bookmarks" page RESOLVED FIXED
1812251 [a11y] Consider making the URL icons from the Bookmarks page larger RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1812404 Support sorting of bookmarks NEW
1812700 Deleted bookmarks keep showing on suggestions RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1812701 Add an option to edit/delete bookmarks when you search them in the bookmarks menu NEW
1812702 Consider making bookmark folder selection more easy NEW
1812703 The app crashes when returning to the edit bookmarks menu after changing device settings NEW
1812706 Make it easier and quicker to get to bookmarks NEW
1812707 Bookmark icon and bookmarked sites icon color NEW
1812708 Bookmarks password protection/lock NEW
1812709 Bookmarks: collapsed, re-ordered, recent list NEW
1812710 When opening multiple bookmarks, the order opened should be the order selected NEW
1812711 Add a Bookmark sorting (new/old) function for Firefox mobile NEW
1812712 Add "open in background tab" for bookmarks in the bookmarks manager NEW
1812713 Bookmarks Menu item should open last viewed bookmark folder NEW
1812714 Bookmarks, History, Downloads should be shown in a tabbed/paned page NEW
1812715 Set default bookmark location NEW
1812716 Shortcut on long-pressing 'Add new bookmark' button: Add and edit new bookmark in one step NEW
1812717 Make bookmarks swipeable from the sites of the screen NEW
1812718 Bookmark all open tabs to a folder (like desktop) NEW
1812724 Add bookmark through context menu REOPENED
1812725 Bookmarks should be displayed in a tree with directories and subdirectories NEW
1812727 Don't expose unsupported bookmark types in the bookmarks UI NEW
1813114 Bookmark tags NEW
1813603 Bookmark archival NEW
1813667 Make it possible to have a "default location" for bookmarks NEW
1813898 Firefox Android seems to create a "ghost entry" in your history for every domain bookmarked. RESOLVED FIXED
1817999 Crash in [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.fenix.library.bookmarks.BookmarkFragment.getBookmarkInteractor] ASSIGNED
1818006 [a11y] Consider increasing 3dots menu on the "Bookmarks" page on Samsung GalaxyZ Fold 4 NEW
1821635 [a11y] Item descriptions suggestion on the 3dots menu button from the "Bookmarks" page NEW