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aka lizzard

2024: Back as a contractor to work on hg to git migration and help with release management again!

2015-2020: Senior release manager, on the [ Release Management team.

2012-2015: Part of the Auto-tools team and the the Firefox Desktop QA team. I was originally hired as the bugmaster for Mozilla, to look at bug workflow and tools and coordinate community efforts to report, triage, and follow bugs through their lifecycle in BMO. In 2014 I started managing test plans for Firefox 31 test plan Firefox 34. I've also been poking around into crash bugs and crash-stats and helping with the upstream Bugzilla project's triage days. If you have ideas for tools, workflow, and the triage process, I would love to hear from you.

Liz Henry
Sr. Firefox Release Manager
IRC: lizzard (#qa, #testday, #developers, #introduction, #crashkill)
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Old stuff!

Amazing WikiMo secrets!

Firefox version templates

You can refer to Nightly or other Firefox versions in templates, including inside bugzilla queries. For example,

[{{NIGHTLY VERSION}}%20Branch&version={{NIGHTLY VERSION}}%20Branch&product=Core&product=Firefox&product=Toolkit UNCONFIRMED Nightly bugs].

Will always query for the Unconfirmed bugs in Nightly. You don't have to keep bumping up the versions.

bugzilla-mediawiki charts

Tips on making useful charts in mediawiki that pull in data from, with code examples.

Pages that look useful for bug triage workflow overhaul

Please let me know if you see something I should add to this list!

Bugzilla docs

Triage docs


So what does "bugmaster" mean?

Most metaphors to describe bugs are violent: we squash, zap, and stomp bugs. But we also talk about the life cycles of bugs. Bugmastering and bug wrangling, as metaphors, describe more of a herding or taming behavior. It is a process rather than an immediate end or eradication. Bugmasters could describe the team that categorizes, narrows and manages bugs. This helps channel bugs to people who will fix them. It includes, but isn't limited to, triage.

What can you do in the bugmaster community?

1) Make a Bugzilla account
2) Read guidelines for filing bugs
3) Look at incoming, unconfirmed bugs
4) Search for duplicates (and related bugs)

There are many approaches to bug triage. Here are a few.

  • Triaging crash bugs. Tackle bugs that may have caused a crash. Learn how to find crash bugs, add complete steps to reproduce, a stack trace, and a reduced testcase for a crash bug, then tag it for a developer to review.
  • Triaging networking bugs. An explanation of the networking components, whiteboard tags, and other processes used for triaging by developers in this area of Mozilla.
  • Check the closeme and DUPEME whiteboard tags

Some Bugmastering communities

Here are a few other FOSS projects that have bug-focused communities.