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Video for today's meeting

meeting update 2009-01-04

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Proposed Changes to the Monday Meeting (Please Read)

We'd like to start implementing these changes at next week's meeting (January 11). Please read them. Any feedback on these proposals can be sent to jono@mozilla.com.

The proposed changes can be summed up as "Fewer people speaking each week, but speaking about higher value topics and giving more context."

The details are:

  1. There is no need to come up to the front and speak for routine updates. These routine updates should still be listed on the wiki, but there is no need to come up and read them aloud.
  2. The moderator will not call you up to speak unless you have specifically requested a speaking slot. To request a speaking slot, simply edit your section of the wiki page to say "We have an item to present" or something similar. (Note that this means you'll need to add your update to the wiki before the meeting starts in order to get called on... hint, hint!)
  3. Don't feel like you have to present every time. It should be normal for a team to give a spoken presentation only once every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Everyone should make a habit of reading the wiki, and speakers should assume that the audience is reading it. I.e. don't give an update just to say "Read the wiki".
  5. Because fewer people will be speaking, we should have more time to go into a little more depth and present a little more context, without making the meeting run any longer than 20-25 minutes, about the length that it does now. Think of your spoken update as a micro-presentation. If you're presenting about a project that some people may not be familiar with, you can briefly summarize what your project is about and why it's important. This should make the meeting easier to follow especially for people who are tuning in for the first time.
  6. The contents of a presentation should focus on what is highest value to the people who are taking time out of their day to attend. It's fine to mention your team's recent accomplishments, but in general, information about what's happening now is higher-value than information about things that finished last week. The highest-value information to present might include:
    1. Information that gives context to the decisions that people make in their work, especially information that they might not know otherwise. For instance: The results of research about the habits, opinions, or demographics of our users might be in this category.
    2. Calls to action: For example, a product nearing release that your team needs help stress-testing, or a marketing/PR initiative that you are looking to get people to participate in.
  7. We should have time for a handful of lightning talks (2-3 minutes each) each week, so think about whether your presentation would benefit from showing a couple of slides or a very short demo; please let the moderators know about it ahead of time so that we can prepare the A/V equipment.

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Development Updates


( Projects | Status | Goals | People )

Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)

  • waiting on a couple of final bugs before we build RCs sometime this week
    • one JavaScript bug, 1.9.2 patch exists, just needs review and to land
    • couple of layout bugs need evaluation

Firefox Future

  • discussion in newsgroups about new plan for Firefox "Lorentz", which has been proposed as a short-cycle release off the 1.9.2 branch to deliver out of process plugins and improved updater
  • rest of team is working on 1.9.3 targets (see projects, above)

Team News


  • In the RC phase for 3.6 with 5 platform blockers remaining. Of those, there's one TraceMonkey bug that needs a branch patch and a Fennec bug that has a workaround.
  • A discussion is in progress about plans for the next release, especially about the focus on out of process plugins, schedule, other features/changes that might be included, and branch management. Catch the thread here.
  • Josh Matthews, an intern in New Zealand, starts today assisting with the implementation of multi-process browsing on mobile devices, particularly allowing extensions and JetPacks access to web page content without blocking the browser UI.
  • Introducing Benoit Girard. A Waterloo intern, in Toronto, who will be working on out of process plugins for Mac OS X.
  • Blockers:
    • P1: 0
    • P2: 1
    • P3: 0
    • Other: 4
  • Team blocker numbers:
    • Layout: 0
    • Content: 0
    • GFX: 1
    • JS: 1

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

Firefox 3.0.17 / Firefox 3.5.7

  • three fixes in this release, two stability issues, one updater related issue
  • been in beta for 2.5 weeks
  • scheduled for final release tomorrow (1/5/2010).

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • schedule for this release will be changing to make way for holidays
  • will potentially co-ordinate with a Firefox 3.6.1 as well
  • please don't relax too much on your bug fixes, though!



  • The 2.0.2 release will be on the same Gecko as Firefox 3.5.7 but a number of days later due to taking an additional SeaMonkey-specific fix (hang in address autocomplete on win32), builds are generated as we speak.



Last Couple Weeks

  • Rolled out geo-ip aware bouncer/download.mozilla.org - bug 459919
    • Still fine tuning
  • San Jose Production ESX upgrades
    • Went from 4 ESX hosts to 3!
    • Increased cluster capacity from 32Ghz of CPU to 72Ghz (even with one less host)
    • It is fast.
  • Completed NetApp OS upgrade
  • Web stuff
  • b01 Database Cluster work


  • Phoenix!
    • We're building out our Phoenix data center

Release Engineering

  • Fennec RC (and respins) by Aki. Process started on NYE.
  • Downtime last night. All releng systems were offline but should be back now. Please let us know if you see something missing.
  • Upcoming talos performance rebase-ing
    • 100 new minis should be racked by jan 15, after which we'll be starting the rebase-ing


Test Execution

  • Shipped Fennec 1.0 RC! Lots of testing, with over a dozen bugs filed
  • Testing of 3.5.7/3.0.17 in progress. ETA End of Day.
  • Testing of MU trial to 3.6b4 in progress. ETA End of Week.

Web Dev Testing

  • No updates due to the holidays

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Testday on Mobile Firefox 1.0 RC this Friday! -- Linkified

Test Development

  • Giant unit test refactoring patch due to land in a matter of days. No changes expected to any systems: bug 530475
    • It is waiting on the fix to bug 537739 before it lands.
  • More info here.


  • No updates.



  • Firefox for Maemo RC 1 released


  • Plugin Checker Dynamic Buttons are now available! You can find them at the bottom of the Plugin Checker Page. Please add one to your blog/website to help spread the word.
  • Community marketing call this Wednesday, January 6th at 10 a.m. PDT/18:00 UTC
    • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
    • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you're outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
    • You can also watch the meeting live in Open Video at air mozilla
    • For those that can't make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on IRC (irc.mozilla.org).
    • Agenda:
      • We'll be focusing on the mobile launch, as well as parks.mozilla.org. Please send Mary (mary at mozilla dot com) any other items.

Campus Reps

  • Please welcome back William Reynolds, a marketing intern from last summer! He'll be taking the lead on Campus Reps. Stay tuned for some fun changes.


  • Foundations of Open Media Software January 13 - 15, 2010; Wellington, New Zealand.  Perfect venue to promote open video.  We are currently sponsoring this - Matthew Gregan, Chris Double and Chris Pearce will be attending and representing Mozilla.
  • Interaction10 (IxD10) February 4-7, 2010; Savannah, GA.  Labs looking into sponsoring this event. 
  • Techkriti, GNUnify, Quark - February 2010; India.  Seth and Arun will be in India during February to participate in a number of university based events.
  • SXSW Interactive 2010  March 12-16, 2010; Austin, Texas.  Working on a sponsorship opportunity in addition to hosting a Mozilla party.  Should have confirmation on events sponsorship by next week.  Please continue to check our wiki page for information.
  • ROFLCon April 30 - May  1, 2010; Boston, MA.  Looking into a joint sponsorship opportunity with the Mozilla Foundation to live stream the event with open video.


  • Happy new year!


  • Metrics now has a working prototype Hadoop / HBase cluster that can store and retrieve Breakpad/Socorro crash reports. This is a major milestone for the Metrics team so they can begin coordinating with the Socorro team to integrate into their infrastructure the first half of this year.



Developer Tools

No updates for this week.


  • Compatibility up to 74%
    • Should be well over 80% once CoolIris and Java Consoles are updated (should happen during RC)
  • AMO 5.5 code freeze on 1/5, launch next week



Foundation Updates

  • Drumbeat is moving into full gear this quarter. We need some new people to help make this happen. We're hiring two project leaders and a fundraising support person. Please contact Mark if you know people who would be good for these roles.


  • Introduction - Rainer Cvillink, Video Producer (morgamic)