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Goals Progress

Below are our top level goals. Beneath each goal, note any progress made towards that goal this week.

  • [DONE] Extend Mobile Platform Automation for B2G and Fennec Native to extend our automation systems to work with specific phone hardware and new development boards for both products.
    • [ahal] Got reftests running on B2G emulator. Still very prototype-y but they mostly seem to pass. Still have a fair amount of work before a patch is ready.
    • [jgriffin] Got B2G builds working for otoro devices.
    • [dburns+mdas] Various marionette bug fixes
  • [DONE] Datazilla: Provide generic interfaces/web app plugability for new harnesses to reuse the same infrastructure backend
    • [carljm] made administration easier by hooking standalone scripts into Django management commands
    • [jeads] made progress on the security review scheduled on Friday. Has list of action items to complete by then
    • [jeads] Validated the t-test method with the metrics team. Used actual datazilla data.
    • [jhammel] Getting jetperf results posted to datazilla
  • [DONE] Datazilla: Ensure that new UI is based on extensible statistics package that can be used both by developers and the graphserver UI.
    • NOTE: Revised deliverable in light of developer feedback and changed course mid-quarter to deliver a system that would turn TBPL orange/green based on per-patch regression detection, this means we won't deliver the UI by end of quarter, but we'll still land datazilla on production hardware in end of Q2/early Q3 (waiting on hardware to arrive)
  • [DONE] Signal From Noise Phase II - Make the same noise-reduction changes we made on Tp5 on all the other page-load tests and ensure all performance tests are sending raw observations to Datazilla.
  • [DONE] Refactor how rapid-release tracking flags are implemented for improved performance and maintainability
    • Code complete, just needs testing (and lots of it).
    • May schedule for after 4.2 so that we don't have to retest with 4.2.
  • [AT RISK] Upgrade to Bugzilla version 4.2
    • [glob+dkl] Testing of BMO 4.2 code and debugging and fixing of several issues such as HTML email, SecureMail, etc.
    • SecureMail raising more issues than expected. Still need to determine what testing needs to be done before sanitizing staging server db.
    • Hopefully aiming for release around July 23.
  • [DONE] Reduce android test automation instability and make it easier for the web QA and desktop QA teams to write and run automated tests.
    • [whimboo] Fixed several mozmill bugs, improved mozmill's logging module (bug 749104) and did some python refactoring for mozmill/jsbridge
    • [davehunt] Released pytest-mozwebqa (
    • NOTE: We did great with this, so great that we turned on 250,000 more tests and made everything more unstable again. The big shift here though is that we went from running "only what will pass" on mobile to running "everything except the known failures" and we have developers working on the failures. This is a huge step forward for mobile, given the Fennec Project's historic love/hate relationship with automated tests.


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  • [davehunt] Released pytest-mozwebqa 1.0 - a plugin used primarily by Web QA for Selenium test automation. Happy to give a demo of it in a future meeting.

In-Depth Project Discussion

Marionette, presented by mdas

The Overview

Progress, notes, problems, and other statuses about current projects. Add any new projects to this template!

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark


  • [bc] Working on Flash related crashes.



Firebug Testing


  • getting jetperf to post to datazilla


  • [dburns] Fixed Exception codes being returned to the client code and fixed import code
  • [mdas] Created a patch for bug 761202, currently looking into bug 753490

Mobile Automation

  • [ahal] Got reftests running on B2G. Still a fair amount of work to do before a patch will be ready though

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

  • [carljm,samliu] - Got Django and Scrapy project structures set up and working together.




  • [henrik] Several Mozmill API fixes for user restart tests
  • [henrik] Started refactoring the Python side of the Mozmill and JSBridge extensions
  • [henrik] Improved logging output for Mozmill (bug 749104)
  • [henrik] Fixed Mutt in reporting issues which were not visible in isolation mode


New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • [carljm] - made some standalone scripts into Django management commands for easier use by IT
  • [carljm] - wrote tests for data ingestion
  • [carljm] - lots of code review, discussion, and troubleshooting
  • [jeads] - Made progress on the security review, we have a list of several action items to implement in datazilla: json sanitization, two legged OAuth 1.1, and a couple other small changes before Friday's security review.
  • [jeads] - Validated t-test method with metrics using development data from datazilla.
  • [jeads] - Lots of code review and discussion.
  • [jeads] - Ran out of disk space on our database development VM, currently working on freeing up some more space for it.

Open Web Apps

  • [dburns] working on Marionette through Chrome elements now


  • [mcote+ahal] Talked to taras about future of peptest. Need to write a single useful test that can be tracked as Firefox evolves so peppy team can figure out what they want. Taras hopes to have devs writing tests by September.



Sheriffing & Trees

Signal From Noise





  • [edmorley] Reviewed a patch adding easy access to the clobberer & stopping people killing jobs on TBPL that shouldn't be killed without a clobber.
  • [edmorley] Fixed the 'add a comment' box in Opera (for :msucan).

War on Orange

  • [edmorley] Re-disabled on Android a few tests switched on by bug 761125, the rest of the 200,000+ tests seem to be holding up however \o/
  • [mcote] Nearly done Orange Seed. Back end complete and front end progressing.

Web QA

Bugzilla/Github integration

  • [carljm] wrote a tool for project management to pull down basecamp/gaia bugs from bugzilla and github and combine into a single CSV file

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

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Holidays and Trips

  • [dburns] in SF this week. Tuesday and Wednesday at Velocity Conference
  • July 2, Canadian holiday
  • July 4, US holiday

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