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Goals Progress

Below are our top level goals. Beneath each goal, note any progress made towards that goal this week.

  • [DONE] Extend Mobile Platform Automation for B2G and Fennec Native to extend our automation systems to work with specific phone hardware and new development boards for both products.
    • [wlach] More work on Orangutan to support older devices as well as the Galaxy Nexus (landing today).
  • [DONE] Datazilla: Provide generic interfaces/web app plugability for new harnesses to reuse the same infrastructure backend
  • [DONE] Datazilla: Ensure that new UI is based on extensible statistics package that can be used both by developers and the graphserver UI.
  • [DONE] Signal From Noise Phase II - Make the same noise-reduction changes we made on Tp5 on all the other page-load tests and ensure all performance tests are sending raw observations to Datazilla.
  • [DONE] Refactor how rapid-release tracking flags are implemented for improved performance and maintainability
  • [AT RISK] Upgrade to Bugzilla version 4.2
  • [DONE] Reduce android test automation instability and make it easier for the web QA and desktop QA teams to write and run automated tests.


  • [DBurns] Browser Automation spec, based on WebDriver, is due to FPWD tomorrow.
  • [henrik] bug 770821: A new regression between Flash 11.3 and Mozrunner has been detected which cause Firefox to freeze when pages with Flash content get opened
  • [jeads] bug 763807: The security review for datazilla is complete.

In-Depth Project Discussion

Pick one project/presenter per week who will give a detail presentation on their project.

The Overview

Progress, notes, problems, and other statuses about current projects. Add any new projects to this template!

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

  • Going to focus on getting mochitests running.
  • [mcote] Created project page.



  • [glob] qa contact reclamation, prep work, downtime, and fixes
  • [glob+dkl] bmo specific and upstream reviews
  • [dkl+glob] testing of bmo/4.2, sanitisation and public announcements
  • [glob+dkl] administrative functions as always


  • [wlach] / [mcote] - Work to make dashboard update consume less disk space and fail less often
  • [wlach] - Added a way to profile network activity with Eideticker, to help figure out things like why Firefox for Android seems to be slower to load web pages than Chrome (bug 758338).
  • [wlach] - Allow zooming in on specific regions of interest in dashboard

Firebug Testing



  • [mdas] found cause of one regression (bug 771224), still looking for cause of bug 753490.
  • [jgriffin] working on mozharness wrapper for Marionette tests on desktop Firefox

Mobile Automation

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

  • [samliu] - fixed a number of bugs in the scraper, improved commandline UI, refactored to make better use of Scrapy's capabilities




  • [henrik] bug 770821: A new regression between Flash 11.3 and Mozrunner has been detected which cause Firefox to freeze when pages with Flash content get opened
  • [dave] Manifest files with skip/disable logic have been added to the mozmill-tests repository across branches
  • [henrik] Some more fixes to have more reliable Mozmill 2.0 restart tests


New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • [jeads] Completed implementation of two-legged OAuth in datazilla. When new projects in datazilla are created an OAuth consumer key and secret are automatically created and stored in the database.
  • [camd] Worked on completing unit test coverage for Pushlog data import. Found and fixed a couple bugs. Should complete today.

Open Web Apps

  • [DBurns] Have end-to-end prototype with Marionette, looking to finalise framework




Signal From Noise




  • adding new javascript benchmarks
  • updated wiki to help decipher talos
  • found developer contacts for all talos tests
  • minor adjustments coming out of initial contact and review of tests
    • a11y cleanup
    • ts_places* -> tspaint_places*

Sheriffing & Trees

  • [edmorley] Day-to-day sheriffing of the trees.
  • [edmorley] Tracking down Google docs issue regression-ranges (were due to bug 248239).
  • [edmorley] Helping mattwoodrow with dev.tree-management suite name confusion. Filed bug 770460 to improve our talos story.
  • [edmorley] PTO Wed-Fri.



War on Orange

  • Bug 772001: No new data since July 5.

Web QA

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

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Holidays and Trips

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