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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Contribute to Firefox Marketplace

Firefox Marketplace is the only app store dedicated to providing content built with HTML5 standards and open source values. Help bring openness, freedom, and user choice to the world of app publishing—–it's easy to start contributing to this project. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the community.

Ways to make an impact in NOVEMBER

Below are featured opportunities for this month. This wiki has the full list of contribution opportunities. Be sure to self-report any contributions you make in the Get Recognized section below!

One and Done (15-minute tasks)

Don't have much time but want to do something to help Marketplace? Pick a simple task below:

  1. App Regression Testing for Firefox OS v2.1:
  2. App localization review: (Free Transifex account required): Review 100% of all strings in your local language for any app that's listed in the Firefox App Localization project on Transifex. We continue to need reviewers of Bengali/Bengali_bd/Bengali_in apps. Also, there's a need for translation reviews and translators for apps in dozens of languages, and many are easily "one and done."
  3. App translation: Complete any app localization where there are still some untranslated strings. Please self-report on your progress, but be sure to play fair. Some apps have much more work (more strings). If you like to work on translation, sign up here to get a Transifex account

Guided Projects

Looking for a bigger challenge that requires more creativity and deeper involvement? A guided project can be fun and rewarding, and help you learn new skills:

  1. First-time code contributions: tinker with Marketplace code, and get some guidance too!
    1. NEW! Contributing a patch to the Firefox Marketplace from scratch blog post by clouserw
    2. Step-by-step slides and video on how to contribute to front-end Marketplace bugs:
    3. More documentation:
  2. Firetext - a popular, open-source, word-processing app for Firefox OS (Firefox Marketplace listing). Contribute to Firetext to bring a better office experience to Firefox OS.
    1. Learn how to hack Firetext:
    2. Firetext issue lists:
    3. Localize Firetext:
    4. Repository:

Join an Open Chat Session

Connect with us at an open chat session below. Come ask questions, get guidance, or just hang out. Anyone can create a session, just add your name and the time you'll be online.

Date Time (include time zone) Host Topic (optional) How to join
Wed, Nov 5 10:30 - 11:30am Pacific AMMO Team Community issues, contribution opportunities, app & add-on reviews Vidyo: AMMO room -

To join from a telephone instead, dial: +1 (800) 707-2533, pin 369, conf 98862
IRC:, #Marketplace channel

Every Friday 12:30pm - 1pm Pacific Apps Team Apps Show & Tell - see the latest in apps development Vidyo: Apps room -

To join from a telephone instead, dial: +1 (800) 707-2533, pin 369, conf 98652
IRC:, #OpenWebApps channel

Get Recognized

We want to make sure you're recognized for your contributions!

  1. Create a Mozillians profile if you haven't already.
  2. Add your name and accomplishments below (please be specific--these will be archived by month, so list your recent contributions)

Every month, we'll pick an outstanding contributor and send that person a token of appreciation. Any contribution is eligible--it doesn't have to be an opportunity listed on this page!

Name Link to Mozillians Profile Accomplishments this month Link to your work (if any) Mentor (if any)
Rigin Oommen 1)Completed the App Regression Testing for Firefox OS v2.1 2)Completed the Localization for the App FxStumbler to Malayalam Language 1) 2) 1)Lisa Brewster 2)N/A
Kailas PATIL Cleared Tarako App Review Queue 5+ apps tested NA NA
Ram App Dev, Testing, Bug fixing Wrote reviews for apps. Mentored newbies to develop small apps. NA
Santosh App Developer,Trainer Developed a Game which got 10,000+ Downloads and featured as most adorable game in Marketplace NA
Niccolo Cantù App Developer,, Firefox OS support in the Mozilla Italia forum Daniele Scasciafratte
Keerthi chandra My FirefoxOs app won IBM bluemix Hackathon.,, we won first place in the Hackathon and two national newspapers interviewed us and wrote article about our app,we will be launching the App on the marketplace in a few weeks NA
Hossain Al Ikram App Developer , QA Created An app -(Link : , Fixed an Bug -(Link : , Mentoring 10+ people to create Apps(From Basic level of HTML, CSS to create an App), Given review of 20+ apps in Marketplace , Changed 50+ Peak related bugs as resolved Stuart Colville
Xue Fuqiao Add-on documentation Filed and is fixing this bug to update our developer FAQ on AMO: NA
Yunier Sosa Vázquez Translated November featured add-ons blog post to Spanish NA

October Contributions

Contributor of the Month for October

Congrats to rctgamer3!

Top Reviewers of the Month

Volunteer reviewers contribute to the health and safety of Marketplace and AMO on a regular basis. The app reviewer program is currently full, but there are spaces in add-on reviewing.


Reviewer Review count
1 Jaipradeesh Janarthanan 588
2 Viswaprasath Ks 372
3 William Dorffer 178
4 Nino Vranešič 82
5 Adrian Crespo 63

From this month reviews for device/region specific additional reviews are included in counts.


Reviewer Review count
1 erosman 399
2 rctgamer3 149
3 Tuxman 111
4 Henry Perez 63
5 Archaeopteryx 11

Featured Add-ons Board

Thanks to the outgoing featured add-ons board, who selected the featured add-ons for July - December 2014

  • Rejah Rehim
  • Michael Balazs
  • Swarnava Sengupta
  • Oleg Shevchenko
  • Andy Portmen
  • Jayakumar Sadhasivam

App Curation Board

Thank you to all the contributors helping to curate featured content on Firefox Marketplace!