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Mozilla Mumbai is a group of passionate people who care for the open Web and love Mozilla. We believe in Mozilla's mission and take it forward as guards of the open Internet. Our community has contributors who are student ambassadors, localizers, testers, marketing volunteers, coders, Mozilla Reps, etc. Many of them are students, teachers, lawyers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, designers, and parents as well.


Mozilla Mumbai is a volunteer run organization engaged in promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Web in the country. It was born out of an effort to bring together a community for users, translators and developers of the Mozilla and Open Web technologies in India. Mozilla Mumbai is subpart of Mozilla India and the global community of Mozilla Foundation.


Mozilla Mumbai, as a community, aims to reach end users and contributors with various resources. We make it easier for anyone to participate and help them work on the projects they choose to get involved in. We raise awareness about Mozilla's mission and introduce Mozilla to educational institutions, government organizations, and corporate companies. We create momentum for action and strive to keep the Web open.

We promote projects and ideas by organizing events, through localization of products, by offering free help, knowledge, resources and our vision for an open Web, by making everyone realize that Internet is a critical public resource.

We promote open source and open Web technologies in the country. We are open to associate/work with existing open source or other community-run, public benefit organizations.

"Internet By The People, Internet For The People"

Project Mentor

Mozilla Mumbai Mentor/Led of the Mumbai club Dhiraj Mishra who will help you to get on board.


Every month we meet new interested people. They want to contribute in mozilla. Generally we give reference links regarding their questions via hangouts.

Areas of Contribution

You can find various areas of contribution at Mozilla here