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Welcome to the Mozilla QA Community Wiki!

As our Mozilla community grows, this page will provide a central place for QA volunteers to help us better organize, plan, and execute our community testing. Any documentation or information that you feel will benefit our QA efforts is welcome here.

Hot Events

Community Events

  • Bug Days - Every other Tuesday, we will be gathering in #bugday to focus our efforts on bug tasks in Bugzilla.
  • Test Days - We will often need your help testing new features or a new release, so we will be holding regular test days to give you a chance to try out the latest builds and test around new fixes and features.
  • Developer Day 2008 - In 2008 we are formulating plans to host a QA Developer Day.

Community Projects

The QMO Discoverability page will help the QA team track our progress as we strive to improve QMO. We will certainly need community input and help along the way, so please check it regularly and continue to read the QA Blog for updates.
This mailing list that will be devoted exclusively to individuals and teams who are interested in providing valuable test coverage before we release our 3.0.x and 2.0.0.x branch security and stability releases as well our trunk (pre-Firefox 3.1) releases. [Note: This is a not a list for people who are interested in beta testing. Please read the description to see if you meet the criteria to be on the list.]
This is a community effort to localize content on QMO to different languages. Many of our community members can benefit from QMO, and we want to make it easier for them to get involved.
In an effort to get more students and professors interested in open source software and inspire them to join the Mozilla Community, we will be working with the Mozilla Campus Reps program to reach out to high schools and universities around the world. We plan to build a Mozilla University website that will be a landing page for anyone interested in getting started with Mozilla. From there, we can educate folks on the basics, and point them to more valuable online resources to help them become active members of the Mozilla Community.
Details forthcoming.

It is important for us to check that major websites display and work correctly. According to this target we are building categorized lists of all those websites. Our community is welcome to give feedback on company websites they are customers.

Who We Are

The Mozilla Quality Assurance team is made up of a unique community of internal employees and the public community of those who love the Mozilla products. We are constantly seeking solid volunteers who can dedicate their time to help us test our features and make a solid product!

Please feel free to join our Mozilla QA Community Team! Just click the Mozilla QA Community team link above and tell us more about yourself:

    • How long have you been a Mozilla Volunteer and/or user?
    • Where are you from?
    • What do you enjoy doing when you're not testing/hacking for Mozilla?

You can also subscribe to the community QA team alias by registering here:

    • email:

How Can You Help?

Contact Us

Future Events?

  • As Mozilla continues to innovate the web experience through new features, we will need to make sure we thoroughly test any new functionality introduced in Firefox and Thunderbird. In order to ensure we catch any regressions and identify critical bugs quickly, we will occasionally have special New Feature Testing (NFT) events. When we do, we will post to the QA blog and also provide a test plan here that includes more information about the feature, any current bugs, test cases, and instructions on how to provide feedback.

QA Tools

Current Initiatives

Growing the Mozilla QA Community We need to work together in order to build a stronger community. The Mozilla QA team has started some of that work through Bug and Test Days, but there is more we can do to attract new people and give existing volunteers a chance to explore new projects and activities.

Helpful Docs

Improving Community Participation


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