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Read Me First!

  • Check to make sure whatever you are testing on meets system requirements: Supported Platforms
    • Note: If you don't have a device that is supported, you can still help test by using the desktop version of Fennec - Windows desktop builds are broken bug 565053
  • Download the latest Fennec 2.0 Beta on the device or platform that meets requirements.
  • For any bugs found, add "[Fennec2.0bTestday]" to their whiteboard
  • If you're unsure it's a bug, go to the #testday channel (check out Communication for more info)
  • What are we doing?
    • We are primarily concentrated on the features that are listed in the table down below. Please take a look at the test plans associated for some ideas on how to test the features.
    • Please also try some Daily Browsing
    • There are also a list of bugs that need to be verified that they are working correctly.
    • If you would like to create test cases in litmus, here are the list of bugs that need test cases.

Words of Wisdom

  • Each "thing to do" should be taken a guide, not as an instruction
    • i.e. Feel free to experiment!
  • If you have any questions at all, ask in the #testday channel
    • Also run it past the people in the channel for any possible bugs or complaints

Helpful Information


  • For general questions: irc: #testday channel
    • primary contacts: aakashd, tchung, nhirata, AaronMT

Reference Guides


Known Issues

  • Graphic Issues
    • frontend
      • bug 576192 use visible browser element to show content

Fennec 2.0b Feature Testing

Feature Area and Spec QA Contact Links
Multitouch aakashd Test Plan
Weave Sync Integration tchung Test Plan
RTL Support nhirata Test Plan
Awesome Screen Redesign AaronMT Test Plan
Find In Page vlad Test Plan
Sharing tchung Test Plan
UI Transitions/Animations aakashd
Contacts Integration tchung Test Plan
Form Assistant Refresh aakashd Test Plan
Session Restore tchung

Daily Browsing Testing