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Who We Are

The Mozilla Quality Assurance team is made up of a unique community of internal employees and the public community of those who love the Mozilla products. To contact us, we like to hang out in #qa on or chat in our newsgroup.

Current Projects

These projects all have owners who are actively leading their management.


Project Home

Desktop Firefox

Project Home

Browser Technologies

QA Services

Test Automation

In this project we are using Mozmill as tool to create automated functional tests and to run those under a broad range of environments.


Project Home

QA Tool Development

These are tools the QA community uses that are ran by the community, and/or internally, currently.

QA Companion

Firefox addon


Project Home

Community Initiatives

These are currently owned community-centered projects that are geared toward attaining new community members, informing and educating current community members and promoting the mozilla mission with a quality-based touch.


Initiative Home


Initiative Home


Initiative Home


Initiative Home

Unowned Projects

Currently ongoing projects that have no clear owner, but tasks related to it are still being performed.

Tools Used

These are tools the QA community uses that are not wholly ran by the community, and/or internally, currently.

Helpful Links

These are tools and/or webpages the QA community uses to interact with the development of Mozilla's products, but are not necessarily tools we use to assure their quality.

Old Presentations