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Saturday Nov 17, 2012

1:15-2:10pm (D&M room)

Here come the trains: releasing quality Mozilla products to Millions (Lukas Blakk)

2:20-3:50pm (D&M room)

Creating Add-ons for Firefox on Android (Jorge Villalobos)

2:20-3:50pm (Room 5/Room B)

Help the Firefox User Experience Team Understand Security and Privacy Concerns in Asia (Larissa Co)

4:25-5:25pm (D&M room)

Add-on Localization (30) + *Hacking Firefox made easy (30) (Irakli and Jorge)

5:25-6:35pm (Room 5/Room B)

Mozilla Support on your Phone, combined with Firefox for Android support and ‘The SUMO Magnet - or Why Is Support so Fun, Special, and Cool’) (Madalina, Rosana, Bram)

5:25-6:35pm (D&M room)

Firefox & Services in 2013 (Mike Connor)

Sunday Nov 18, 2012

2:20-3:50pm (D&M room)

Social API Launch Workshop (Chad Weiner)

2:20-3:50pm (Room 5/Room B)

Firefox for Android: Defining Value to Define the Future (Karen Rudnitski)

4:25-5:25pm (D&M room)

Introducing Social API (Shane Caraveo)

4:25-5:25pm (Room 4/Room A)

Firefox Localization Under Rapid Release (Jeff Beatty and Axel Hecht)

5:25-6:35pm (Room 5/Room B)

L10n using mercurial (Jeff Beatty)

5:25-6:35 (D&M room)

Firefox for Android Community Campaign Challenge (Gen Kanai)

Proposed Sessions