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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed
kbrosnan Android Completed


Test Run

Litmus Run

Sign off Table

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) kbrosnan
Danish (da) kbrosnan
German (de) kbrosnan
Spanish (es-ES) kbrosnan
Finnish (fi) kbrosnan
French (fr) kbrosnan
Japanese (ja) kbrosnan
Italian (it) kbrosnan
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO) kbrosnan
Dutch (nl) kbrosnan
Polish (pl) kbrosnan
Portuguese (pt-PT) kbrosnan
Russian (ru) kbrosnan

Issues in all languages:

Bug Notes
bug 637828 project transitions show graphics corruption Bug will show graphic issues in drop down menus
bug 638813 about:license - messed up layout words extend past the white frame; white frame should be extended more.
bug 678100 - about:crashes is not centered in portrait view
bug 628102 - Crash in xpc::AccessCheck::isChrome Crashed
bug 655310 - No arrow on the Thunderbolt when in landscape and opening a new tab Arrow can be gone or misplaced. doesn't necessarily have to be landscape
bug 679958 - "Error: Root node doesn't exist for 'discover' view" after restarting Fennec cause of crash? Noticed that I got the app to do a blackout but can't seem to always repro