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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st Monday)

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

  • Continuing work on logging and ancillary bug fixes in bug 853961
  • Have run historical runs from June 2012 to current using emulated 3G network connections.
  • Will be moving production phonedash from to an AWS instance soon.

B2G Automation

  • Checktests for m-c desktop B2G builds will be enabled with the next RelEng reconfig \o/.
    • Will be enabling B2G ARM checktests on Cedar to see what their state is next.
  • [ahal] mw22 landed a one line fix that speeds up b2g mochitests by 33% (bug 788866)
    • translates to 25 min per chunk or 3.75 hours per push

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

Android Automation

  • panda robocop tests are the largest offenders for failures on pandaboards. experiments show that many tests are problematic, also that shorter runs are helpful.
  • much work has been done to debug the random reboots on the panda boards. These boards require much less IT intervention than the tegras, but they have 2-3 times the failure rate of tegras. We are experimenting with the power supplies, fuse boxes, and higher guage wires to fix the majority of the problems we are seeing.
  • by the end of the year we need to remove the tegras from Mountain View, this means we either need to rack these, or consider running android 2.3 on the panda boards. Investigation is underway to run android 2.3 on the panda boards by dminor

Tools (2nd Monday)


  • Lots of development and review work on the Tracking Flags work
  • Diagnosed some issues with the SCL3 cluster (database corruption, service unavailable errors, ...)


  • Spent some time last week filing bugs from crash reports. Still have a number of reports to investigate.
  • Need to file bugs and land the outstanding patches.
  • Patch Tuesday maintenance tomorrow April 9.



  • [jeads] Identified a new set of attributes to add to the build bot pulse stream. This will allow us to remove unreliable regular expressions and white labeling strategies from down stream pulse consumers.
  • [jeads] Wrote a new pulse consumer for treeherder.


  • [camd] pushed a new set of bug fixes to prod (
  • [camd] helped Qa import some test cases from TEF
  • [camd] providing tech support for some external users


War on Orange

  • OrangeFactor on trunk for last 7 days: 6.86
  • [edmorley], [mcote] Committed and deployed two fixes: bug 853635, bug 849951.
  • [RyanVM] Ongoing efforts to engage developers and managers over top oranges.

TBPL Version 2

Performance (3rd Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise




General Framework Support (4th Monday)


In-tree Automation/Harnesses

  • [edmorley] Patch to correct log parsing regex for crashes/leaks (bug 857636).

WebRTC Test Development

Process (4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees


  • [edmorley] Completed the switch to the Mozilla-controlled Github account (bug 823637).


Holidays and Trips

  • [edmorley] PTO today (Monday 8th) for house moving prep.
  • [edmorley] Away from office/email Fri 12th for BACON conference.
  • [mcote] out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a funeral.
  • [jgriffin] in Madrid the week of April 15th for a B2G work week.


  • [bc] Does anyone know of a way to programatically format a phone's sdcard ?
  • [jmaher] - we need to communicate our projects better