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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Significant Contributions
    • [Kaustabh] contributed to [AlertManager] by working on his birthday (yes the legal birthday to drink alcohol) to give us an alternate view of talos alerts, [original] vs [new]
    • [devty] has started mentoring bugs in [Titanic] while picking up more bugs and starting to work on other projects
    • [Sam Garrett] and [Julien Pagès] did some great work on mozregression 0.24 which was just released, see blog post below.
  • [jgriffin] A-Team Mission
    • Proposed text:
      "The A-Team is a Swiss Army Knife of engineers dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of engineering at Mozilla. Working with others in a responsive, agile manner, we strive to be a model of open development. We create, maintain, and extend a diverse array of sustainable tools and systems to create information on the quality of Mozilla's products and to increase the impact and effectiveness of the Mozilla community."
    • Etherpad:
    • What's next?

Newsgroup and Blog Posts


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st/2nd Monday)


B2G Automation

Android Automation

Tools (1st/2nd Monday)







  • All open blockers have now been fixed & sheriffs are ready to transition to Treeherder from TBPL. (TBPL will still be running for the short term for any non-sheriffs who are not yet ready to transition, see Treeherder the wiki for more info).
  • Interested on working on some bugs? See: bugs & project tracking :-)
  • Bugs fixed in the last 2 weeks:
Full Query
Assigned to ID Summary
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1071319 notifications no longer work for things like errors and successful classifying
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1042590 At small window widths commit descriptions are truncated more than on TBPL
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1071306 Tree statuses aren't updating until page is reloaded
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1071240 Clear/reset the classification textbox and dropdown when the Save button is clicked.
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1071148 pinboard close button is blue and wrong mouse pointer
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1046759 sub-jobs, e.g. mochitest, sort lexicographically, not numerically
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1071025 Pinboard "save" button not appearing on treeherder production
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1068529 Improve error messages when the log is not available
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1067961 The UI assets are cached for too long - cache has to be cleared after production pushes
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1067854 "Failure summary is empty" is shown whilst job details are loading, after bug 1059286
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1066997 Jobs that still have a log parsing status of pending show "Failure summary is empty" on the failure tab
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1066790 make repo-menu stay open when right-clicking and checking
David Burns :automatedtester 1057347 logviewer: Copying log lines copies line numbers too
David Burns :automatedtester 1059847 logviewer: Clicking an error line for a log deleted from ftp shows perpetual "Loading..."
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1067481 ASAN jobs on the addon-sdk repo appear on the opt line
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1073170 b2g-inbound revision links have an extra '/' in them
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1065659 Sync repo list with TBPL
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1065678 Need a way to sync fixture changes between repo and production
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1072447 Group the webplatform tests on Treeherder
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1066399 Make the fetch-bugs celery task run more frequently than once a day
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1071876 Add support for e10s Talos to Treeherder
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1066989 Correct Thunderbird treestatus and clobberer repo name handling after bug 1035222
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1059361 Repo menu: A repo called 'unknown' is displayed
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1067892 Add support for gaia-js-integration-N, gaia-ui-test-functional-N, gaia-ui-test-accessibility, gaia-ui-test-unit
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1035222 We are not ingesting jobs from the Thunderbird trees
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1068076 Remove mozilla-b2g28_v1_3 from the repo menu
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1043741 Logviewer: Use buildbot buildstep 'results' code for step pass/fail determination
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1068765 Add mochitest-jetpack to Treeherder
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1069283 Call init_datasources during deployment so tables for new repos get created
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1069290 Remove redundant "--settings treeherder.settings" from
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1070471 Update to more closely match the file in production
Jonathan Eads ( :jeads ) 1065576 Result sets containing no jobs only appear in the UI after a page reload
Jonathan Eads ( :jeads ) 1067420 The UI frequently stops showing new pushes and job results until refreshed (Socket.IO issues)
Jonathan Eads ( :jeads ) 1071577 Make pushlog ingestion more robust - round 1
Jonathan Eads ( :jeads ) 1071570 Newly added repositories not loading pushlog/job results in production
Jeffrey Godwyll [:jeffgodwyll] (away until Dec 15th - use "needinfo") 1062211 Rename or delete the unused resources/*.json
Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) 1048351 Verify that treeherder is correctly sending classification data to Elasticsearch via TBPL's starcomment.php
Wes Kocher (:KWierso) (Not reading bugmail; email directly if needed) 1065051 "Buri/Hamachi" job group name is truncated
Wes Kocher (:KWierso) (Not reading bugmail; email directly if needed) 1066324 "Unknown repository" error is briefly shown on initial load of Treeherder.
Wes Kocher (:KWierso) (Not reading bugmail; email directly if needed) 1046226 Improve error message when using a URL with an incorrect repo name
Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) 1071681 "minutes overdue" and "ETA, X minutes" reversed in treeherder tooltips
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1074199 Add clear_cache command to the production update script
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1069908 Better handling of failures in the log parser
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1067861 Switching between unclassified failures is now slower/more jerky on treeherder-dev
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1059286 The "Similar Jobs" tab should be lazy loaded to improve performance
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1067383 Properly escape commit messages
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1072291 Make pushlog ingestion more robust - round 2
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1063923 A log parser failure should switch the parsing status to "failed"
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1074077 pushlog not updating since Friday evening PST time
1043474 [Meta] Improve Treeherder UI layout on small screens
Sylvestre Ledru [:Sylvestre] 1052489 Add the jobtype description to tooltips for jobs
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1059279 Icon used for the "additional links" menu (eg mcMerge, cancel all builds) isn't clear
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1060477 logviewer: starttime shouldn't be displayed as seconds since the Unix epoch
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1068685 Help page is missing scrollbar, so is unreadable on small screen sizes
William Lachance (:wlach) 1070200 Treeherder UI elements not properly resized in Firefox 34+
William Lachance (:wlach) 1066149 Regressions in bottom panel: resizing broken

56 Total; 56 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

War on Orange


Performance (3rd/4th Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise




  • [wlach] / [jmaher] / [jgriffin]: Talos e10s work starting to land on holly (bug 1050706

General Framework Support (3rd/4th Monday)

Project X



WebRTC Test Development

Other Automation/Harnesses

Process (3rd/4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

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Security Issues

Twice monthly the security team meets with contributors/champions from different departments to discuss any issues that need to be resolve or worked on. More information can be viewed here. Please add any issues you would like me to bring to their attention such as security reviews, alerts, questions, etc.