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  • Wednesdays - 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 99998
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 99998
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 99998
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 99998
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Mobile Vidyo Room


Next Merge Day: 02/03!!

Topics for This Week

  • Lazy about making meeting notes? Try the "bugpast" template (edit mcomella's section to see how it is used)! "bugpresent" is currently being dogfooded!

Friends of the Mobile Team

Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Make sure friends also get awarded a badge. New contributors are highlighted in bold.

  • Sofia Larsson fixed bug 945251 - Reader mode toolbar tap highlight colour is orange instead of grey
  • retornam fixed bug 950785 - Remove unused selectWord and selectWordContext

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)

<Read Only>

  • Still working on SkiaGL single context patch (fixing B2G problems)
  • bug 939962 - Gallery app will get OOM process killed upon saving an edited photo after flashing or resetting the device
  • bug 884226 - Consider enabling authors to force usage of a software canvas to enable fast read backs
  • bug 869368 - Flash elements are not correctly displayed and positioned in page on Gingerbread devices


<Read Only>

  • Fennec
    • fixed bug 940889 to not expose bad innerWidth values to content. tracking 27+ but letting it bake on m-c until next year since the code is brittle
    • fixed bug 948953 to allow scrolling in subdocuments while in fullscreen mode
  • B2G
    • bunch of APZC work


Chris Lord (cwiiis)

<Read Only>

All b2g related.

  • Done
    • bug 950696 - Cache the 'enable tiles' layers pref
    • bug 943846 - (Don't) constrain generated display-ports to composition bounds
    • bug 936500 - Always build layers for nsDisplayScrollLayer and fix FlingAnimation
    • bug 944047 - Fix APZC/BrowserElementPanning scrolling conflict + APZC subframe scrolling
  • Doing
    • bug 950488 - Application is not repainted correctly when going to fullscreen
  • Next
    • bug 950301 - Crash while panning in UI tests -> scrollbars


<Read Only>

Past week

  • ANR Dashboard (
    • "Normalize" feature to normalize hangs according to amount of usage
    • Trying to migrate it to Telemetry (e.g.
  • Crunching initial background hang data
  • Interview
Working on


<Read Only>

  • Last week:
    • Holiday
    • LoadManager = LoadMonitor averaging/thresholding + use existing overload code
    • Make LoadManager call into video encoder
  • Next week:
    • More Holiday
  • Week after that:
    • More Holiday
  • Eventually:
    • Make video and audio encoders adapt complexity
    • Test all the things

Randall Barker

<Read Only> Attending pre-school winter pageant so missing meeting (don't be jealous).

  • Last week
    • Still trying to land bug 895358 - Enable progressive tile rendering in B2G.
    • Investigating MediaEncoder for second screen
  • This Week
    • Continue investigating MediaEncoder

Brian Nicholson


<Read Only>


  • Updating, fixing, and uplifting action mode stuff. Add-on API and blog post coming
  • bug 875750 - Implement <input type="color">: Android widget/color picker - basic landed. advanced in progress.
  • bug 946344 - Replace GeckoEventResponder with an async callback mechanism - landing
  • bug 942611 - Stop Firefox Mobile from leaking Storage space by leaking file uploads - iterating



<Read Only>


  • Done
    • Text selection reviews/debugging/bug filing
    • Clean-up related to lists work
      • bug 949181 - Get rid of the hardcoded Page enum in HomePager
      • bug 950919 - Get rid of "aboutHomePage" flag
      • bug 949208 - ContentProviderTest crashes during tearDown()
  • Working on
    • A variety of bugs related to lists work
      • bug 951054 - PageEntry strings should be recomputed when locale changes
      • bug 941318 - Create content provider to store "My List" data
      • bug 949039 - Create an endpoint for list content provider that returns static test data
      • bug 862805 - Allow add-ons to register custom lists on about:home
      • bug 942875 - Create "Home page lists" settings page


<Read Only>


  • bugpast, bugpresent, mybugs Mozilla Wiki templates w/ jchen (currently dogfooding) :)


  • FHR architecture docs
  • bug 939329: [meta] Enable JavaScript linting in mobile/android/
  • bug 938824 - Remove reflection from testSearchSuggestions



<Read Only>





Definitely not readonly today!

  • l10n single-locale repacks are still burning, even after significant work to un-hork them. bug 923950 is blocked by releng configuration issue tracked by bug 951238. I'm concerned that I don't understand what releases this issue is effecting, and how much work uplift will be (it's definitely non-trivial). I can work around this if we have a time crunch for uplift (I think this is affecting Aurora as well?) but it's work that I don't have much time to do.
  • |mach projectify| rebased patch is up at bug 853045. Testers wanted. It's Eclipse only, but the remnants of IntelliJ are there -- patches welcome. Patches for coding style defaults even more welcome.
  • <drums>Firefox Accounts on 29 death march begins.</drums> Landed final two bugs for Engineering Milestone on elm yesterday (bug 918012 and bug 899217). Cross-platform testing today and tomorrow. Meeting with product and UX to discuss native UI tomorrow AM.

Firefox Accounts on Android meta bug -- bug 799726


  • chasing sync-related things
  • fixing up reflow zoom
    • bug 878935 support for pausing painting (waiting for review)
    • bug 868341 use the paint pausing and add an option to zoom without animation
  • bug 832052 added logging to figure out why NSS doesn't load occasionally on the tegras


  • Management overhead on the "Race to Fx29" for FxAccounts
  • Clearing the seer DB and minor cleanup in Sanitizer.jsm (bug 951157)
  • Core second screen discovery patch has been cleaned up and is up for review (bug 938571)
  • Roku app design and assests are being finalized (bug 946471)
  • Some cleanup in GlobalHistory/AndroidHistory
    • Move CanAddURI into AndroidHistory (bug 949639)
    • Don't store page refreshes as visits (bug 949913)
    • Don't store page redirects as visits (bug 949104) [WIP]

Ian Barlow

  • Firefox Accounts + Sync
    • Working with UX (Services, Firefox IxD, Firefox Visual Design) to make sure have what we need on Android.
      • Sign in / Create account flows
      • Account Settings
      • Promo Snippet
      • Where synced stuff lives in the UI (this shouldn't really change for now)
      • Migration UX for current Sync users
    • UX is targeting end of week for sharing interaction designs, locking down visual design first thing in the new year.
  • Also the usual ongoing work on
    • Third Party Service Integration on Home
    • Tablet refresh (Yuan and Anthony)
    • Autofill improvements (Arun)
    • Roku (Zhenshuo and Anthony)


  • Currently, designing auto-fill experience for passwords
  • Should be wrapping up auto-fill work end of this week!



  • install/launch/uninstall
    • patch posted to bug 934756 for review
    • requested review from Fabrice (for dom/apps/ changes) and WesJ (everything else)
    • requested feedback from BrianN per MFinkle recommendation
  • automatic updates
  • testing/debugging
    • discussed with App Tools team
    • expect to start working on this the first week of January
  • APK Factory service


<Read Only>

  • "Cpp" tests are running on Android 4.0 Opt now, thanks to :dminor
  • Android support added to "mach xpcshell-test". More mach support for Android tests coming in the new year.
  • Top bug on last week's Orange Factor was bug 663657 Intermittent Android "command timed out: 2400 seconds without output, attempting to kill" (see also bug 948600)
  • More test crashes/hangs than usual, but test failure rates still fairly low. bug 948931, bug 807230, bug 781107, bug 689856, bug 722166

Feature Focus

Fx27, Ships 02/04
Fx28, Ships 03/18
Fx29, Ships 04/29
Fx30, Ships 06/10

Round Table


bug 951605 - EVSSL certs are not displayed in 29