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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed
nhirata Android Done

Test Run

Litmus Test Run

Known Issues

Known Issues from beta 4 run:

Test Run ALL bug 644587, bug 656686, bug 658054, bug 660388
French bug 660375,bug 660379
Japanese bug 661007, bug 661014, bug 660995
Russian bug 661277

Check against trunk: bug 661889 Wrap notification buttons onto a second row instead of cropping the overflow

Delta from Beta 4 to Beta 5

  • German (Deutsch)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Polski (Polish)
  • Norsk bokmål (Norwegian bokmål)

Sign off Table

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Danish (da) nhirata bug 663546
German (de) nhirata bug 645588, bug 646101, bug 663514, bug 663522, bug 661889 (for popup, offline, login notifications; fixed in nightly),
Spanish (es-ES) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Finnish (fi) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
French (fr) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Japanese (ja) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Italian (it) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO) nhirata bug 663563, bug 661889 for popup notification
Dutch (nl) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Polish (pl) nhirata bug 663556, bug 661889 for popup notification
Portuguese (pt-PT) nhirata (checked in beta 4)
Russian (ru) nhirata (checked in beta 4)