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  • all bugs encountered when doing L10n have been listed.
  • "New" bugs found in this Beta 3 are shown with the [NEW] tag.
  • translations that are missed are marked with [AT RISK] tag.
  • Polish should be in this build.
  • All the truncation bugs should disappear due to bug 661889. This bug is fixed in aurora but not beta 6.
L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) nhirata/done
  • bug 670995 - [cs][fennec]The word start is not translated in the title for about:home
    • occurs on the beta release as well
  • bug 661922 [fennec][czech]Popup notification is truncated in portrait mode
    • fixed in aurora; not beta
  • bug 658175 cs locale has truncated strings
Danish (da)
  • bug 663546[fennec][danish]the update button is slightly under the Firefox logo in about:fennec when the device is in portrait
German (de) nhirata/done
  • bug 646101 - [de] Fennec : Buttons in Download don't fit the screen
  • bug 645588 - German (de) strings are truncated in pref panel
  • [AT RISK] bug 669957 - [regression][de] geo location is not translated
  • [AT RISK] bug 669966 - [de]offline notification is not translated
  • bug 663522 - [fennec][german] request for a shorter sync dialog
  • bug 673478 - [de][fennec]Portrait is truncated for the offline information on smaller devices
  • [AT RISK] bug 673606 - [de][fennec] Addon notification is not translated
Spanish (es-ES) nhirata/done
  • bug 661879 [fennec][spanish]Pop up notification gets truncated in portrait view.
  • [AT RISK] bug 669956 - [regression] geolocation is not translated
  • [AT RISK] bug 669964 - [es]offline notification is not translated
  • [AT RISK] bug 673595 - [fennec][es-es]Addon prevention notification is not translated
Finnish (fi)
  • bug 673587 - [fennec][finnish]the buttons are truncated when going to about:config in portrait view
  • bug 661889 notification is truncated
    • fixed in aurora; not in beta
French (fr) nhirata/done
  • bug 673498 - [Fennec][French]Geolocation Notification bar is cut off in portrait mode
Japanese (ja) nhirata/done
  • bug 661014 [fennec][japanese]Password Manager notification gets truncated when viewing in portrait mode
  • bug 661007 [fennec][japanese]The offline notification is slightly truncated in portrait mode
  • bug 660995 [fennec][japanese]The text for Start Page is truncated in Japanese when viewing the preferences in portrait mode
Italian (it) nhirata/done
  • bug 673549 - [it][fennec]the update words is slightly under the Firefox logo in about:fennec when the device is in portrait
  • bug 658109 it locale has truncated strings
  • bug 661889 notification is truncated
    • fixed in aurora; not in beta
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO)
  • bug 661889 notification is truncated
    • fixed in aurora; not in beta
Dutch (nl)
  • bug 660422 Dutch locale context menu truncated strings for bookmark
  • bug 646499 [nl] Strings on buttons don't fit the screen width
Polish (pl)
  • bug 663556 - [fennec][polish]preferences are cut off when in portrait mode
  • bug 661889 notification is truncated
    • fixed in aurora; not in beta
Portuguese (pt-PT)
  • bug 661930 [fennec][pt] context menu is truncated in portrait mode
  • bug 669998 - [pt-pt] Password notification is getting truncated
  • bug 661889 notification is truncated
    • fixed in aurora; not in beta
Russian (ru)
  • bug 671431 - The beta tab in the preferences/control panel extends past the others in russian for honeycomb
    • should be fixed, need to check
  • bug 647171 Preferences page too wide for Russian locale in portrait
  • bug 669994 [ru]addons page button is partially truncated in beta

Other Bugs

L10N Issues affecting all languages:

Bug Number Title Notes
bug 669797 The icons in the awesome page is not justified on tablet
bug 667089 Fennec: Favicon of previous page displayed in titlebar when clicking Try again on 'Problem loading page' message afterwards
bug 663335 Strange behavior for Google Maps Classic webpage
bug 662785 AboutRedirector references about:firstrun module
  • Fix not in 6, but in 7
  • applies to about:cert as well
bug 662219 ASUS Transformer hardware keyboard deletes two characters when backspace is pressed
bug 671439 [Regression] Toaster notifications does not appear on the corresponding tab fixed in 8, not in 7/6
bug 659651 Suggestion popup is not displayed at the first tap on input field
  • Suppose to be fixed in 7
  • 6 reports: this._anchorRect is undefined; chrome://browser/content/ContentPopupHelper.js Line: 118
bug 629645 Strange behavior when using geolocation pages.

bug 662978

About:Config is hard to read for the Add a New Preferences with the Gingerbread theme
bug 640175 Search criteria typed in URL Bar doesn't match with the history/Awesomelist content
bug 662520 NewTab popup indicator 'arrow' is missing or is pointed to the right instead of left
bug 671733 Cancel is located where the connect button should be in the Sync Dialog
bug 671738 Form helper should disappear after selection at classic login of
bug 661939 [fennec]about:config interface truncated if rendering device doesn't have room for the whole interface
bug 644587 Inconsistency in about:firstrun webpage when the application is set to another language
bug 556313 about:home not fully localizable, mismatch in the UI for Spanish (and others?)
  • fixed in Aurora/Nightly; not in beta
bug 671512 Preferences/Beta tab content is missing if Fennec performs a downloading action before it loads for the first time
  • seemed to be more along the lines of getting to the beta tab prior to the addon loading?
bug 666595 shift of url bar after quit
bug 656686 The bottom of about:firstrun will be all grey if changed to a local page and then the back button was pressed
bug 669731 Error: ViewableAreaObserver not defined after moving Fennec to SD Card and updating
  • Ran into this issue when downloading or something similar with context menu?
bug 604463 Request for session store to retain the browsing history and scroll offsets
  • fixed in aurora and nightly but not in beta
bug 658276 Notification for Geolocation is not dismissed after choosing option Share
bug 663051 Uncaught exception: Failure arg 3 [nsIOfflineCacheUpdateService.scheduleUpdate] nsresult: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) location: JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/content.js :: receiveMessage :: line 577
bug 660388 You will get blinking asterisks if you fill the password line and then type in the login prompt at classic
  • Marked as WFM : in Nightly
[NEW] bug 620826 not prompted to save my password when visiting gmail
[NEW] bug 676908 Upon first land, will show checkerboarding at the bottom on Android 2.2 devices
[NEW] bug 676780 Fennec is unable to load webpages and close tabs

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