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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed
Naoki Android


  • Verify that the L10N Dashboard shows greens : L10N Dashboard
  • Technically you can also check some of the languages by going to, however this does not necessarily show you issues with spacings and such, only verifying that some words aren't translated. (The example is only one directory, there's another for the shared (core))
  • Fastest way to check each language is to have all the litmus test pages open and not to close them as you switch languages. This will cut down the time you spend on each language significantly.

Test Run

Litmus Run

Sign off Table

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) nhirata/pass
Danish (da) nhirata/pass
German (de) nhirata/pass
Spanish (es-ES) nhirata/pass
Finnish (fi) nhirata/pass
French (fr) nhirata/pass
Japanese (ja) nhirata/pass
Italian (it) nhirata/pass
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO) nhirata/pass
Dutch (nl) nhirata/pass
Polish (pl) nhirata/pass
Portuguese (pt-PT) nhirata/pass
Russian (ru) nhirata/pass

Issues in all languages:

Bug Notes
The subtext for feedback is not translated; intentional?
Bug 685935 3 different notifications open, sometimes can have a notification on the wrong page after switching languages; This is hard to hit. It only happened once for me when switching 12 times. I had all the about pages open, bugzilla, paypal, google news, and 3 notification pages (;; open and only the offline notification moved to a different tab. oddly bug 559625 is not the case any more. Figured it out. See device1.png

Reference Link: Beta 5 L10N Matrix