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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st/2nd Monday)


B2G Automation

    • Per-app memory consumption metrics now showing in datazilla for 1.4: bug 962238; see for example a calendar app memory plot
      • Hub working on porting 'make test-perf' to 1.3; we can then add memory consumption metrics to that branch as well
    • b2gperf now reporting data on Tarako on 1.3
    • Improved crashed detection in B2G harnesses has resulted in more accurate bug reporting (fewer general hangs, more crash stacks)
    • Added mach target for running xpcshell tests on B2G: bug 932362
    • Allow MarionetteJS tests to grab node modules from a git mirror: bug 977366
    • Gaia-ui-tests on linux unhidden again on TBPL

Android Automation

Tools (1st/2nd Monday)


  • Bugzilla (upstream & BMO) moved to! Blog post detailing the whole process forthcoming.






War on Orange


Performance (3rd/4th Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise

  • Alerts being emailed to bkelly, jmaher and ekyle. Good results, but many more improvements to be had.



  • latency-benchmark is in the works
  • desktop power consumption measurement is in the works
  • sps profiling is in the works for talos- should be online by the end of the month.

General Framework Support (3rd/4th Monday)

Project X



WebRTC Test Development

Other Automation/Harnesses

  • testing/mochitest/*.json -> mochitest.ini - this work is done as much as possible until we filter tests during runtime instead of the current method of filtering at buildtime. Thanks to :vaibhav1994
  • browser-chrome for linux-debug is almost running green on ec2- eta this week.

Process (3rd/4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

Holidays and Trips

  • wlach travelling through Japan/Taipei from Mar 19-28.


Security Issues

Twice monthly the security team meets with contributors/champions from different departments to discuss any issues that need to be resolve or worked on. More information can be viewed here. Please add any issues you would like me to bring to their attention such as security reviews, alerts, questions, etc.