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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

Newsgroup and Blog Posts

  • [survey]
    • results: [fancy], [spreadsheet]
    • [summarized] highlights:
      • 70% of respondents push to try >1 time for a given patch, and 40% don't inspect the results carefully
      • 25% of respondents hack infrastructure/tools/harnesses
      • 73% of respondents want to fix more oranges and 48% are ok with ignoring some less frequent ones
      • there are ideas suggested for running tests locally and fixing oranges
  • Pinning Mozharness from the tree (aka mozharness.json)


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st/2nd Monday)


B2G Automation

Android Automation

Tools (1st/2nd Monday)







Full Query
Assigned to ID Summary
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1072346 Unable to scroll #bottom-left-bottom completely when the browser window is short
Cameron Dawson [:camd] 1090301 Reduce number of Angular watchers even more & switch to one-time binding where possible
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1057359 [Meta] Incorrect/missing bug suggestions for failures
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1072377 Not suggesting bug 1054456 for "command timed out: 3600 seconds without output running..." failures
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1078239 The 'all_others' bug suggestion query misses recently modified fixed bugs
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1090425 Switch clobberer links to point at the new clobberer tool
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1091643 Switch bugscache queries from full-text search to LIKE
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1095624 treeherder needs to support mochitest gl-1 and gl-2 in regexes
Ed Morley [:emorley] 1099146 Use Angular one-time binding for the treestatus URL
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1088577 Run |vagrant provision| on prod/stage/dev to pick up the changes to apache/treeherder-service.conf
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1090317 Optimize job eta computation
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1091607 Raise an exception when at least one TreeherderCollection fails to post data
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1095141 Use $rootScope.$emit in preference to $rootScope.$broadcast where possible
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1096257 builds on travis are failing because of unpinned dependencies
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1099169 Add pending_eta and running_eta properties to the job detail endpoint
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1100328 Remove $cookies and localStorage from dependency injection where not needed
Mauro Doglio [:mdoglio] 1100451 Don't re-create bugjobmap and classification objects in the annotations plugin controller
1075799 Treeherder production job ingestion is getting backlogged
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1062825 Logviewer: Page title should include job details to make tabs recognisable
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1074905 Tweak result set datetime format displayed in UI
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1080408 Adjust wording for page shown when using &revision=SHA and no result sets found
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1090689 Add MPL2.0 to treeherder-[repos] where applicable
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1095211 Add a bit more graphic design polish to the main navbar
Jonathan French (:jfrench) 1096349 Remove unused labels in clonejobs directive
William Lachance (:wlach) 1100434 Add a method to list all performance signatures + properties for a project

25 Total; 25 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);



Performance (3rd/4th Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise




General Framework Support (3rd/4th Monday)



WebRTC Test Development

Other Automation/Harnesses

  • run-by-dir landed for bc and e10s bc jobs
  • bug 1041500 - run-by-dir is blocked by 2 bugs for dt* jobs
  • very few tests requiring investigation for chrome/plain, but we need to make the startup/shutdown faster.

Process (3rd/4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

Holidays and Trips


Security Issues

Twice monthly the security team meets with contributors/champions from different departments to discuss any issues that need to be resolve or worked on. More information can be viewed here. Please add any issues you would like me to bring to their attention such as security reviews, alerts, questions, etc.