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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed Results
Nicolae Cristian Samsung Galaxy Note (Android 4.0.4, ARMv7) September 20th, 2012 PASS
Aaron Train Asus Transformer Prime TF201 (Android 4.1.1, ARMv7) September 20th, 2012 PASS

Sign off Table

Sign Off Testing Includes: Home Screen, The Menu, Awesome Screen, & Sync

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) PASS
Danish (da) PASS
Finnish (fi) PASS
Korean (ko) PASS
Italian (it) PASS
Norwegian bokmal (nb-NO) PASS
Dutch (nl) PASS
Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) PASS
Portuguese (pt-PT) PASS
Russian(ru) PASS
German (de) PASS
Spanish (es-ES) PASS
French (fr) PASS
Japanese (ja) PASS
Polish (pl) PASS

General L10n Issues

Bug Notes
bug 771079, bug 773237, bug 773238, bug 781139, Find in Page, Share Image, Layout Options Menu (Light, Dark, Text, Margins), You are connected to (on Site-identify pop-up) Portuguese (pt-PT)
bug 790853 Dutch (nl)
bug 790851 Korean (ko)

Issues Found