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First 5 Steps

Now that you have signed-up for the Student Ambassadors program, thinking what to do next? We have designed some fun and easy to do activities for both individual Student Ambassadors and Firefox Clubs which will get you started in the program. It's also a great opportunity to make friends from around the world, gain experience working with one of the world's most awesome community. Get started now!

Student Ambassadors

1. Introduction to Mozilla

The first step is an individual task that Student Ambassadors would have to complete themselves after they sign-up. Familiarize yourself with Mozilla and its community:

2. Share about your favorite project/ product at Mozilla

  • Share about the Mozilla project that you are most interested in using Thimble or Popcorn.
  • The makes can be on any of the topic you like:
    • Example: makes on Firefox OS, Firefox for Android Tips & Tricks, Top Add-ons and how they help improve the browsing experience, Mozilla mission, Mozilla community, Student Ambassador program, Mozilla mission etc.
  • The objective of this activity is to get familiarize with Mozilla projects/ products by hands-on.

3. Get Social

  • Firefox Student Ambassador Social Media Channels
  • Connect with your local community!
    • Mozilla local community map
    • Subscribe to your local community mailing list
    • Introduce yourself on the regional mailing list or other social media channels
    • Join local Social Media channels
    • Say hello to a Mozillian near your place!

4. Events!

  • Attend a non-Mozilla event to represent/spread Mozilla
    • Example: Campus Party, Sofware Freedom Day, Any FOSS event, FOSDEM, etc.
  • Organize/host a Mozilla event
  • Set-up a Mozilla booth at a non-Mozilla event
  • Host a Webmaker event, Help build a generation of webmakers by teaching others how the web works. Explore what the Mozilla Webmaker project is all about or get started teaching others by setting up an event in your community today.
  • Give introduction to Firefox and why someone would choose to use this browser (share the benefits of using Firefox)
    • The above session can be clubbed with a short Introduction to FOSS/ Open Source
    • If a school/ college already has a FOSS/ Open source club, FSAs/ Firefox Club can take help during technical sessions
    • At the closing of the session you can give a "Getting Involved with Mozilla" talk and encourage students to Sign up to be a Student Ambassador!
  • Host a Mozilla awareness session at your campus.
    • Step 1: Short Introduction to Mozilla Mission, Projects & Community
    • Step 2: Based on the time, resources and type of audience, demo cool Mozilla Projects.
    • Step 3: Short Introduction to Firefox Student Ambassador Program and share about your Firefox Club and activities that you plan to do as part of the club. Share benefits of being a FSA.
    • Step 4: Conclude the session and share important links to stay in touch with you and the FSA program
    • Step 5: Q&A round. Encourage Students to ask questions or doubts they may have regarding Mozilla or Firefox OS and try to address them. If you do not have answers to a few questions, please tell that you will get back to them and send those questions to FSA team.
    • Step 6: After the session you may help interested people to signup for the FSA program and create a form that people can use to signup to your Firefox Club.
 Your event doesn't necessarily have to be big, the event/ meet-up can be planned for a group as small as 
 5-10 people. Invite friends, classmates, students from your neighborhood.

5. Join (or Form) a Firefox Club!

  • As you notice interest from your friends/ classmates and meet like minded people, you can start a Firefox Club to take the activities to next level.
  • Check out Firefox Club Directory to see if a Firefox Club exists at your school - if not - form one following the steps outlined!

Firefox Clubs

1. Join (or Form) a Firefox Club!

  • If there are two or more Student Ambassadors from your school/college or as you see some interest from your friends/ classmates and meet like minded people, you can start a Firefox Club to take the activities to next level.
  • Check out Firefox Club Directory to see if a Firefox Club exists at your school - if not - form one following the steps outlined!

2. Host (or attend) a first meeting of your Firefox Club

  • If you're the club Lead - host an initial meeting at school
  • Here's some things you can do at the first meeting:
    • Set a meeting schedule - we recommend you meet at least once a month!
    • Decide which activities your Club would like to be involved with first.
    • Set-up a plan to assign Club leadership roles at your next meeting

3. Create a Campus Affiliates Button for your Firefox Club

  • Want to win some cool Mozilla gear? Add a Firefox download button to your Website and then sign-up to win! More information here

4. Promote your Firefox Club the Webmaker way!

5. Host the first event for your Club on Campus

Here are some examples of activities you can do:

  • Install Firefox on the computers in your campus dorm or study rooms
  • Demo some features like:
    • For regular internet users: how to install add-ons, change theme of browser, DNT option, persona login,
    • For technical audience: Firefox OS Simulator, Firefox Developer tools
  • Host a SUMO Day - answering questions, replying Firefox users around the globe.
  • Resources required for different event sizes:
    • Size: 2-10 members & above: A computer or laptop, Internet is good to have. (not mandatory for the first session)
    • Size: 20-50 members & above: Audio/ video equipment, venue, one laptop/computer to connect to projector. Internet is good to have, but not mandatory.
  • In-depth Introduction to Firefox OS and Demo on app development
    • Make sure to leverage the resources we have at our Student Ambassador Toolkit
    • Demo Firefox OS simulator add-on
  • Host a quiz
  • Associate with local events that are inline with the Mozilla mission

Tracking & Measuring

  • It is important that you document all your activities both your individual contributions and your Firefox Club activity. Share your event story with the world in the form of blogposts, photos, tweets(#hashtag) or to add more fun you can use Thimble or Popcorn !
  • Press coverage/ Campus magazine/ newsletter coverage.
  • Sharing your activity/ success story will inspire students from other regions to take-up similar initiatives.
  • Based on how you or your Firefox Club is accomplishing the activities and at the same time on how well it is being documented, higher responsibilities will be given to such active FSAs and Firefox Clubs.
  • Student Ambassadors or Firefox Clubs that accomplish the 5 Steps listed above can send a brief summary(with links to blogposts, photos) of each activity in the similar order by filling this form(will be made available shortly!).
    • The FSA Team will then review the summary, links submitted and case by case will congratulate, provide feedback and discuss about next steps.
One do not necessarily have to be an expert in doing the above tasks, all kinds of contributions(big & small) 
to the project help make an impact. The above tasks are for reference purpose, you have the freedom to remix 
the activity and plan things that suit your region.