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Feature Lead Dev Pr Stage Prod Mgr UX Lead
Simple options for add-ons embedded in the main UI Geoff Lankow P1 Shipped Justin Scott Jennifer Boriss
Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps Dave Townsend P1 Landed Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Confirm add-ons on upgrade Dave Townsend P1 Landed Justin Scott Alex Faaborg
Page Inspector / Highlighter Rob Campbell P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Command Line Joe Walker P1 Shipped Kevin Dangoor `
Style Inspector Mike Ratcliffe P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Scratchpad Mihai Sucan (msucan), Rob Campbell P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Primary UI Responsiveness - 50ms goal ` P1 Complete Asa Dotzler `
Promote Sync in bookmark and password doorhangers Marco Bonardo P1 Shipped Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Site-based data management UI Margaret Leibovic P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Instant Sync Philip von Weitershausen, Marina Samuel P1 Shipped Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Telemetry Taras Glek P1 Landed Chris Blizzard Alex Limi
Full Screen APIs Chris Pearce P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Websockets Jason Duell P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Tablet UI - Main browser layout Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck), Chris Lord (Cwiis) P1 Landed Thomas Arend Brian Dils, Madhava Enros
Anti-malware/phishing - front-end Gian-Carlo Pascutto (:gcp) P1 Development Thomas Arend Madhava Enros
L10N: Better first-run experience / language choice ` P1 Development Thomas Arend Brian Dils
Better first-run / Browser discoverability ` P1 Shipped Thomas Arend Brian Dils, Madhava Enros
Mobile Firefox performance improvements Taras Glek P1 Development Thomas Arend `
Memory Reductions Taras Glek P1 Development Thomas Arend `
Session Store Enhancements Mark Finkle P1 Landed Thomas Arend `
Better integration for form assistant on Android ` P1 Shipped Thomas Arend `
Smooth video playback on Mobile ` P1 Definition Thomas Arend `
Text Readability David Baron P1 Development Jay Sullivan `
Touch Events part 1: single-touch Wes Johnson, Olli Pettay, Matt Brubeck P1 Shipped Thomas Arend `
High-quality image scaling Matt Brubeck P1 Landed Thomas Arend `
WebGL support (making it fast on mobile) ` P1 On hold Thomas Arend `
Sync Device Management ` P1 Definition Jennifer Arguello `
Ability to clean up user profile Matthew Noorenberghe P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Style Editor Cedric Vivier P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Web Console Improvements David Dahl, Mihai Sucan, Panos Astithas P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Debugger Panos Astithas P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor Stephen Horlander
Panorama groups should always persist Tim Taubert P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Safebrowsing Back-end Gian-Carlo Pascutto P1 Development Thomas Arend `
Encrypt local data Alex Pakhotin P1 Landed Thomas Arend `
Use disk cache on Mobile Geoff Brown P1 On hold Thomas Arend `
Sync Password and Form Manager Performance ` P1 Definition Thomas Arend `
Enable IndexedDB local storage for mobile ` P1 Shipped Thomas Arend `
New Tab Page Tim Taubert P1 Landed Chris Lee Jennifer Boriss
Autocompletion Popup for Web Console Mihai Sucan (msucan) P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Modern JIT Compiler for JavaScript (IonMonkey) David Anderson, David Mandelin P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Support High Resolution Scrolling on Windows Masayuki Nakano P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Alex Faaborg
Load Panorama groups on-demand Tim Taubert P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Tab move/detach animations Frank Yan P1 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Plugin keyboard focus Josh Aas P1 Definition Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Verified Email Service JR Conlin P1 Complete Dan Mills `
Web-based Verified Email Client Rob Miller P1 Complete Dan Mills Chris Howse
Migrate Chrome settings and data Makoto Kato, Marco Bonardo P1 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Touch Events part 2: Multitouch Wes Johnston (wesj) P1 Development Thomas Arend `
Theme Refinement and Evolution (Australis) ` P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Stephen Horlander
Code Editor Mihai Sucan P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Flash for Android James Willcox (snorp) P1 Shipped ` `
Revamp about:memory Nicholas Nethercote P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler `
Azure Direct2D backend for canvas Bas Schouten P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Sync Setup Improvements Allison Naaktgeboren P1 Landed Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Generic Thumbnail Service Tim Taubert P1 Shipped ` Alex Limi
Accelerated layers on mobile via OpenGL ES Florian Hänel, Benoit Jacob P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
Sharing textures cross-process for Electrolysis Chris Jones P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
UI animations Frank Yan P1 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Highlight the domain name in the location bar Dao Gottwald P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler `
<progress> Mounir Lamouri P1 Complete Chris Blizzard `
Link plugin checker from AOM Hernan Colmeiro P1 Shipped Kev Needham Jennifer Boriss
Web Developer Menu Rob Campbell P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Show PDF inline Bill Walker P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Opt-in activation for plugins David Keeler P1 Complete Lucas Adamski Alex Limi
Silent Update: Lessen the display of app update UI Tim Taubert P1 Shipped Chris Lee Alex Limi
Client-side XPI construction Piotr Zalewa/Sean McArthur P1 Draft Daniel Buchner `
EOL Sync Add-on Phase 1 Philipp von Weitershausen P1 Development Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Web Apps integration in Firefox for Android Fabrice Desre, Mark Finkle P1 Development Thomas Arend Madhava Enros
SDK Support for Firefox for Mobile Addons Matteo Ferretti P1 Complete David Mason `
Land Parts of Add-on SDK In Core Irakli Gozalishvili P1 Planning David Mason `
AMO Integration Piotr Zalewa P1 Development Daniel Buchner Daniel Buchner (coord w/ UX)
Sync Setup Improvements - Desktop Philipp von Weitershausen P1 Shelved Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
FlightDeck as a Client-side App Sean McArthur P1 Draft Daniel Buchner `
Sync Setup Improvements - Mobile Richard Newman P1 Shelved Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Developer Toolbar Joe Walker P1 Shipped Kevin Dangoor `
Console Object Completion Panos Astithas P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Console Queued Message Display Mihai Sucan P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Silent Update: Add-ons Default to Compatible Blair McBride (client), Wil Clouser (AMO) P1 Shipped Justin Scott `
Firefox Home Tab ` P1 Landed Chris Lee Jennifer Morrow
Firefox Cold Start-up Improvements Mike Hommey P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Improve Responsiveness with Memory Reductions Nicholas Nethercote P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler `
Multi Search Frank Yan P1 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Install and Uninstall Web Apps in Firefox ` P1 Development Ragavan Srinivasan `
Network Installer Rob Strong P1 Landed Kev Needham Alex Faaborg
Cookie tagging Mark Goodwin P1 Development Sid Stamm `
Silent Update ` P1 Development Chris Lee `
Tracking Map Atul Varma P1 On hold Sid Stamm `
Block content-window script from accessing Components.* ` P1 Draft Sid Stamm `
Limit CSS3 resolution and window.screen info to render window size ` P1 Draft Sid Stamm `
Opt-back-in-from-DNT capability ` P1 Draft Sid Stamm `
Silent Update: Lessen the showing of the what's new page Laura Mesa P1 Shipped Chris Lee `
Silent Update: Background updates Ehsan Akhgari P1 Shipped Chris Lee `
Silent Update: Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Brian Bondy P1 Shipped Chris Lee `
Silent Update: Updated workflow for users with incompatible add-ons Robert Strong P1 Planning Chris Lee Alex Limi
Opt in Dialog for Telemetry ` P1 Shelved Asa Dotzler Faaborg
Better rendering of fonts for Windows ` P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Incremental garbage collection ` P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Ability to put tabs in the title bar on OS X Markus Stange or Paul O'Shannessy ? P1 Design Asa Dotzler `
SPDY Pat McManus P1 Complete ` `
Bundled/native plugin support, including upgrade ` P1 Draft Kev Needham `
OOPP tuning and expansion to better support existing and additional plugins ` P1 Draft Kev Needham `
Ability to take a picture from a web page (<input type="picture">) - "Phase 1" Fabrice Desré P1 Design Maire Reavy Jennifer Morrow
Add Sync to Home Tab ` P1 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Faaborg
Cairo Backend for Azure Joe Drew P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Thebes Wrapper for Azure Bas Schouten P1 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Anti-Aliasing for WebGL Jeff Gilbert P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
DOM Bindings: Node List and Array Bindings ` P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
CA Pinning Camilo Viecco P1 Development Sid Stamm `
Support Large Files in IndexedDB Jan Varga P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
New test page for Thunderbird ` P1 Shelved Hannibal Smith `
Support for Offline Apps ` P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
JavaScript Debugger API Version 2 Jim Blandy P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Type Inference for the JavaScript engine Brian Hackett P1 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Generational GC for the JavaScript Engine ` P1 On hold Chris Blizzard `
Detailed Element Layout View Paul Rouget P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Infrastructure for Testing Networking ` P1 Development Chris Blizzard `
Instant messaging in Thunderbird ` P1 Shipped Florian Quèze `
Modern Address Book - V1 Mike Conley P1 Design ` `
Opensearch Jim Porter P1 Shipped JB bwinton
Test Pilot in Thunderbird Gregg Lind P1 Shipped JB Blake Winton
Account Provisioning mconley (was protz) P1 Shipped JB bwinton
Big Files David Bienvenu P1 Shipped Jb Piacentino Blake Winton
Tools In Windows Paul Rouget P1 Landed Kevin Dangoor `
Tabs on Top Mike Conley P1 Complete Blake Winton Blake Winton
Web Apps Integration to Desktop Felipe Gomes P1 Landed Asa Dotzler / Chris Lee / Ragavan Srinivasan Bryan Clark / Brian Dils
CSS Rules View Dave Camp P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Unprefixing WebSockets Jason Duell P1 Complete Christopher Blizzard `
Pseudo-Class Lock Heather Arthur P1 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
Firefox Sync for Android Richard Newman P1 Draft Jennifer Arguello Madhava Enros
Iframe Sandbox Ian Melven P1 Landed Lucas Adamski `
Add-On Tab API ` P1 Planning David Mason `
Mixed Content Blocker Tanvi Vyas P1 Complete Sid Stamm Larissa Co
Panel Menu Blair McBride P1 Shipped Asa Dotzler Stephen Horlander
Tab Strip Visual Redesign Matthew Noorenberghe P1 Complete Asa Dotzler Stephen Horlander
In-browser translation ` P1 Definition Asa Dotzler Yuan Wang
Focus Mode ` P1 Definition Asa Dotzler `
User Tracking Map ` P1 Definition Asa Dotzler `
Jetpack Mobile - Simple Prefs ` P1 Complete Dave Mason `
Jetpack HTML Localization Alex Poirot P1 Development Dave Mason `
Jetpack Mobile - Add-on Tab Irakli Gozalishvili P1 Complete Dave Mason `
Per-Site Third-Party Cookie Setting ` P1 Landed ` `
HTTPS (SSL) Google Search Sid Stamm P1 Complete Sid Stamm `
Multiple Cookie Jars ` P1 Draft Sid Stamm `
Enable Smooth scrolling Jared Wein P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Windows Start-up Performance improvements Brian Bondy P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Cycle Collector Perf improvements Andrew McCreight P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Speedy Session Restore Dietrich Ayala P1 Development Asa Dotzler `
Automatic Session Restore with Tabs on Demand Paolo Amadini P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Hang Detector and Reporter Vladan Djeric P1 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Addons In Toolbar Matteo Ferretti P1 Planning Dave Mason Stephen Horlander
B2G App Security and Privacy Model Jonas Sicking, Chris Jones P1 Complete Lucas Adamski `
Enhancements to help mitigate search hijacking Gavin Sharp P1 On hold Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Network View ` P1 Landed Kevin Dangoor `
Module Sharing Irakli Gozalishvili P1 Definition Dave Mason `
Page Data View ` P1 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
CFX in JS Alex Poirot P1 Planning Dave Mason `
Vertical-specific App Development Tutorials Frederic Wenzel P1 Development Daniel Buchner Jason Grlicky
Firefox Social Integration Shane Caraveo P1 Complete Asa Dotzler Jennifer Morrow
Camera API Phase 2 - based on getUserMedia Anant Narayanan P1 Design Maire Reavy TBD
Media Plugin API (MPAPI) Rob O'Callahan (formerly Andreas Gal) P1 Planning Maire Reavy `
HSTS Preload List David Keeler P1 Complete Sid Stamm `
Region Stores Unassigned P1 Development Justin Scott `
This is a test feature for Marketplace ` P1 Draft Justin Scott `
Purchase PIN Unassigned P1 Shelved Justin Scott `
Android Snippets Richard Newman (client, project); JR Conlin (server) P1 Draft Karen Rudnitski Madhava Enros / Ian Barlow
Google Play Review Solicitation ` P1 Draft Jen Arguello Madhava Enros
Feature name here Brad Lassey P1 Development Karen Rudnitski `
Click-to-Play Part II David Keeler P1 Complete Lucas Adamski Alex Limi
Baseline JIT Jan de Mooij, Kannan Vijayan P1 Feature Inbox ` `
SSL Error Reporting David Keeler P1 Design Kathleen Wilson `
OCSP Stapling David Keeler P1 Landed Sid Stamm `
Sandboxing of content processes Guillaume Destuynder P1 Development Sid Stamm `
Application Reputation Monica Chew P1 Development Sid Stamm `
Shortened HTTP Referer header Sid Stamm P1 Development Sid Stamm `
Revamp Security Hooks Jonas Sicking P1 Draft ` `
Replace keyword.URL to follow Search Bar and/or allow independent setting of provider TBD (Gavin?) P2 Definition Kev Needham Alex Limi
Sync Enhancements ` P2 On hold Thomas Arend `
Firefox Share Dietrich Ayala / Davd Dahl P2 Planning Chris Lee Stephen Horlander
Provide a standalone feedback button Jono Xia P2 Planning Asa Dotzler `
Inline URL autocomplete Marco Bonardo P2 Landed Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Improve Add-on Installation ` P2 Design Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Stub Installer and UI update Robert Strong P2 Development Asa Dotzler `
Rewrite/mobilize UI text Fabrice Desre P2 Shipped Thomas Arend Madhava Enros
Android-style text selection handles Mark Finkle P2 Landed Thomas Arend Madhava Enros, Ian Barlow
Visual Refresh (Gingerbread) Mark Finkle P2 Shipped Thomas Arend Ian Barlow
Camera UI for Mobile Fabrice Desré P2 Landed Thomas Arend Ian Barlow
Hide toolbars for app tabs by default Felipe Gomes P2 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Fennec UI Gestures ` P2 Definition Thomas Arend Brian Dils
Replace Old Profile for Returning Users Matthew Noorenberghe P2 Complete Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Firefox-native Verified Email Client David Dahl P2 Shelved Dan Mills Zhenshuo Fang
Personas Rotator Dao Gottwald P2 Definition Deb Richardson `
Android Helper Apps Doug Turner, Brad Lassey P2 Planning Thomas Arend `
NPAPI AsyncDrawing specification and implementation Bas Schouten P2 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Use PFS2 as Plugin Finder data source ` P2 Development Kev Needham `
Plugin crash comments ` P2 Planning Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Add plugincheck functionality to Add-on Manager ` P2 Planning Kev Needham Jennifer Boriss
OS X 10.7 support ` P2 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Improved Mac installer ` P2 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Improve Panorama interactions Tim Taubert P2 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Eliminate redundant title text Adam [:hobophobe] P2 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Import settings from Sync ` P2 Definition Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand Paul O'Shannessy P2 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Convert remaining window-modal dialogs to tab-modal ` P2 Design Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Improved missing plugin experience ` P2 Planning Chris Lee Alex Limi
Improve display of location bar results Andrew Hurle P2 Development Asa Dotzler Stephen Horlander
Global App Tabs Paul O'Shannessy P2 Development Asa Dotzler Jennifer Morrow
HTML Tree Editor Dave Camp P2 Shipped Kevin Dangoor `
Blocklist UX enhancements [Plug-ins] ` P2 Definition Kev Needham Jennifer Boriss
Ability to run concurrent channels ` P2 Design Chris Lee Alex Limi
Add AppTab via distribution.js TBD P2 Definition Kev Needham `
Media Controls Refresh Jared Wein, Paul Adenot P2 Landed Asa Dotzler Steven Horlander
Traditional Addon Conversion to SDK Platform ` P2 Draft David Mason `
Simplify the Add-on SDK ` P2 Development David Mason `
Add-on SDK: the Missing Pieces ` P2 Draft David Mason `
Addon SDK Crypto API David Dahl P2 Draft Ben Adida N/A
Add support for 64-bit Firefox Windows 7/Vista ` P2 Definition Asa Dotzler `
Panel-based Download Manager Paolo Amadini, Mike Conley P2 Landed Asa Dotzler Alexander Limi
Search ` P2 Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Push to Device Gregory Szorc P2 Definition Jennifer Arguello Alex Faaborg
Full Scren Mode Should Be Accessible From The Primary UI on Windows ` P2 Design Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Add People Search to Firefox (Twitter) ` P2 Landed Chris Lee `
Streamline Firefox Feature Selection (add-ons and off-by-default features) ` P2 Definition Asa Dotzler `
Addon Sync Gregory Szorc P2 Landed Jennifer Arguello `
Incorporate fingerprint-minimizing features into private browsing ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Per-tab private browsing ` P2 Shelved Sid Stamm `
"Tracking alert" to inform users when an entity is tracking them across sites ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Create API so sites can request third-party cookies ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Create unified API for sites to request additional potentially privacy-sensitive features ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Geolocation: Disable automated discovery ` P2 Shelved ` `
Require master password when using Sync to protect locally stored passwords ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Improve the geolocation UX so it's better connected to the user ` P2 Definition Sid Stamm `
Migrate as many add-ons as possible to a capabilities manifest system as proposed for Jetpack ` P2 Shelved Sid Stamm `
Improve the UX on master password so that it is comfortable to be used by default ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Improve transparency of authentication state so users know when they're sending credentials to sites (and which ones) ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Deploy an API for sites to trigger second-factor authentication ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Provide mechanisms to clear cert store and STS ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Disable addons that don't observe "private-browsing" event/opt-in ` P2 Definition Sid Stamm `
Key cookies on setting domain * toplevel load domain ` P2 Development Sid Stamm `
Make DNT signal accessible from the navigator global object Justin Lebar P2 Complete Sid Stamm `
Make DNT documentation and pref accessible from first-run page ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Improve Site identity button to show more about how you've interacted with a site in the past ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Dragging out of a page ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Reduce performance impact of XBL ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
PGO for JavaScript library ` P2 On hold Chris Blizzard `
JavaScript (ECMAScript) Modules Dave Herman P2 Definition Chris Blizzard `
Background finalization for JavaScript strings and objects Gregor Wagner P2 Shipped Chris Blizzard `
Multi-track audio support ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Real time video support ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Variable-bitrate HTML5 video over HTTP ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Multi-track video support ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
HTTP pipelining Pat McManus P2 Development Chris Blizzard `
File upload for a directory, maintining internal directory structure ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Skia Backend for Azure Jeff Muizelaar P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Support for Mouse Capture / Mouse Lock ` P2 Landed Chris Blizzard `
Test Suite Fixes for WebGL ` P2 Development Chris Blizzard `
Cert Blocklist via Update Ping David Keeler P2 On hold Sid Stamm `
Accessibility Improvements for Mac ` P2 Landed Asa Dotzler `
Migrate from Basic Auth Chenxia Liu P2 Shelved Jennifer Arguello `
Support for FileWriter API ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Profiling Support for the JavaScript Engine Steve Fink P2 Development Chris Blizzard `
Shrink the Size of Objects in the JavaScript Engine Luke Wagner P2 Landed Chris Blizzard `
JavaScript Runtime Optimizations ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
JavaScript support for features Jason Orendorff P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
JavaScript Engine Security and Platform Investments ` P2 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Plugins are destroyed when setting display to none Josh Aas P2 Development Chris Blizzard `
Networking Support for IPv6 ` P2 Development Chris Blizzard `
Support for TLS False Start Brian Smith / Wan-Teh Chang P2 On hold Chris Blizzard `
Support for NavigationTiming interfaces Christian Biesinger P2 Complete Chris Blizzard `
Per-window Private Browsing Josh Matthews P2 Landed Sid Stamm `
Support for adaptive bandwidth for HTML5 video ` P2 Draft Christopher Blizzard `
OS dialog for Mac ` P2 Definition Chris Lee `
Mobile Development in Desktop Firefox ` P2 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
CSS3 3D Transforms Matt Woodrow P2 Landed ` `
Color Picker ` P2 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
Easy Attribute Editing ` P2 On hold Kevin Dangoor `
Event Timeline View ` P2 Planning Kevin Dangoor `
Layout In Highlighter Paul Rouget P2 Design Kevin Dangoor `
Changes View ` P2 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
Intranet CSRF Blocker Steve Workman P2 On hold Sid Stamm `
Sign into the browser Ben Adida P2 On hold Dan Mills Zhenshuo Fang
CSS Autocompletion ` P2 Development Kevin Dangoor `
Advice Panel ` P2 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
Highlight Cleartext Passwords Tanvi Vyas P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
WebRTC (formerly Video (and Audio) Conferencing) Randell Jesup P2 Planning Maire Reavy Jennifer Morrow
Responsive View Paul Rouget P2 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
App Previews Wil Clouser P2 Definition Justin Scott Maria Sandberg
TLS Telemetry Brian Smith P2 Landed Brian Smith `
CSP 1.0 Support Ian Melven P2 Complete Sid Stamm `
TLS 1.2 support Brian Smith P2 Landed Sid Stamm `
Web Cryptography API TBD P2 Design Sid Stamm `
OCSP Must-Staple ` P2 Design Sid Stamm `
CA Policy Constraint Checking in Code ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Disallow Weak RSA Keys ` P2 Draft Sid Stamm `
Browser CRL David Keeler P2 Draft SId Stamm `
Improved themes and Personas selection Dave Townsend P3 Definition Deb Richardson Jennifer Boriss
Integrate search engines into the Add-ons Manager ` P3 Definition Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Allow uninstalling third-party installed add-ons ` P3 Definition Asa Dotzler `
Expose add-on impact information at AMO and in Firefox Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro, Dave Dash, Justin Dolske P3 Definition Justin Scott & Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Make crash reports helpful and easier to access Blair McBride P3 Definition Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Style Doctor Joe Walker P3 Development Kevin Dangoor `
<input type='number'> Mounir Lamouri P3 On hold Chris Blizzard Alex Limi
Streamline the visual appearance of the search field Margaret Leibovic P3 Development Asa Dotzler Alex Faaborg
Support users with disabilities ` P3 Development Thomas Arend Brian Dils
All-Windows UI for Panorama Tim Taubert P3 Design Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Enable OpenGL layers on X11 Matt Woodrow P3 Development ` `
mozCipherAddressbookAPI David Dahl P3 Planning Chris Blizzard Alex Limi
SourceMap Nick Fitzgerald P3 Landed ` `
<meter> Laurent Dulary, Vincent Lamotte and Yoan Teboul P3 On hold Chris Blizzard `
In-content UI Visual Unification Blair McBride P3 Development Asa Dotzler Stephen Horlander
In-content preferences Jon Rietveld P3 Development Asa Dotzler Zhenshuo Fang
XSS Filter Riccardo Pelizzi P3 Definition Sid Stamm `
Add-on SDK as an Addon ` P3 Draft David Mason `
Make Add-on SDK Hug the Web Harder ` P3 Draft David Mason `
Scratchpad Autocompletion ` P3 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
Scratchpad Rerun ` P3 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
Doorhangers ` P3 Definition ` `
Remove version from About window ` P3 Design Chris Lee Alex Limi
Support the Graphite font shaping technology Jonathan Kew P3 Development Chris Blizzard `
Geolocation: Let the user pick where they are or lie using a map or other UI ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
In-flight as-it-happens control of disclosure ` P3 Definition Sid Stamm `
Plugin awareness of users privacy prefs ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Use privacy icons or similar to show what privacy policy add-ons have ` P3 Definition Sid Stamm `
Find a way to visualize and present to users the way a site interacts with other entities ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Make local disk privacy optional in Private Browsing Mode ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
enable memory-only permissions manager and site-specific prefs ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Provide about:config pref to limit number of fonts loaded per tab ` P3 Definition Sid Stamm `
Expose local font loading control to XPCOM/observers ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Secure Storage ` P3 On hold Chris Blizzard `
Delay loading CSS until it's required ` P3 Draft Chris Blizzard `
WebP support ` P3 On hold Chris Blizzard `
Browser support for localization ` P3 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Delay loading print stylesheets until they are required ` P3 Draft Chris Blizzard `
<input type='video'> Anant Narayanan P3 Draft Chris Blizzard `
Active Distrust of CAs ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Plugin Directory Test Page 1 ` P3 Draft Kev Needham `
Page Inspector Tilt (3D View) Victor Porof P3 Complete Kevin Dangoor `
JavaScript Profiling Anton Kovalyov P3 Landed Kevin Dangoor `
CSS Source Map ` P3 Definition Kevin Dangoor `
CSS Profiling ` P3 Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Same Domain Cookies ` P3 Draft ` `
Magnifier ` P3 Draft Kevin Dangoor `
WebGL Debugger ` P3 Draft Kevin Dangoor `
CSP Sandbox ` P3 Development Sid Stamm `
Anonymous App Installs Wil Clouser P3 Definition Justin Scott Maria Sandberg
Apply CSP to Chrome Pages ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Add Security Features to Developer Tools ` P3 Draft Tanvi Vyas `
allow-popups (part of iframe sandbox) Bob Owen P3 Shipped Sid Stamm `
Icons or text tags instead of color tags ` P3 Feature Inbox ` `
Tagged emails name and count after the foldernames ` P3 Feature Inbox ` `
Low-rights Firefox (whole process sandbox) ` P3 Definition Sid Stamm `
Create API for add-ons and components that provides check-point between TLS/SSL handshake and HTTP request Honza Bombas P3 On hold Sid Stamm `
Better Cert Error/Warning Pages ` P3 Draft Sid Stamm `
Subresource Integrity Francois Marier P3 Development ` `
Memory tooling backend Dave Camp Unprioritized On hold Kevin Dangoor `
View Source Reboot ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Show infobar session restore Paul O'Shannessy Unprioritized Draft Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Global Storage for Panorama Tim Taubert Unprioritized On hold Chris Blizzard Alex Limi
Jetpack API for Panorama ` Unprioritized On hold Dave Mason `
Sync Integration for Panorama ` Unprioritized On hold ` Alex Limi
Improve find-in-page Mike de Boer Unprioritized Development Asa Dotzler Jennifer Boriss
Support Mac App Store Robert Strong Unprioritized On hold Asa Dotzler `
Cherrypicker Simon Wex Unprioritized Draft Bryan Clark `
Notifications ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
DNSSEC-TLS David Keeler Unprioritized Development ` `
EOL Sync Add On Phase 2 Philipp von Weitershausen Unprioritized Draft Jennifer Arguello `
Out-of-Process Addons Eddy Bruel Unprioritized Shelved David Mason `
Add-on SDK Localization API and Service ` Unprioritized On hold David Mason `
Add-on SDK Debugging ` Unprioritized Draft David Mason `
Cleaner Grid UI ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Differentiate the design of Article and Website tiles ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Add Search Recommendations ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Move Preferences Button to footer ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Add a loading spinner to tiles ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Account Creation ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Login / Logout Process ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Settings ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Firefox Home Personas Support ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Sharing ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Content Viewer ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Improve Frecency Algorithm ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Raindrop part Deux Andrew Sutherland, James Burke Unprioritized Draft ` Bryan Clark
Edit Styles for Node ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Universal Account Page ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Easy Page-Mods ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Improve Readability ` Unprioritized Draft Asa Dotzler `
Persistent Full-screen Toolbar for full-screen mode ` Unprioritized Draft Asa Dotzler Alex Limi
Simple module loader Irakli Gozalishvili Unprioritized Complete David Mason `
Provide intuitive steps when Firefox can't connect ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Provide an intuitive way to clear cookies and cache, and reload a website ` Unprioritized Shelved ` `
Editor API ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Browser-e10s-Support ` Unprioritized Shelved David Mason `
Identity Integration ` Unprioritized Draft Dan Mills `
Help users understand which bits are unencrypted ` Unprioritized Draft Sid Stamm `
Notifications ` Unprioritized Definition ` Faaborg
Input for Addons Developers ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox Asa Dotzler `
SUMO API ` Unprioritized Draft Kadir Topal `
Window-independent content frames ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Sleeping applications Jonas Sicking Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
CSS Haptics ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Color correction control ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Flex box ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Support for WebSRT ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Ruby support ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
HTML5 forms CSS interaction ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Grid layout ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Stereoscopic videos should only display one side of the image when 3D display is not available ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Track support (with SRT?) ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Chained audio and video ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
New audio backend ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Alpha channel ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Developer Wakeup Measurement ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Async Jetpack ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
IndexedDB Support for Multi-Process Firefox ` Unprioritized Shelved Chris Blizzard `
Accessibility Support for Electrolysis ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Accessibility for Mobile ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
IME Improvements for Mobile ` Unprioritized Draft Thomas Arend `
Delta aka "F2" aka the Streams Mediator ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Contacts Mediator ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Profile Mediator ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Support for HTTP pre-connections ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Support for Cache Priorities and other Nice Cache Things ` Unprioritized Draft Chris Blizzard `
Certificate Suspicion ` Unprioritized Draft Sid Stamm `
Super Reload ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Network Down page ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Sidebar ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` Madhava Enros
Add-on hotfixes Dave Townsend Unprioritized Shipped ` `
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Complete Send In Background function to use Outbox to send messages ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Style Overview ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Sync Storage Protocol 2.0 ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Remote Tools ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Page Load and Crash Probes ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
BYOB Ready for Firefox 9 ` Unprioritized Definition ` `
Update to distribution.js ` Unprioritized Definition ` `
Chrome-only plugins ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Android password storage and syncing ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Ship Default Add-ons with Thunderbird ` Unprioritized Definition Jean-Baptiste Piacentino `
Tip of the day Sancus Unprioritized Design Jean-Baptiste Piacentino Blake Winton
Home Tab ` Unprioritized Draft TBA `
Reading Mode (Firefox on Android) ` Unprioritized Draft ` Madhava Enros, Patryk Adamczyk
testing new test ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Global Console ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Toolbar Customization ` Unprioritized Shipped ` Yuan Wang
Sync Account Compromise Alerts ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Arrow Panel Redesign ` Unprioritized Draft ` Stephen Horlander
Sync BrowserID Authentication ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Single-Line Address Box John Garza Unprioritized Design Blake Winton Blake Winton
Jetpack Chrome-mods ` Unprioritized Draft Dave Mason `
Awesome Bar v2 ` Unprioritized Definition Asa Dotzler `
Ask users about keyword.URL changes ` Unprioritized Draft ` Alex Limi
Modern MIME Parser Joshua Cranmer Unprioritized Draft ` `
Easy UI Feature Testing and "Success Evaluation" (integrate TestPilot like features) ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Move Widgets to Top of Browser contributor Unprioritized Draft Dave Mason Stephen Horlander
Silent Update: Install Anyway ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Redundancies in Firefox Home Tab and Firefox App Button ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Anti-minimalistic redundant app button and home tab ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Security UI / UX Experiments ` Unprioritized Shelved Lucas Adamski Larissa Co
Allways Keep Bookmarks In Sync With Chrome ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Add-on SDK in Firefox Irakli Gozalishvili (:gozala) Unprioritized Draft ` `
Android Sync: Push to Device Marina Samuel Unprioritized Draft ` `
Add-on Console ` Unprioritized Draft Daniel Buchner `
Total Performance Tools ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Visibility into Accessibility ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
End-User Troubleshooting Info ` Unprioritized Draft Kevin Dangoor `
Vertical text Simon Montagu Unprioritized Draft Jet Villegas `
Chrome Style Editing ` Unprioritized Draft Daniel Buchner `
App Walkthrough Frederic Wenzel Unprioritized Draft Daniel Buchner TBD
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Exception To Silent: What's new? ` Unprioritized Landed ` `
Native Lightbox Gallery ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Ship SDK via AMO ` Unprioritized Definition Dave Mason `
XBL2 ` Unprioritized Planning ` `
Make Ubiquity the Address Bar ` Unprioritized Shelved ` `
Conversation Tracking Ricky Unprioritized Definition Kadir Bram
make add-on authors edit the fx repository source code ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
home tab icon order ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
App Tabs for Thunderbird ` Unprioritized Draft ` Blake Winton
Ark - An open dev tools directory Arron Schaar Unprioritized Definition Daniel Buchner TBD
Unified Searchbar ` Unprioritized On hold Blake Winton Blake Winton
Notifications JR Colin Unprioritized Draft None Assigned, One has been requested None Assigned
Thunderbird "Get Satisfaction" Support Dashboard ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Thunderbird Profile Backup or Transfer ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Thunderbird Profile Discovery and/or Recovery ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Big File Providers ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Implement Other Pluggable Mail Stores ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Attachment browser ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
URL preview within Thunderbird ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Compose In A Tab ` Unprioritized On hold ` `
Feature name here ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Thunderbird Home Tab ` Unprioritized Feature Inbox ` `
Merge Settings and Preferences ` Unprioritized On hold Blake Winton Blake Winton
Social Search ` Unprioritized Draft Blake Winton Blake Winton
Difficulty and Interval columns in Feature tables ` Unprioritized Draft ` `
Confidentiality Directive (CSP) Devdatta Akhawe Unprioritized Shelved Sid Stamm `
Simplify signing XPIs in Jetpack ` Unprioritized Draft Dave Mason `
Thunderbird Metro ` Unprioritized Shelved ` `