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You are looking at an old, possibly out of date, archived version of our front page for Mozilla QA's wiki presence. Please see this page for our current home page.

Mozilla QA

The QA organization is divided into teams focused on Mozilla product areas or technologies.

Mozilla QA Teams

Team Home Page Team Description Go to person Team Email
Firefox QA Performs testing and release assessment of the Firefox browser for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. Marc Schifer

irc: mschifer

Firefox Automation Performs creation of automated tests for Firefox, and maintains the testing infrastructure Henrik Skupin

irc: whimboo
Browser Technologies QA Performs testing and release assessment of the other Firefox related technologies and services. Tony Chung

irc: tchung

Web QA Performs testing and release assessment of the Mozilla web sites. Stephen Donner

irc: stephend
QA Community Supports building the QA Community. Everyone in QA is part of this team :) Marcia Knous

irc: marcia

Services QA Develops, builds, and tests all things client-server Edwin Wong

irc: edwong

Note: Any general questions regarding Mozilla QA can be sent to Bob Moss

Team Home Page Template

Who is Mozilla QA?

Who is Mozilla QA?

Team Meetings

Each of the Mozilla QA Teams conducts a team meeting every other week to discuss release and team specific issues. In addition there is a QA staff meeting conducted every week as well. The table below contains links to the team calendars and links to the current and prior meeting agendas.

Team Meeting Details Meeting Agendas
Mozilla QA Every Wed, 1:30p PST, Sanctuary, Conf 9245 (See Agenda for full dial in info) QA Staff

Last Meeting
Next Meeting

Firefox QA Every Wednesday at 8:30am Pacific, Firefly Vidyo: QA-Desktop, Conf 9779 Firefox QA

Team Meeting Notes

Firefox Automation Team: Monday, 8:45am Pacific

Ask an Expert: Thursday, 12:00pm UTC

Firefox Automation

Ask an Expert

Browser Technologies Every Other Thurs, 11:00a, Warp Core, Conf 265 Browser Technologies QA

Last Meeting
Next Meeting

Web QA Every Thursday, 9am PDT/PST Web QA

Meetings page

Cloud Services QA Every Monday, 3:30pm PDT/PST Cloud Services QA
QA Community Weekly Meeting have been deprecated and are now integrated into the QA Weekly Staff Meeting QA Community
Taiwan QA team Every Friday, 3pm GMT+8

Mozilla QA Projects

The projects listed below are included from the team project pages. If you need to edit the project, click through to the team page.

Desktop Firefox QA

Project Test Plan Description Scope Timeframe
Firefox 34 QA activities for Firefox 34. Features in Fx34 Firefox 34
Firefox 33 QA activities for Firefox 33. Features in Fx33 Firefox 33
Firefox 32 QA activities for Firefox 32. Features in Fx32 Firefox 32
Firefox 31 QA activities for Firefox 31. Features in Fx31 Firefox 31
Firefox 30 QA activities for Firefox 30. Features in Fx30 Firefox 30
Firefox 29 QA activities for Firefox 29. Features in Fx29 Firefox 29
Firefox 28 QA activities revolving around mozilla-central in the time frame for Firefox 28 merge. Features in Fx28 Firefox 28
Firefox 27 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 27 merge. Features in Fx27 Firefox 27
Firefox 26 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 26 merge. Features in Fx26 Firefox 26
Firefox 25 QA activities in the time frame for Firefox 25 merge. Features in Fx25 Firefox 25
Automation Development of automated tests for Desktop Firefox features using Mozmill
Feature Ownership Testing, Planning, and Bug Triage of new and stable Firefox features

Firefox Automation

Some of our projects can be accomplished in a short time while others will take longer, even several months. The prioritized projects reflect the most important projects in the current quarter and include the appropriate tasks which have to be fulfilled during that time. Other active projects have lower priority.

If you are interested in already finished projects, check our projects archive. We also have a some projects that we would like to do in the future!

Firefox UI Tests

Project Technologies Description
Firefox UI Tests Python, Javascript
Dashboard Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, CouchDB Dashboard to visualize Mozmill test results from the automated test-runs and the Mozmill Crowd extension
Shared Modules Javascript Building and enhancing the API and shared modules for our Mozmill tests for Firefox

Other Projects

Project Technologies Description
Automation Training - Provide automation training to larger community through 4 automation training events
Add-ons CSS, Javascript, XML To help any team in the Mozilla project we work on several extensions.
Documentation Wiki Establish the team presence across websites (Wiki, MDN) and improve the documentation to increase collaboration with the test automation community
Infrastructure Puppet Building up and maintaining the infrastructure for automation tasks
Open Web Applications Javascript, Python Implemention of necessary APIs and support the addition of tests to execute automated tests for web apps in Firefox
TPS Javascript, Python Testing and Profiling tool for Sync
MTBF Javascript, Python, Bash Stability testing tool

Browser Technologies

This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description
Fennec 10.0 Test Plan Mobile Firefox QA site summarizing Test Strategy, Feature set, assignments, Milestone Testplans, and schedules
Firefox Sync Test Plan Firefox Sync site (both extension and Integrated feature) summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Test Pilot Test Plan Test Pilot QA site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Jetpack Test Plan Jetpack QA site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Firefox Home 2 Test Plan] Firefox Home 2 (aka Iphone Sync App) site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Web APIs Test Plans] Web APIs home page summarizing test pages to support upcoming APIs for mobile

Web QA

  1. REDIRECT TestEngineering/UI

QA Community

This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description
QMO Mozilla QA's homepage!
TCM An update of our manual test case management system
Crashkill Crashkill Home Page.
HTML5 form enhancements HTML5 form accessibility tracking.
Event Coalescing Coalesce accessibility events.
Bug Days Bug day instructions and templates
Test Days Test Day instructions, scheduling and templates
Community Plans Community Plans - Planning for QA Community Events
Video Projects Video Projects that our team is working on

Mozilla Community Champions


  • The overarching goal for 2014 was to have at least 80 community members engaged and active each week by Q4 2014.
  • For 2015, we are in the process of reworking the Mission Statement.


  • Marcia Knous, FX OS [irc: marcia]
  • Liz Henry, Desktop [irc: lizzard]
  • Aaron Train, Firefox for Android [irc: AaronMT]
  • Rebecca Billings, Web QA [irc: rbillings]
  • Karl Thiessen, Services QA [irc: kthiessen]
  • Parul Mathur [irc: pragmatic]
  • Gabriela Montagu [irc: gaby2300]
  • Ioana Chiorean [irc: ioanachiorean]
  • Richard Pappalardo [irc: rpappa]

Meeting Information

Meeting Notes



2014 Goals

Contributor Pathways

Reference/Brainstorming Documents

Mozilla QA Weekly Scrum Pads

For team communications, each QA team maintains an etherpad document for each week. Within this document team members keep a running list of weekly tasks they are working on as well as relevant project updates and issues. Each team member should check into the etherpad and enter some updates on the right side of the etherpad document.

Helpful Links

These are tools and/or webpages the QA community uses to interact with the development of Mozilla's products, but are not necessarily tools we use to assure their quality.