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Main Hall
Local Learning
 Badge Lab
Open Content
Peer Learning
Video Lab
Wiki Lounge 
Drumbeat Festival and you! A how-to guide in 10 acts.
Plus Mitchell Baker and Cathy Davidson mini-keynotes.

10:30– 11:20 Rethink Reading and Libraries I WebCraft Ideas and Values Badges, badges, everywhere! Intro. Build, Make, Learn Textbook Tools Intro I Educating your users Open Video in Ed - what's possible Storming the Cloud/Crowd Wikipedia in Education 101: more. Startl Workshop Prep
11:20– 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30– 12:20 Free Software Masters Degree: I Make an open learning widget I The State of Web Education Badges for open learning. Graffiti Markup Language Workshop Textbook Sprint: Intro to Tools II Educate your users! Skills lab - open video basics Storming the Cloud/Crowd Brainstorm: Overview of wiki projects @ Drumbeat.
Lunch Break

14:00– 14:50 Dale Dougherty: Making and Learning City Walkshop departure Shape the Webcraft Skills Map What's in your badge? Arduino, Processing, and Fantasia Pathways to Open Content Building a School of © and Creative Commons Brainstorm I - Open video for education Storming the Syllabus Wikiotics language assembly studio I InvenTV
14:50– 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00– 15:50 Graphical teaching Make an open learning widget II Create P2PU Webcraft Courses Badges: putting the learner at the center Build, Make, Learn Global Course Catalog DeCal Brainstorming II- user stories Storming the Syllabus Hacking MediaWiki : usability & extensions PercussionLab
15:50– 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00– 16:50 Free Software Masters Degree II Rethink Reading and Libraries II Teaching Accessibility Arduino, Xbee, Bicycles and the Open Web The Next Big Thing Build your own Personal Learning Environment Wireframing I - Rapid Prototyping with Firefox team Storming the Syllabus Classroom Content: public policy and Wikieducator case studies KDE educational tool ecosystem
17:00– 17:50 Setup City Walkshop discussion Joint session w/ Badge Lab Joint Session on School of Webcraft badges Build, Make, Learn Open Mic! RoadtripNation Wireframing II- Prototyping video tool for educators Calm After the Storm: Yoga for Hacktivists Wikipedia's 10th anniversary: a global celebration
Education is changing before our eyes (because we're changing it)!
Keynotes: Cathy Casserly, Massimo Banzi and Anna Debenham

Reception and networking