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Description Leader Goal ETA Status
Account Manager gavin Design and implement chrome to sign-in/out of sites, as well as manage accounts and do one-click registration.
See bug 571409
"Dirty Profile" Startup Reduction sdwilsh Reduce the startup time of "dirty profiles" to be no greater than 20% of a clean profile. End of Q3 Lots of data has been collected and analyzed, but no solid conclusions have shaken out.
Firefox/Projects/E10S Scope Investigation dolske Document scope of work for process separation in Firefox & port one feature as an experiment
starting to map out code issues, have first pass of pwmgr patch done.
New Theme shorlander, gavin Implement alpha quality Windows implementation of refactored browser.js & new theme for Windows on trunk or as XPI
Authentication doorhanger notifications fyan, dolske, faaborg Implement doorhanger notifications for HTTP Auth and Password Manager IN FLIGHT
Tab Multi-Selection fyan Pending review
Debug console for web pages robc Implement alpha quality integrated developer tool set on trunk
Fx4b5 includes filtering and object inspection
Web page inspector robc Implement beta quality integrated developer tool set on trunk Moved to
Multitouch felipe Bring multitouch support to the web
IN FLIGHT, airport approach started, getting ready to land
Jetpack Dietrich Implement core modules for Jetpack

IN FLIGHT In development for the 0.7 release.

Resource Packages limi Backwards compatible way of serving up multiple resources in a streamable file ON RUNWAY: Proposal finalized Next steps: Work with jlebar/vlad to get the project started
App Tabs zpao Allow users to lock websites to tabstrip as applications IN FLIGHT: some work done, some more to be done First phase of implementation of generic App Tabs almost complete.
Home Tab Allow home page to appear as chromeless app-tabs. STALLED: no pilot Still finishing up App Tabs project
Firefox Start Page mak Create a locally hosted start page. Jun Shipped in Beta 5, default in beta 6, snippets service live and serving content.
Action based on update xml after app update rs Perform action after update based on update xml attribute. server side still needs to be completed and needs a release vehicle for 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 LANDED (on trunk)
Simplify Update UI size for billboard and l10n rs Simplify verification of the billboard for all locales and all platforms and make the UI look *better*. needs a release vehicle for 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 LANDED (on trunk)
Improve Download Manager + MIME type defaults limi Move download manager to panel, coordinated with new theme, improve default behaviors.
ON RUNWAY: Blog post published, filing bugs and bootstrapping next
IndexedDB sdwilsh Implement the W3C IndexedDB specification.
IN FLIGHT. Work is underway (only on the async API at this time).
Asynchronous Add Visit stechz Implement an asynchronous add visit API.
IN FLIGHT. See bug 556400 for more details for now!
Port Satchel to JS dolske 2-day sprint to port Satchel from C++ to JS
Reviewed and landed.
J-PAKE dolske Implement J-PAKE for TLS key negotiation
Working on early investigation.
Test Pilot

Places Query API Redesign ddahl, mak Simple, elegant and async Places Query API, focused on JetPack and new UI needs. May 2010 IN FLIGHT. Rebooted, new proposal wip patches up, collecting feedback and iterating.
TabCandy aza Better tab and workspace management. July 2010 IN FLIGHT. Working now on integration with trunk, getting reviewed. See Bug 574217.
Addon UI Dietrich, Boriss July 2010 IN FLIGHT. Spec'd, currently implementing.

(Mostly) Blank Template for new projects.

Inactive Projects (need to finish)

Description Leader Participants Goal ETA Target Status
Test Pilot jinghua
Add Test Pilot check-box (opt-in) in Firefox installer. See proposal Test Pilot 1.0 release in mid Q2, server upgrade in mid Q2 Starting with beta 1. See proposal 1.0 beta will be released by March, feedback coming in.
Preferences UI faaborg
Refresh and streamline the Firefox preferences window First round of mockups complete: 10/23 Starting with 4.0 Just getting started
Places UI faaborg
Investigate changes to the places UI for 4.0, focusing on mixing search + browse operations, and leveraging the content area. Breaking UI apart into separate bugs: 10/23 Starting with 4.0 Mockups complete, feedback coming in.
Binding for untrusted text in security dialogs Unfocused Jesse Provide a common way for security dialogs to include untrusted text without compromising the rest of the dialog TBD 2.0 Gathering info, planning
Herdict atul (lead) boriss (Firefox) faaborg Explore integrating the functionality of Herdict with Firefox's network error page.

Print preview in a separate window rflint
Remove the fragile XBL binding and create a separate XUL document
Firefox Button faaborg
Create a single high contrast control in the title bar to integrate with the interactive design of Windows Vista and 7

Site Identity faaborg
Refresh how Firefox surfaces the identity of a site to integrate with our new notification system, reduce redundancy, and allow for persistent indicators like geo location access.

Startup Time Improvements Dietrich
Reduce warm and cold startup of Firefox, Fennec

Weave zpao Improve Weave extension & prepare for integration Ongoing

Full Text Search and Awesomebar adw
Improve performance of the awesomebar by using full text search. TBD TBD ON HOLD
Async Places containers adw
Perf: non-blocking Places operations TBD TBD STALLED, GOING DOWN, PEOPLE SCREAMING
Page thumbnail service adw
Take and persistently store thumbnails of Web pages. TBD TBD STALLED, GOING DOWN, PASSENGERS EERILY QUIET



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