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This wiki page is devoted to the planning, scheduling, and documenting of meetings, discussions, and status of the Mozilla platform teams.


Bug Triage

Regression Engineering Owner (REO)

Every release has an assigned Regression Engineering Owner (formerly known as "Engineering Release Boss") whose responsibilities include:

  • be a partner for release management's Release Manager assigned to the same release
  • ensure a decision is made about each regression reported in the release
    • push for the responsible team to fix it
    • back related changes out
    • ship with it
    • delay shipping
  • keep a mental state of how we are doing with regressions in a release
  • pay close attention to release-drivers mailing list
  • run the weekly regression triage meeting

Weekly Regression Triage Meeting

Asynchronous Regression Tracking

  • Engineering managers and component owners keep track of regressions, especially the new ones. They look through the list for bugs in their components and set the tracking flags for a particular release to reflect their plans for the bug, leaving an explanation in the bug when the status is changed:
    • affected: this regression should be fixed in this particular release (it must be assigned);
    • wontfix: we will not take a fix for this regression in this particular release;
    • fix-optional: we will take a fix if one appears, but otherwise it will go unfixed in this release;
    •  ?: we should talk about this bug in triage

Crash Bug Triage

  • 1-10 position in release: needs an owner, tracking release, needs a fix
  • 11-30 position in release: needinfo component owner looking for an owner to investigate
  • 31-50 position in release: case-by-case, mostly fix-optional
  • Above 50: mark as fix-optional
  • Check for exploitability - you may want to file the bug as security sensitive

Bugzilla Queries

General Queries

Created Last 90 Days

Modified Last 90 Days

Flagged Bugs

New Regressions


Keywords regression
status-firefox (this version) affected
status-firefox (previous version) unaffected, implying this is a new regression
tracking-firefox (this version) not "-" (tracked or untriaged)

Carry Over Regressions


Keywords regression
status-firefox (this version) affected
status-firefox (previous version) affected (or related)
tracking-firefox (this version) not "-" (tracked or untriaged)

Bug Lists

Note: for non-recent regressions (let's say, more than 5 releases old) rather than remove the `regression` keyword please set the status to `fix-optional` across the board. This will remove it from the Regression triage radar, but still allow the bug to be tracked by others as a regression.

Version New Bugs New w/Needinfos Carry Over Carry Over w/Needinfos Open S1/S2 Bugs Fixed Bug "Burndown" List

Regression Engineering Owner Schedule

If you can't find the person in charge of a release, slide down to the next one in the list.

  • Firefox 90 - Marco Castelluccio
  • Firefox 89 - Philip Luk
  • Firefox 88 - Tim Spurway

Past Regression Engineering Owners

  • Firefox 87 - Brian Grinstead
  • Firefox 86 - Steven DeTar
  • Firefox 85 - Dave Hunt
  • Firefox 84 - Brendan Dahl
  • Firefox 83 - Blake Winton
  • Firefox 82 - Janet Dragojevic
  • Firefox 81 - Jens Stutte
  • Firefox 80 - Jim Mathies
  • Firefox 79 - Kim Moir (:kmoir)
  • Firefox 78 - Gian-Carlo Pascutto (:gcp)
  • Firefox 77 - Rachel Tublitz
  • Firefox 76 - Tim Spurway
  • Firefox 75 - Jens Stutte
  • Firefox 74 - Ethan Tseng
  • Firefox 73 - Sean Voisen
  • Firefox 72 - Jim Mathies
  • Firefox 71 - Florian Quèze
  • Firefox 70 - Janet Dragojevic
  • Firefox 69 - Kate Hudson (:k88hudson)
  • Firefox 68 - Patricia Lawless
  • Firefox 67 - Neha Kochar (:neha) [Note: Mike Taylor graciously offered to do this before Neha volunteered]
  • Firefox 66 - Tim Spurway
  • Firefox 65 - Jared Wein (:jaws)
  • Firefox 64 - Andrew Overholt (:overholt)
  • Firefox 63 - David Durst (:ddurst)
  • Firefox 62 - Mike Taylor (:miketaylr)
  • Firefox 61 - Marion Daly (:mdaly)
  • Firefox 60 - Jim Mathies
  • Firefox 59 - Andrew Overholt + Mike Taylor (:miketaylr)
  • Firefox 58 - Mike Taylor (:miketaylr)
  • Firefox 57 - Jim Mathies
  • Firefox 56 - Panos Astithas (:past)
  • Firefox 55 - Mike Taylor (:miketaylr)
  • Firefox 54 - Nathan Froyd
  • Firefox 53 - Randell Jesup
  • Firefox 52 - Ryan VanderMeulen
  • Firefox 51 - Milan Sreckovic
  • Firefox 50 - Andrew Overholt
  • Firefox 49 - David Bolter
  • Firefox 48 - James Willcox
  • Firefox 47 - Jim Mathies
  • Firefox 46 - Jim Mathies

Platform Team Goals

Main article: Platform/Roadmap
2015 Q1 Goals Q2 Goals Q3 Goals Q4 Goals
2014 Q1 Goals Q2 Goals Q3 Goals Q4 Goals
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2007 - Q2 Goals Q3 Goals Q4 Goals

Meeting Notes

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Mozilla Platform Functional Groups

Some teams have their own meetings during the week to discuss specific issues:

Platform Active Projects

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